Romance: Anita Wood


An Almost Mrs Presley: Anita Wood

Once Upon A Time: Elvis and Anita (Memories of my Mother)

by Jonnita Brewer Barrett

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1957 – Gladys, Anita, Vernon and Elvis share the only Joyful Christmas at Graceland.

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in 1958, Elvis holiday was damped by his having been drafted and Gladys’ death.

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Anita was the girl he left behind – and also, she was a local Memphis tv celebrity who was on the Sun Records label.


Daily Elvis July 7

They first meet

Daily Elvis July 8

their first date

Daily Elvis: August 28


Meanwhile, in Memphis: Elvis with Anita Wood and Gladys

Daily Elvis: October 26

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Daily Elvis: October 28

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Then, there was this girl that he left behind…as much as Elvis couldn’t wait to get home, when he landed in Scotland UK for a plane switch, it was Priscilla that he phoned.

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Elvis was torn between the last Gladys approved gal and this fantasy of training a wife into a quasi-Gladys; eventually, it was Anita who made the decision and she moved out of Graceland, after being Elvis’ #1 Girlfriend and mocked for not locking him down sooner in the press.


Texas DJ Eddie Fadal hosted Elvis and Anita in his home and is the source of unique home movies and audio recordings. Perhaps someone could edit out the Fadal children screaming?

Anita is one of the few girlfriends recorded singing with Elvis, while others, got sung to during concerts.

1950 DJ/Superfan Eddie Fadal captured a unique era in Elvis’s life and 1970s superfan Paul Litcher, made it publically available for the first time.


May (?) 1958, Eddie Fadal’s home, Waco, Texas (Session 2) – Elvis, Anita Wood, Eddie Fadal, Janice Fadal (Eddie’s daughter); Sail Along Silvery Moon (fragment), I Understand Just How I Feel, Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (#1), I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In Love With You)(#1), Who’s Sorry Now (w/Anita Wood), Who’s Sorry Now (#2) (w/Anita Wood), Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (#2), Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (#3), Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (#4), Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (#5), Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (#6),   Happy Birthday Baby (#7), Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (#8), Tumbling Tumbleweeds (#1), Blue Moon, Don’t You Know I Love You (fragment), Tomorrow Night (#1), Tomorrow Night (#2), Little Darling, Just A Closer Walk With Thee



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