Elvis on TV February 11, eh

in the 1950s

A snow storm almost prevented Elvis from driving to New York from Charlotte, NC.

With almost no time to spare, Elvis arrived at Studio 50 for his third appearance on the ‘Stage Show’. He sang ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ and finally plugged his latest release, ‘Heartbreak Hotel’.

Watch Elvis Presley sing jazzy version of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’

The Dorsey band backed him on the last song and Charley Shavers took the instrumental break on trumpet. Other guests on the show were Ella Fitzgerald and Jackie Miles.


Elvis Presley | The Dorsey Brothers Stage Show | February 11, 1956

in the 1970s

An audience of 43 million people watched the ABC made-for-TV movie, “Elvis!” starring Kurt Russell, Shelley Winters, Season Hubley, and Pat Hingle. Produced by Dick Clark it was the first Elvis Bio-Pic and Kurt Russel’s first adult movie role, good thing he didn’t get the Han Solo role in Star Wars.

– in Europe, the movie had 2 more songs and was released in theatres.


6h1990 the first Elvis tv series, episode 2 airs


Dirty Ditties: Do the Clam


February 9, 1965

“You’ll Be Gone” is a song co-written by Elvis Presley and published by Elvis Presley Music and released in 1965 on the Girl Happy soundtrack album and as a 45 single. The song was recorded in 1962 and is significant because it was co-written by Elvis Presley, with his bodyguard Red West and Charlie Hodge.

“You’ll Be Gone” was released as an RCA Victor 45 picture sleeve single on February 9, 1965 as the B side with “Do the Clam“, as RCA Victor 47-8500. . “You’ll Be Gone” charted at no. 121 on Billboard. In Canada, “You’ll Be Gone” reached no. 16 on the singles chart as a double A side with “Do the Clam” in February, 1965 in a six-week chart run.

The A side “Do the Clam” reached no. 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and remained on the chart for 8 weeks. 21 on Billboard in the United States, no. 15 on the Record World chart, no. 16 in Canada, and no. 19 in the UK.[2][3] It was very successful in Australia, where it reached no. 4 on the charts.[4] It has appeared on six compilation albums of Elvis Presley’s recordings. Co-writer Dolores Fuller is perhaps best known for her role as the title character’s girlfriend in Ed Wood‘s 1953 surrealist film, Glen or Glenda.

It is possibly the dirtiest ditty that Elvis did, and few noticed being a movie song.

Elvisworld: Sandra Harmon

She co-wrote the Priscilla Presley book “Elvis and Me”

Sandra Harmon, Emmy-Winning Writer and Co-Author of 'Elvis & Me,' Dies at 80


Image result for elvis and me priscilla presley

Elvis and Me – Wikipedia


Elvis and Me is a 1985 biography written by Priscilla Presley (with ghostwriter Sandra Harmon). In the book, Priscilla talks about meeting Elvis Presley, their …‎Elements in the story · ‎The nights with Elvis · ‎Affairs with other women

Elvis and Me: The True Story of the Love Between Priscilla Presley …


Elvis and Me: The True Story of the Love Between Priscilla Presley and the King of Rock N’ Roll: Priscilla Presley: 9780425091036: Books – Amazon.ca.

Related image

In which, Priscilla admits Elvis raped her when she told him she wanted a divorce.


The mini-series “Elvis and Me,” based on Priscilla Presley’s book and starring Dale Midkiff, Susan Walters, Billy Green Bush, and Hugh Gillin, began on ABC-TV.

Elvis and Me


which naturally spun off Mike Edwards “Elvis Priscilla and Me”

Image result for Mike Edwards "Elvis Priscilla and Me"

in which Edwards admitted to almost molesting Lisa Marie when she was a tweenager.

Michael Edwards & Prepubescent Lisa Marie Presley – DataLounge

https://www.datalounge.com/…/18100068-michael-edwards-prepubescent-lisa-marie-pre…From Elvis , Priscilla and Me by Michael Edwards“Where Priscilla and I had once been inseparable, it was now Lisa and I who were together almost every day.

ElvisWorld: Where the King Once Slept… | Nina’s Soap Bubble Box

Elvisworld: Priscilla is his ex-wife – not his widow

Michael Edwards Elvis book

to more recently

Joanna Lumley: Elvis and Me, review: 'breathless, anodyne and coy


ElvisWorld: George Klein

Legendary Memphis deejay, Elvis friend George Klein dies - The Daily Memphian


George Klein went to High School with Elvis and became a Memphis DJ.

He considered himself part of The Memphis Mafia, but most of the core members did not. Klein never made his income from Elvis; but he did introduce many of Elvis’s girlfriends to him.

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He was later to the tell all books and his “Elvis my Best Man” showed Elvis more contextualized to the music industry, but Klien gave into the same see the bad sex things Elvis made us do that the other memphis mafia guys also fell into.

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George Klein (DJ) – Wikipedia


George “GK” Klein (October 8, 1935 – February 5, 2019), born in Memphis, Tennessee, was an American disc jockey, and television host. He met Elvis Presley …

Elvis Presley’s Friend and Radio Personality George Klein Dies at 83 …


20 hours ago – George Klein, the deep-voiced radio personality who became friends with Elvis Presley in high school and stayed close to the King of Rock ‘n’ …

Legendary Memphis deejay, Elvis friend George Klein dies – The Daily …


8 hours ago – Legendary Memphis deejay George Klein, an early member of Elvis’ “Memphis Mafia” before it was a thing, has died. Social media lit up with …

George Klein, Elvis Presley Confidant, Dead at 83

George Klein, Elvis Presley Confidante, Dead at 83 – Rolling Stone

https://www.rollingstone.com/music/…/george-klein-elvis-presley-dead-obituary-790668…14 hours ago – George Klein, a longtime friend of Elvis Presley and a member of the King of Rock & Roll’s “Memphis Mafia” entourage, died Tuesday in a …

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Image result for george klein elvis 1950s
Image result for george klein elvis 1950s

MusicWorld: Liberace

Vegas Star gives a stage greet to an upcoming hillbilly singer

Liberace and Elvis trade jackets and instruments

Liberace and his brother mug with Elvis for the media

1970s Liberace talks about Elvis


What Liberace reveals about gay rights

A Liberace film too gay? No such thing | Julie Bindel | Opinion | The Guardian


“Improved attitudes can translate into more inclusion in labour and housing markets, and better mental health for sexual minorities, write Cevat Giray Aksoy, Christopher S. Carpenter, Ralph De Haas and Kevin Tran.”


Pianist/singer/actor Liberace died of AIDS at 67. (Sincerely Yours, The Loved One)

1987 Memphis and Elvis Postcards

In 1987, I went on a vacation to Memphis and saw Sun Records, Sam Phillips Studios, his second label and Graceland, Beale Street and the house on Audon Drive along with the neighbourhood where Lauderdale courts was where the tour guide feared to drive, but where the Housing Development still stood, the one the Presleys had lived in was gone.

I was 19 and was with my 30 year old aunt, who was blind.

We went to all the Elvis shops across from Graceland, none of which are there anymore, for decades now.

and I described to her the postcards and these are the one that she had purchased on that vacation long ago.

Memphis and Elvis postcards 1987

there are three postcard companies represented

Elvis Presley Enterprises the iconic Elvis images

an American company licensed by EPE for Elvis postcards

an Italian company doing a range of post card sets, including Americana which included Elvis.

another item – the limited print run hand signed Vester Presley – A Presley Speaks

the boxed book and scarf set, 15,000 print run
9931 Vester Presley hand signed
includes an Elvis scarf

The Music Died Plane Crash

When Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper Died


February 3, 1959

At about 1:00 a.m. CST, about four minutes after taking off from the Mason City, Iowa airport, the chartered airplane containing Buddy Holly (Peggy Sue, That’ll Be The Day), Ritchie Valens (Donna, La Bamba), and the “Big Bopper” J.P. Richardson (Chantilly Lace), crashed into an Iowa field, instantly killing all three and the pilot Roger Peterson. Headed for the next “Winter Dance Party” tour stop in Fargo, North Dakota, the plane had been chartered by Holly so that the band members could travel in heated comfort (their tour bus had a broken heater) and arrive early for the next show. The pilot, not informed of worsening weather conditions, decided to fly “on instruments,” meaning without visual confirmation of the horizon, which led to the crash. Richardson was 28, Holly was 22, and Valens was 17. Don McLean later immortalized the tragedy in his classic song “American Pie,” calling this “the day the music died.”

Holly and “J. P.” Richardson Jr “Bopper” widowed pregnant wives. Holly’s wife miscarried upon the news.


On the 19th anniversary of Buddy Holly’s death, his birth home in Lubbock, Texas was saved from scheduled demolition by its new owner who bought the house days earlier.

A sold-out concert at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, was held to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. Wolfman Jackhosted the show, which featured performances by Del Shannon, Jimmy Clanton, the Drifters, and an appearance by original Cricket Nikki Sullivan.


The Day the Music Died – TIME
‘The day the music died’? Hardly – CNN.com
Remembering the ‘Day the Music Died’ – NY Daily News
February 3, 1959: The Day the Music Died | Mental Floss

Buddy Raves On


This 6 LP boxed set of Buddy’s recordings from Lubbock to New York is one of my faves to play. Hearing the familiar That’ll Be the Day music to Buddy’s chirping “This is Norman’s ID” was hysterical.

Hello & Goodbye to the Big Bopper


A few years back, the son of JP Richardson had his father exhumed.

The Big Bopper and Buddy Holly’s wives were pregnant when the tour started. Maria Holly had a miscarriage.

The son looked upon his father for the first time.

Apparently, the Texas heat had preserved him rather well.

in some cultures, that makes the Big Bopper a saint.

Ritchie Valens and rocking it folk style


When the movie “La Bamba” came out, I thought it was a fictional story.

Like most of the audience as it turned out.

near the end, when Buddy Holly appears, I remember the sudden collective gasp of breath and moan of dispair, of the audience, myself included, realizing this was a biopic, not a fictional movie about 50s rock n roll.

we’d all been so cheering for Ritchie……