Daily Elvis: April 5

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1936 Tupelo–Gainesville tornado outbreak

Tupelo, Mississippi



Humes High School, Memphis, Tennessee




Elvis played at a High School in Charleston, MS – forfeiting a $25 bond for a speeding ticket 2 days before.

April 5, 1955: Elvis performed in Charleston, Mississippi in a High School Gymnasium.

LSP recalls Elvis being stopped for speeding in Caddo Parish

Engagement – Tour Ref: 1955
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Show type: Pics: Ads:
Info April 5 1955 High School Gym Charleston MS
Elvis performed at the Arena, San Diego, California and received $15,000 for his 2 nights in San Diego.
Image result for Elvis presley april 5, 1956
Image result for Elvis presley april 5, 1956
Engagement – Tour Ref: 1956
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Show type: Pics: Ads:
Info April 5 1956 San Diego Arena San Diego CA (8:15 PM) 5000 Yes Yes
Elvis performed at the Sports The Arena , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at 7.00 and 9.00 p.m. He appeared in a half-filled 6,500 seat arena after first facing hostile questions from a group of high school newspaper reporters.

Elvis backstage with the press at the Philadelphia Arena

Press Conference: High School Reporters Keep Their Poise Interviewing Elvis


ELVIS PRESLEY, sharply dressed in black and wearing spotless all-white shoes, met the press Friday day night at the Arena — but in a way he never had before.

The sideburned singer. wearing a big gold medallion that “some little gal gave to me,” was interviewed by a dozen high school reporters from this area, aged 14 to 18.
And there’s no two ways about it: The youngsters gave him the business. Questions were quick and to the point.
True, there was a gag of incredibility when Elvis himself, preceded by five tough-looking protectors, actually strolled into a room backstage set aside for the interview, which preceded his first of two evening shows. The singer concluded his two-day engagement here last night, presenting his fourth and final performance before leaving for hi palatial new home in Memphis. Tenn.
But after the initial shock of his preview – there was no introduction — the youngsters snapped back quickly for their school paper interviews.

BEFORE Elvis showed up for the interviews, some of the teenagers had confided that he was the “most.” Others said he’s fading. One said “I like Pat Boone.”
But the teen-age reporters showed no undue emotion when they came face to lace with their idol: no worshipful attitudes.

Elvis interviewed by high school reporters backstage at the Arena – April 5, 1957
Photo source David English

HERE are some of the things the so-called neophyte reporters got the 22-year-old singer draped comfortably over a chair, to tell them:
Question: What did you think of your movie “Love Me Tender?”
Answer: It was pretty humble. Acting’s not something you learn over night. Ah knew that picture was bad when it was completed. Ah’m mah own worst critic. But mah next picture is different. Ah know I done a better job in it. It’s called “Loving You” and it’s gonna be released August 1.
Q. Do you think rock ‘n’ roll will last?
A. It’s sure gonna take something mighty good to replace it. Maybe Ah won’t be around forever, but rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay for awhile.
Q. Do you think rock ‘n’ roll is causing juvenile delinquency?
A. No music can do that. It’s from something else. lf there’s riot or some trouble, rock ’n’ roll has nothing to do with it.
Q. What’s your favorite record?
A. “Don’t Be Cruel.”
Q. What do you think calypso?
(This was obviously a touchy subject. Elvis looked to one of his managers for the go-ahead. He got it.)
A Calypso’s good. Who am Ah to say it’s not?
Q. How long do you plan to keep your hair that way and what do you think of boys and girls who cut their hair the same way as yours? (This from Linda, one teenager who could hardly be classified as non—partisan. She was wearing a Presley haircut, sideburns and all.)
A. Wahl, Ah like to think people would wear their hair the way they want to. But for my next picture Ah have to get a crew cut ’cause it’s a prison picture.
(Chorus; Oh, Elvis, don’t get your hair cut!)
Q. When will you be drafted? How long will you serve?
A. Everyone thinks Ah’ve been drafted already but Ah haven’t. Ah only passed the physical. But A’m not definitely going in. If Ah do go in Ah’ll serve two years. But Ah’ll continue making records.
Q. What are your most memorable high school experiences?
No answer from Elvis.
Q. Well? Didn’t you have any?
A. Well, it wasn’t a very exciting life. A few dates maybe.
Q. Did you ever go steady? (This from a girl 17, who does.)
A. Yes, Ah went steady twice. Once for two years even.
Q. What do you think of Ivy League clothes?
A. Ah wear them all the time. (Laughter).
Q. Are you going to appear on television anymore, even though they only show you above the waist?
(Once again a look at his manager). A. Ah dunno.
(He shrugged).
Q. Are you nervous now, before a show?
A. Ah’m always nervous before s show. Right now Ah have a real bad cold so it’s worse.
Q. How did you rank in your high school class?
A. Rank? Watta ya mean?
Q. You know, what were your marks?
A. Oh, a C-plus or B-average. (Smiles from the students.)
Q. Is it true you can’t get married before you’re 23 — that it’s in your contract?
A. No. Ah can get married whenever I want.

Q. (From a pretty blonde). What do you think of Natalie Wood?
A. She is a girl no different from anyone else. That’s what all the stars are like – the same as everyone else.
One of his boys told Elvis the interview was almost over, that disc jockeys, and reporters from the newspapers were waiting for him outside.
There was time for one more question. It came from Rochelle.
“What are your plans for the future. Elvis Movies? Records?”
“Ah just take every day as it comes,” Elvis told her. “Ah don’t plan too far ahead. There’ll be record albums, of course, and movies too. Don‘t know anymore; maybe Ah’ll go back to driving a truck.”
The interview was over. The teenage reporters had conducted themselves admirably. But they are still teenagers: suddenly they all surrounded him – even the boy who likes Pat Boone – and asked him for his autograph.
He gave it. And then the high school press representatives went to their auditorium seats — to hear Elvis Presley sing.

Philadelphia Evening Bulletin – April 6, 1957 courtesy Ger Rijff’s Long Lonely Highway

 Image result for elvis presley april 5 1957, elvis board game
Elvis get his copy of the new “Elvis Presley Board Game”
Image result for elvis presley april 5 1957, elvis board game


Dear Elvis: We Foiled a Hair Raid

Memo to Elvis Presley:
You were going to lose your well-preserved hair tonight. All of it, Even those dreamy sideburns.
But you’re safe now. Thanks to the Daily News. Our reporters unearthed a dark and devious plot that, if successful, would have made Yul and Zsa Zsa (no mean baldies themselves) more than envious.
The self -appointed barbers were to be 15 University of Pennsylvania undergraduates. Five were girls, obviously no fans of yours.
The hair raid was scheduled for sometime during the night, after you finished up at the Arena. The best considered time was 3 to 5 a.m.
THE PLOT was well laid, the Daily News learned. Even the first contact with a representative of the clippers’ syndicate was a dark, dank mystery. It took place on the Penn campus behind Houston Hall just .off 36th St.
The mystery man delivered the startling news from behind a bush. No one saw his face. Only when he mentioned your name could the reporter detect a glow –of hate.
Subsequent contacts were equally devious. But the details weren’t. These guys and gals had it in for you, but good. Had been planning the whole thing since they first learned you were coming to Our Town for two days.
The way they had it fixed they weren’t “all shook up.” Sure you’ve heard that phrase before. We have, on juke boxes.

THE PLOT details go something like this:

The gang of 15 are Penn freshmen. The fellows are members of the same fraternity; the gals belong to the same sorority.
The idea first was breached by some upper classmen who also think you have little talent.
(You’re weak out there, Elvis. You ought to do something about it.)
The initial plan called for four guys to rush you from different angles while you’re holding forth on the Arena bandstand. They were to shear off as much hair as they could and take off.
THIS, HOWEVER, was discarded as too risky.
They decided on a more elaborate scheme. Four students were to rent a room on the same floor of your hotel. The five gals were to engage a room on another floor. Two freshmen were to join them there, stage a mock riot to divert the attention of hotel officials and any police assigned to guard you during your stay here.
With all this commotion going on, the boys on your floor would be joined by four others sneaking up the back stairs or on a self-service elevator.
The eight either planned to pick the lock on your door or break it down, Four of the eight were described as husky-lads. Their job: to hold you down and keep you from sounding an alarm.
The others had five minutes, plus sharp shears and clippers, to make you the latest convert to the baldy craze.
The phone would be ripped out. You were to lose your clothes to discourage pursuit.
THEY WERE to bring along a bag to cart off your wavy locks.
The hair was to be offered to gals on the campus anxious for a fond remembrance of your more hirsute personality. For a fee, of course.
There was no mention or what would be done with the money.
Reasoning behind the shearing session:
It would be a great thing for the fraternity; get it some publicity. Also it sure would be a wild time.
We’re sure. Elvis would sure be wild.

Elvis, Jimmy Velvet and Ken Moore backstage in Philadelphia – April 5, 19575, 1957 courtesy Free Library of Philadelphia

Jimmy Velvet pretends to be Elvis with his guitar and band:

DJ Fontana, Scotty Moore, and Bill Black

on my other blog:

ElvisWorld: Jimmy Velvet

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ElvisWorld: Jimmy Velvet

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Elvis and Bill onstage at the Philadelphia Arena

DJ and Elvis onstage at the Philadelphia Arena

My fave fan photo:

Fans react to Elvis at the Philadelphia Arena

Image result for elvis presley april 5 1957

Engagement – Tour Ref: 1957
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Show type: Pics: Ads:
Info April 5 1957 Sports Arena Philadelphia PA (7:00 PM) 2300 Midwest Tour Yes
Info April 5 1957 Sports Arena Philadelphia PA (9:00 PM) Midwest Tour Yes


Military service

Military Service


RCA Studio B – Nashville, Tennessee


Blue Hawaii 


Girls! Girls! Girls! 

Image result for the beatles april 5 1962Image result for the beatles april 5 1962

In Liverpool, The Beatles – with Pete Best on drums- performed at the Carvern Club. They wore their black leather outfits for the first half of the performance and then changed into their new suits for the second half of the show.





Harum Scarum 

Elvis bought some spiritual studies from Gilbert’s Book Shop.

Spinout production


While Elvis was doing Clambake ; Double Trouble was released

Meanwhile, in the UK: A group of British Monkees fans protested Davy Jones’ being drafted by marching from London’s Marble Arch to the U.S. Embassy. He was eventually exempted for being the chief caregiver for his father.


Live a Little, Love a Little 


Change of Habit 




Elvis performed at the Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, New York.
Image result for elvis presley april 5, 1972
This performance was filmed with a small Sony videotape by Bob Abel, to create a visual and audio record, which was used as a blueprint for the full camera crew which would begin work on Sunday in Hampton Roads, Virginia for Elvis on Tour
Lot Detail - April 5, 1972 Complete Elvis Presley Concert Film from the Memorial Auditorium Show in Buffalo, NY - Shot by <em>Elvis on Tour</em> Director Robert Abel
Image result for Elvis presley april 5, 1972
Image result for elvis presley april 5, 1972
Engagement – Tour Ref: On Tour number 5 – April 5th – April 19th 1972
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Suit: Belt: Musicians: Pics: CD: CDR:
Info April 5 1972 Memorial Auditorium Buffalo NY (8:30 pm) 17360 Blue Nail Original belt Black Suit Yes Yes





Elvis was discharged from the hospital by Dr. Nick and he returned to Graceland at 5.00 a.m. Later in the day Priscilla and Lisa Marie flew in.
Duran Duran played live for the first time in Birmingham, England.
Marvin Gaye’s funeral was held at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles.
Over 5,000 radio stations around the world played the single We Are the World at 3:50 PM GMT.
Construction began on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Suicide of Kurt Cobain – Wikipedia


David Bowie started his BowieRadio on-line radio station.


Paul McCartney began the U.K. leg of his “Back In The World Tour”. The set included 22 Beatles songs.


Lisa Marie Presley’s album “Now What” was released.

Image result for lisa marie presley what now


iTunes passed Wal-Mart to become the biggest music retailer in the U.S.


A statue of Kurt Cobain of Nirvana was unveiled in his hometown of Aberdeen, WA.


Barry Manilow comes out as gay.

See inside: Dr. Nick’s historic home — designed in part by Elvis and …

Memphis Business JournalApr 4, 2017
For almost 40 years, Elvis Presley‘s personal physician — the controversial Dr. George Nichopoulos, a.k.a., Dr. Nick — lived in this house.

Alan Jackson, Jerry Reed, Don Schlitz to Join Country Music Hall of …

The Boot25 minutes ago
By Christina Vinson April 5, 2017 12:00 PM … Jackson, who is in the ranks of the Beatles, Elvis Presley and only a handful of other artists, received the Modern …

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http://www.elvisrecordings.com/  Master and Sessions




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