Elvis In Daily Life

I read a lot of Elvis books. These are mine: the binders on the bottom contain magazines.

There were two that really stood out, because they were not really about Elvis, but about how we were and are about Elvis.


The Personal Journey of a Young Man re-creating his family vacations as a college road trip, lead to his realization how how embedded Elvis Presley is in American culture, the from lowest tacky to the artistic perfection: and mostly: the media.

It is from this book that the “give us this day, our daily Elvis” mantra chant acknowledgement of encountering Elvis as one goes about one’s day:

Elvis Presley Boulevard(1st Edition)
From Sea to Shining Sea, Almost (Traveler)
by Mark Winegardner, Mark Winegarden, Elvis Presley Boulevard
Paperback, 240 Pages, Published 1994 by Atlantic Monthly Press
ISBN-13: 978-0-87113-205-5, ISBN: 0-87113-205-2

“Good-natured, adventuresome and a natural tourist, Mark Winegardner is the ideal guide for the trip we’ve all wanted t



Now, the other books are a science fiction trilogy, that is really not so far fetched: in the future: Elvis Presley is a religion. The books even include intentional errors in the Elvis details to further demonstrate cultural shifts over time. the man, the legend, the myth.

Robert Rankin – Wikipedia

Robert Fleming Rankin (born 27 July 1949) is a prolific British humorous novelist. Born in … The Musical (1988) (Armageddon Series); They Came and Ate Us (Armageddon II: The B Movie) (1991) (Armageddon Series) … In 2009 Rankin was commissioned by his publisher to provide a series of new illustrations for his back …

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Armageddon series by Robert Rankin – Goodreads


Armageddon: The Musical, They Came and Ate Us: Armageddon II: The B-Movie, and The Suburban Book of the Dead: Armageddon III: The Remake.



There was an Elvis conference in Cloverdale, partly organized by Red Robinson, famed DJ.
Joe Esposito and Jerry Schilling were guest and they did a panel.
They were the only 2 guys around Elvis that I ever wanted to meet and I was struck uncharacteristically quiet during the hour long Q&A.
There was not anything that I wanted to know that I hadn’t already read about.
But after the event and the audience trickled away, I did think of something.
Had recently read the Armageddon the Musical book by Robert Rankin and in that novel, Elvis was a religion in the future of post-apocolypic earth.
With people attending mass conferences, traveling to Graceland, statues of him all over the world – certainly ,Aliens coming here would think he’d been king of the world.
But when you get asked questions a lot and they sound the same, you tend to give the same answer.
So while I asked from an anthropological framework – Joe Espostio freaked out and began yelling at me that Elvis was not a deity, he was a man and he would be horrified at me.
I tried to explain about the book, but Joe was not listening and he screamed until his face was red and then purple and when his voice gave out, he waved over Jerry Schilling – who had been standing there, mouth opened in horror that Joe was screaming at a fan.
He came over and Joe sputtered
“She’s trying to make Elvis a religion.”
Jerry’s confusion cleared and he started yelling at me.
I remember thinking when Joe was yelling at me that the last time he was that freaked was probably when he tried to give the dead Elvis CPR.
Lips that had been on Elvis’ had been 6 inches away from mine.
anyway, enjoy

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