The Million Dollar Quartet Studio Jam

Following a 1956 vacation in Vegas, Elvis Presley walked into Sun Records on December 4 and interrupted a Carl Perkins recording session – leaving a legendary jam on tape and a myth in the making.

December 04, 1956

Elvis, with Vegas Showgirl Marilyn Evans, showed up at Sun Records where Carl Perkins and his band with Jerry Lee Lewis hired for the session was recording. Elvis’ drop by turned the session into The Legendary Jam Session. Sam Phillips called the press, leveraged the unexpected visit for publicity and called Johnny Cash, newly signed to the label for the photographs.

george-pierce-sun-records-december-4-1956-06a-upgrade george-pierce-sun-records-december-4-1956-04c

The Perkins session that became known as The Million Dollar Quartet was recorded by Phillips. knowing it could never be released – already sold to RCA Presley was a national and breaking international star – while Perkins and Cash were on his label.

Jerry Lee Lewis was still trying to convince Phillips, and was there as a session musician.

Phillips recorded the mostly gospel, with Chuck Berry songs, and Elvis doing impersonations of Country Singers Bill Monroe and Hank Snow as well as impersonating Jackie Wilson who sang lead for Billy Ward and His Dominos, whom Elvis had just seen perform in Vegas.

Million Dollar Quartet – Dec. 4 1956 | Sun Record Company

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A copy of the tape was made for Elvis and it was located in the 1980s in his Graceland bedroom closet, along with a recording of the 1956 Tupelo Homecoming show and an interview with Elvis and both of his parents.

million-doll-coverage     1200

MusicWorld: The Holy Grail of Rock n Roll

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The Million Dollar Quartet

quartet_girlfriend elvis-and-marilyn

71-year-old former Elvis Presley girlfriend tracked down in Chicago

Most of the infamous jam is gospel music, which was changed for the Broadway Play. Also, Elvis plays piano for most of the recordings and while Johnny Cash is in the photos, he’s not evident on any of the tape. Elvis’ Vegas Showgirl Date – Marilyn Evans is – she quips about “This Rover Boy Trio”

Marilyn Evans, the mystery girl Elvis brought to the Million Dollar Quartet

Romances: Marilyn Evans

The four ended up taping some songs together, but recordings from the impromptu session would not be pressed on to discs for another 25 years when they were released as “The Million Dollar Quartet”.

Image result for jerry Lee lewis duetsImage result for elvis presley history december 4

Elvis Presley had a copy of the session tapes which RCA used, while the Sun Studio was later sold and their original tapes were used by the new owner. Who also had Jimmy Ellis sing “Elvis on Jerry Lee Lewis recordings.

The Million Dollar Quartet : December 4, 1956 | Elvis Articles |

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The Million Dollar Quartet – COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHY

December 4, 1957

After hearing reports that many US radio stations had banned Elvis’ Christmas album because of their shock over “the Pelvis” singing religious songs, DJ Allen Brooks of CKWS in Kingston, Ontario, plays the entire album and invites listeners to call in their opinion. Of eight hundred callers, only 56 disapprove of Presley’s sacred music.

Elvis Presley invented Christian Rock




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Presley Pretenders: Lisa Johansen

Many people have claimed to be secret offspring of Elvis Presley, but there has been a claimant to be his actual daughter – and while most are in the USA, there have been some in Canada and even Europe.

A Swedish woman claimed to be the “real” Lisa Marie with a bizarre story of having been smuggled out of America and replaced for unclear security reasons with a duplicate. Interest in her story faded after she reportedly refused to take a DNA test while her claims of Canada’s RCMP being involved in establishing her identity is laughable.


Daily Elvis: November 30


A Swedish woman named Lisa Johansen, who for more than two decades has been trying to convince everyone that she’s Elvis Presley’s real daughter and that Lisa Marie Presley has stolen her identity, filed a lawsuit against the Presley family claiming more than $130 million in damages for defamation and infliction of emotional distress. Johansen gained notoriety after publishing a 1998 memoir entitled, “I, Lisa Marie: The True Story of Elvis Presley’s Real Daughter.”

Elvis Presley Estate Sued For $130 Million By King’s ‘Real Daughter …

‘Swedish Lisa’ sues Elvis estate – Nordstjernan


Swede Says Lisa Marie Presley Isn’t Elvis Daughter – But She Is


Daily Elvis: September 23

Johansen showed up at Graceland in 2015 and left without security becoming involved.

Woman Claiming To Be Elvis’ Real Daughter Warns Lisa Marie …

Elvis’ ‘Real’ Daughter Lisa Johansen Makes Secret Trip To Graceland …



From Rockabilly Sun to RCA’s Atomic Powered Singer

The Sun Records Rockabilly Era

Elvis performed at the Memphis, TN Eagle’s Nest  An influential DJ showed up at the club and was so impressed by Elvis that he booked him for a show the next week.

November 19, 1954

Sammy Davis Jr. was involved in a car accident in which he lost his left eye. Sammy had released a number of singles which were mostly ignored until he signed with Decca Records in 1955, where he scored hits with “Something’s Gotta Give”, “Love Me or Leave Me” and “That Old Black Magic”.

Elvis performed at Lake Cliff Club concert

November 20, 1954

Known as “Little Miss Share Cropper,” LaVern Baker (Delores Williams) had her debut disc, “Tweedlee Dee,” released today. It reached #4 R&B and #14 pop, beginning her string of twenty-one hits through 1966.
The Drifter’s quintessential R&B version of “White Christmas,” was released, rising to #2 R&B.
Elvis performed at Shreveport, LA’ Louisiana Hayride

November 21, 1954

American singer and actress Rosemary Clooney was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘This Ole House.’ This song was also a No.1 for Shakin’ Stevens in 1981.

Her nephew, actor George Clooney was a pallbearer at her funeral in 2002.

Elvis performed at the Arkansas Municipal Auditorium, Texarkana, Arkansas at 7.00 and 9.15 p.m.
Johnny Cash was very surprised to witness Elvis washing his car by hand to remove all the mud and rain after the long drive.

Elvis performed at Longview, TX’ Reo Palm Isle

November 19, 1955

Carl Perkins recorded ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ at Sun Studios in Memphis. The rock ‘n’ roll classic became a US No.2 & UK No.10 hit for Perkins in 1956, and has been covered by many acts including Elvis Presley and John Lennon. ”

Elvis at Gladewater High School Gymnasium in Gladewater TX;

performing “I Forgot To Remember To Forget”,“Baby Lets Play House”  “Thats All Right” and covering “Rock Around The Clock”

November 20, 1955

Bo Diddley performed on The Ed Sullivan Show , playing “Bo Diddley” even though he was scheduled to play “16 Tons.” Sullivan was so infuriated, Bo would never be invited back. The singer later recalled, “Ed Sullivan said that I was one of the first colored boys to ever double-cross him. Said that I wouldn’t last six months.” Diddley would prove Sullivan wrong, as he released 11 albums between 1958 and 1963.
The song that changed popular music history ‘Rock Around the Clock’ by Bill Haley & His Comets went to No.1 on the UK singles chart. The song was used under the opening credits of the film Blackboard Jungle. The song entered the charts a further six times until 1974.
Elvis signed his contract with RCA which included all the Sun Masters.
Image result for elvis presley, november 21
RCA Victor buys Elvis Presley’s contract from Sun Records for $40,000. The deal was inked at New York’s Warwick Hotel and gave Sam Phillips $35,000 for Elvis and $5,000 in back royalties owed to Elvis by Sun to Elvis.
Scotty Moore and Bill Black were not contracted to Sun Records or RCA, ditto DJ Fontana, they were on contract to Elvis. RCA’s Steve Sholes with new acquisition: Elvis Presley
Image result for november 20. 1955 elvis signed RCA
After the switch from Sun to RCA Elvis sent a telegram to the Colonel: ” Dear Colonel, Words can never tell you how my folks and I appreciate what you did for me. I’ve always known and now my folks are assured that you are the best, most wonderful person I could ever hope to work with. Believe me when I say I will stick with you through thick and thin and do everything I can to uphold your faith in me. Again, I say thanks and I love you like a father, Elvis Presley.”
November 14,  1956
Sam Phillips produced Jerry Lee Lewis‘ first Sun Records recording session, from which came the single “End Of The Road” b/w “Crazy Arms.”
Elvis Presley makes his acting debut as the movie Love Me Tender premieres in New York City. Despite critical reaction, it takes in nearly $4 million in just two months.

November 17, 1956

Elvis Presley’s single “Love Me Tender” hit #1 in the U.S.

Elvis Presley’s single “Blue Moon” hit #9 in the U.K.

Elvis performed at the Honolulu International Center, Honolulu, Hawaii. Originally this (or the next night) show was planned to be the worldwide satellite broadcast.
Elvis performed at the Honolulu International Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, at 2.30 and 8.30 p.m. which was broadcast on tv in Japan as a technical run for the January 1973 first live broadcast via satellite by a solo performer.
Elvis gave a press conference at the Hawaiian Village Hotel to announce the satellite show once again.


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The Garth Brooks album “Ropin’ The Wind” was certified 10X Platinum.


Anthology Volume 3 by the Beatles was the #1 album, making the group the only act in the Rock Era to have three #1 albums in a 12-month period.


Céline Dion released the album “Let’s Talk About Love,” which includes the song “My Heart Will Go On” from the movie “Titanic.” In her native Canada, it set a record for first-week sales: 230,000 copies, meaning one out of every 100 Canadians bought the album in the first seven days of its release.


ABC aired Britney Spears’ first TV concert, “Britney Spears: Live from Las Vegas.”

Image result for britney live from vegas


The Beatles released “Let It Be… Naked” (minus the Phil Spector Wall of Sound embellishments on the original album). The LP would reach #5 in the US and #7 in the UK.

First official release of the Million Dollar Quartet – the most complete and properly sequenced release version.

In a poll compiled by the Official UK Charts Company, “Queen’s Greatest Hits” was named as the most popular album of all time in Britain. According to the list, the album has sold around 5.4 million copies, beating the Beatles’ “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, which has sold 4.8 million copies.

Paul McCartney posted a letter on his website calling on Russian President Vladimir Putin to release 30 Greenpeace activists whom Russian authorities arrested during a protest over Arctic oil drilling in September. All the activists involved had their charges dropped in late December of this year.
A pair of white boots worn by Elvis Presley during his famous ’68 Comeback TV Special performance were bought by a UK collector for £29,500, ($44,500). Elvis had worn the size-11 Verde boots while singing ‘If I Can Dream’, two months after the assassination of Martin Luther King, the lyrics included quotes from the civil rights leader.
Justin Bieber topped the UK singles chart with ‘Sorry’ breaking a chart record for the most tracks inside the top 40. The chart featured eight songs from Bieber’s new album Purpose, the first time a living artist had so many simultaneous entries. His eight entries saw him break a record set by Elvis Presley in 1957, when he had seven songs in the top 40 singles chart.

Superfan: Kay Wheeler

Kay Wheeler was the first president of the first Elvis Presley fan club.

Official homepage of 1950’s legend Kay Wheeler.

Kay Wheeler followed Elvis on tour, promoted him to radio stations and visited him at his Audon Drive house.

Col Parker eventually clashed with the outspoken teen and Elvis got groapy with her.










Kay, drawn to Elvis’ SUN singles and rebellious music did not care for Elvis’ RCA pop songs and was eventually faded from Elvis’ circle and out of his fandom; which wouldn’t have existed without her.

Kay Wheeler became a minor celeb and appeared in a 1950s rocksploitation flick “Rock Baby Rock It”



Gene Vincent with Kay Wheeler and her photo of Elvis


Daily Elvis: April 15

April 15 1956

Elvis Presley : San Antonio : April 15, 1956 – Elvis Presley Music

Daily Elvis: November 19

November 19, 1956


Kay Wheeler with Elvis’ 1957 FLH in Nov. 19, 1956 and Elvis with George Klein on it at Audubon Drive Photos





ElvisWorld: Superfans

The Elvis Religion

Elvis the new religion

I think that we are seeing a new religion emerging. Elvisism, Elvites, Presletarianism – something based around Elvis Presley.

The reason that I believe this is the many religious aspects of the Elvis story.

  • born in humble circumstances and poverty.
  • sole survivor of a twin birth that his father later claimed to recalling a strange light in the sky on the night of his birth
  • escaped death again at age 5 from a tornado that ripped through Tupelo.
  • He lived in Memphis along a mighty river and became known as The King, giving Pharaoh associations.
  • He recorded his first music on Sun Records – and most religions have sun gods, gods of light
  • He ushered in a great cultural change – broke racial barriers while heightening the generational gap and put overt sex at the cultural forefront
  • His personal image was one of racial tolerance, generosity/charity
  • The kisses, scarves and other items given out to the crowds during concerts is like having a blessing bestowed upon you
  • He was surrounded by a core group of disciples (Memphis Mafia) who have split into camps and written conflicting books after Elvis’ death
  • there are stories of him having visions, laying on hands healing,
  • there’s been after death sightings of him in person, or just his image appearing as people see Jesus, Virgin Mary,  and other religious figures in wood grain or mineral patterns, or on toasted bread products….
  • Elvis’ image is reproduced in religious type paintings
  • Impersonators or Tribute Artists are priests – even having special garments – Elvis’ stage wear and movie costumes.
  • people make pilgrimages to Graceland – especially for the winter holiday (Jan 8) and the end of summer (Aug 16) holidays – which is already a weeklong festival
  • The annual candlelight vigil are exhibiting a form of worship and ritual. As is the annual lighting of the Graceland holiday lights.
  • people have special areas in their homes of their Elvis collections, serving as altar areas or even rooms in their homes  which act as temples.

what other religious elements do you see in the Elvis story, that future generations will reinterpret?

Addition: April 24, 2010:

Using Elvis to disprove god

Addition: September 14, 2011:

Australia TV broadcasts Church of Elvis Documentary:



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Elvis’ public image was the “shy humble Christian country boy” who wore capes and gold belts, the one at the Madison Square Garden Press Conference was in fact a trophy awarded to Elvis by the International Hotel for setting attendance … Continue reading 


ReligionWatch: The Elvis Cult or Presleytarians

Elvis for Everyone Indeed. At one end, the claim that Elvis is the actual offspring representative of a deity (not the Abrahamic one) and Elvis as proof of no supernatural deities at the other. Elvis’ religion to Elvis as religion … Continue reading 

Elvis Presley's Personal Bible At Auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** STOCKPORT, UNITED KINGDOM – UNDATED: Handwritten notes in Elvis’ personal bible, given to him by his uncle and aunt in 1957 as a present for his first Christmas at Graceland, are on display at Omega Auction house in Stockport, England. A RARE AUCTION is being held to commemorate the 35th year since the death of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis Presley. From The King’s personal Holy Bible given to him on his first year living in Graceland complete with written notes from his hand to Elvis’ owned and worn 14 carat gold pendant chain – this auction of 100 items includes some of the rock legend’s most treasured possessions. Elvis Aaron Presley died 35 years ago on August 16 1977 and many of the lots have not appeared on the market before, according to the auctioneers handling the sale. The 14K gold TCB pendant chain was owned and worn by Elvis Presley and is one of the original Schwartz and Ableser TCB pendant necklaces. This pendant chain was on display for many years at the world famous Elvis-A-Rama Museum before the owner sold it to Graceland. The auction will take place at Omega Auction house of Stockport on Saturday September 8th. For more information see PHOTOGRAPH BY Omega Auctions / Barcroft Media UK Office, London. T +44 845 370 2233 W USA Office, New York City. T +1 212 796 2458 W Indian Office, Delhi. T +91 11 4053 2429 W


Why Elvis is better than religion

  the most interesting thing about this documentary – Schmelvis – to me was that when they arrived in Memphis all of the negative response and discrimination they were expecting never happened. at all. not even once. the second thing … Continue reading 



This post is dedicated to Joe Esposito and Jerry Schilling, who screamed at me at an Elvis convention, I claim to be the last Elvis fan mistreated by members of the Memphis Mafia:

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The Pelvis at the Pan Pacific

Elvis Presley’s concerts in the 1950s were not filmed by professionals, but they were often filmed by the local police.

Presley, or Elvis the Pelvis, as he was name called by Parents and Media, was controversial only on the surface for what he did do.

But it was what he did to the women and teenaged girls that scared The Public.

Image result for Elvis Presley pan pacific

Elvis performed at the Pan Pacific Auditorium, Los Angeles, California and outraged not only the press, but also an audience filled with Hollywood celebrities and their children.
Image result for elvis presley october 28
The headlines declared: Elvis Presley Will Have to Clean Up His Show Or Go To Jail.
Even the Colonel was warned about consequences, but Elvis remained unfazed. He just said: “if I don’t dance tonight, maybe I don’t have to take a shower tonight”.

Scotty Moore 

Los Angeles, CA Pan Pacific Auditorium

Other acts were Howard Hardin, The Burns Twins & Evelyn, Joe Termini, Wells & The Four Fays, Paul Desmond, and The Jordanaires

Image result for Elvis Presley pan pacific

Interview with Elvis Presley: October 28, 1957, Los Angeles

Image result for Elvis Presley pan pacific

Elvis Presley at the Pan Pacific Auditorium October 28 & 29, 1957

Image result for Elvis Presley pan pacific
Image result for Elvis Presley pan pacific
Engagement – Tour Ref: 1957
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Show type: Pics: Ads:
Info October 28 1957 Pan Pacific Auditorium Los Angeles CA (8:15 PM) 9200 West Coast Tour Yes
Image result for Elvis Presley pan pacific
Elvis performed at the Pan Pacific Auditorium, Los Angeles. His show was filmed by the police, just to make sure it passed scrutiny. The other acts Howard Hardin, The Burns Twins & Evelyn, Joe Termini, Wells & The Four Fays, Paul Desmond, The Jordanaires
Engagement – Tour Ref: 1957
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Show type: Pics: Ads:
Info October 29 1957 Pan Pacific Auditorium Los Angeles CA (8:15 PM) 9000 West Coast Tour Yes

Long after Elvis’ death, there was made a claim that at one of these shows, in front of Col Parker and Police that Elvis humped Nipper, the RCA Victor Dog statue, in simulated sex.

The source of the story is not a credible witness, despite it’s repeating by Elvis scholar Alanna Nash.

Book: Baby Let’s Play House – Alanna Nash (my original blog)

From my current main blog:

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by contrast:

October 30, 1970…Doors leader Jim Morrison was sentenced by a Miami court to six months in prison and a fine of $500 for allegedly exposing himself during a March 1969 concert in Miami. The case was still being appealed when Morrison died in July 1971.


Daily Elvis 1 Year Anniversary

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ElvisWorld: Making a Movie Short – Pied Piper of Cleveland

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Daily Elvis: October 20

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