Elvis and Vietnam

During the Madison Square Press Conference, Elvis was asked about if he would refuse to be drafted in the Vietnam era. Elvis deflected the question, saying he preferred to keep his opinions to himself, but said that other celebs should make their own choices.

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When Elvis was drafted, Korea was a possibility; and while the USA Military put Elvis into the ranks, they knew the PR nightmare of putting Elvis in harms’s way. it would hardly boost their recruitment.

in 2018. on the magazine stands, filled with Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles, The Sad Last Days of the Remaining Goldern Era Celebs and the pereniall 1960s nostaligia, the bane of Gen Xers everywhere eh.

The 1980s, the bad decade of Micheal Douglas Movies as the synposis of everything wrong with american from War of the Roses to Wall Street and especially that one where Douglas is murdering his way across the city to murder his exwife. The 1980s was the worse decade for Elvis fans. Angry at his death, the aliver movement unable to cope with grief and all the love child claimants. As much as Elvis was accused of being a sex addict, there has yet to be anyone who complained and more who claimed that did than not. eh.


seen on the magazine stand 2018

when did vietnam get a magazine?

that’s the war America can’t cope with the most

Elvis on the top corner cover and inside that Elvis was washed up in 1968


Scott Kane+1To this day it was the most significant experience in these people’s lives, numbering upwards of 1.5 million and radiating outward through their families and associations.
This extremely significant situation also separated them from everyone else and isolated them, to where they became a specific sub-set of people.
Then, not only was it horrific, it was alienating. So alone from the larger society, they made peace with the situation on their own. They were the root of the idea of vets counseling vets. They were the one voice of the antiwar movement than made the warmongers STFU, if only for an instant. They organized their own parade and they lobbied for and financed That Beautiful Damned Wall.
Notice the date is 1968. Of 58,000 KIA, 16,000 fell in that year. And America hardly noticed Elvis that year, because he did not do anything ‘great’ or ‘famous’ (like for example the wildly over-hyped White Album of the Beatles.)
But for all those guys wishing they were anywhere else on God’s green earth, I guess they noticed what he was doing.

Nina From Canada, eh+1+Scott Kane Vietnam was the one that turned the ww1 “shell shocked” into PTSD. Elvis was not relevant partly because he was only marketed to female fans and because he made light weight movies instead of hard music.

Scott Kane+1+Nina From Canada, eh He lost out the day “Colonel” House attached his tenacles around him…but then again, how far would he have gotten with someone else?
Just another “what-if”
‘might have been.’

Nina From Canada, eh+1+Scott Kane elvis did amazing things, with his management and label against him. he was in thrall to a clinical psychopath.

Scott Kane+Nina From Canada, eh He was a hell of a performer, that’s for sure.
Elvis shares a unique distinction with President Harry S. Truman: they both, with their partners, broke a bed while making love! Truman broke his in the White House. You can imagine that was a memory the WH staff would remember.

Nina From Canada, eh+Scott Kane i’ve never heard the elvis broke a bed story. was it Ann Margaret?

Scott Kane+1+Nina From Canada, eh I don’t think so. He was only about 19. I’d point you toward the book but I don’t remember the name. I think he and a friend had just hooked up with two random babes.
Might have been Last Train to
Memphis, but I know I’ve read two bios and it was only in one of them.

Nina From Canada, eh+Scott Kane that was the first really well researched balanced bio. I have read that, perhaps I forgot the story. I have a loooooot of Elvis books.