Give Us This October, Our Daily Elvis

Elvis and Ghoulish Vamps


ElvisWorld – There’s Bulls and then there’s Bullshit Oct 1

Daily Elvis: Country to the Grave (oct 2)

ElvisWorld: Elvis in Concert: The CBS Final Special (oct 3)

Elvis and Peter Parker – Love Child? (Oct 6) John O’Grady

Lezflirt ElvisStyle: Penny Banner: Girl Wrestler (Oct 7)

Elvis Presley was a blonde (Kissin Cousins Production 2 weeks in 1963)

ElvisWorld: Divorce Day (oct 9)

Elvisworld: Elvis vs Bill Haley (Oct 16, 20)

Rock n Roll vs The Courtroom (Oct 18/19)

Daily Elvis: October 20

ElvisWorld: Making a Movie Short – Pied Piper of Cleveland Oct 20

Daily Elvis: October 21

ElvisWorld: Blue Moon Boy Bassist – Bill Black Oct 21

Daily Elvis: October 22

Daily Elvis: October 23

Daily Elvis: October 24

Daily Elvis: October 25

Daily Elvis: October 26

Our Daily Elvis: Tech Gadget History Oct 26

Daily Elvis: October 27

Daily Elvis: October 28

Daily Elvis: October 29

Daily Elvis: October 30

Daily Elvis: October 31


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