Romance: June Juanico

Elvis Presley spotted June in the audience and the pair were soon dating.


Elvis in the Twilight of Memory (book) and Elvis & June a love story (Documentary) by June Juanico. Elvis Presley was a radio and tv star and moved into the American Dream middle class home on Audobon Drive.


The Juanicos hosted The Presleys on a fishing vacation, and where Nazi paraphenlia enters the Elvis story is from June’s father having brought back trophy items from WW2.

Baby Let’s Play house – Elvis and June with her younger sister, playing at being a family in the pool – and June and Elvis falling just short of baby potential sex.

June’s romance ended just as Elvis bought Graceland and after the press had hounded the family for hints of marriage or explainations of why “The teenaged Daughter” was running around with the scandalous Elvis that Responsible Parents protected their daughters from!

a vacation with the Presleys and Juanicos:

The Nazi uniform items were June’s Fathers, he brought them back from The War.

Daily Elvis: June 26

June 26, 1955

Elvis performed at the Slavonian Lodge , Biloxi, Mississippi, where he, Scotty and Bill opened the new club with air-condition to a sellout crowd. Elvis Presley saw June in the audience – they went out after the show.

Daily Elvis: June 11

June 11, 1956

Time magazine of June 11, 1956, mockingly referred to the singer as “dreamboat Groaner Elvis (‘Hi luh-huh-huh-huv-huv yew-hew’) Presley.”

Elvis flew home to Memphis for the funeral of his cousin Lee Edward Smith, who was drowned.

Outside his Audubon Drive house was June Juanico, the girl Elvis met a year ago. Elvis would spend much time with June the rest of the week.

Daily Elvis: June 12

June 12, 1956

Elvis and June Juanico flew to Houston to pick up the new convertible Elvis had ordered.

Daily Elvis: June 13

Elvis and June Juanico in Houston: When Elvis and June were having breakfast at a restaurant on South Main Street, Elvis got himself surrounded by a lot of girls. He told a reporter he was engaged to only one- his career.

Daily Elvis: October 21

Elvis was visited by Juan Juanico for a couple of days. Because of the many fans around the house they stayed inside for most of the time. However during the night Elvis and June did go out to see some newsreel footage at the local theater. Unfortunately fans saw the limousine and vandalized it.

Daily Elvis: October 24

Elvis receives his first letter from the local draft board concerning his draft status.
Elvis had to leave for New York, but before that he, his parents and Juan Juanico attended a special screening of a rough cut of Love Me Tender. Except for Elvis everyone was enthusiastic. Elvis was not satisfied by his acting.



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