Showmances: Vera Tschechowa

Vera Tschechowa was an 18 year old actress in Germany who had a brief publicity romance – a showmance – over a span of months. One of the many Mystery Women the media tormented Elvis fans with during his lifetime.



On march 5 1959 Elvis and Vera went for a boat ride at Lakes Starnberg in Germany. Elvis was wearing his famous 1956 jacket and Red West & Lamar Fike were along on the ride.

march 3 1959 Viking movie setdde0cf15db13b64027f22cb9684003f0

They hung on on a Viking movie set and Vera did March of Dimes with Elvis.

Elvis arm wrestles Irene Dunn, a German film director at the Moulin Rouge


One of the time Elvis attended the Moulin Rouge, Vera was his date


Vera Tschechowa and Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley Music › … › Elvis Pictures › Elvis Photos › Sitemap

March 3, 1959, accompanied by friends Red West and Lamar Fike, Elvis used a three-day pass to visit Munich and call unannounced on Vera Tschechowa, …

moulin_rouge elvis and Vera
Vera and Elvis pose

Vera Tschechowa – Wikipedia

Vera Tschechowa (born 22 July 1940) is a German film actress. She has appeared in more than 50 films since 1957.


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