Bromance: Nick Adams

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Elvis Presley spotted Nick Adams role in Rebel Without A Cause.

Book Review: Rebel & The King Expanded

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James Dean died, and Elvis Presley was a ready-made replacement.

When I was in Memphis in 1987, I bought a copy of this photo in a gift store. I had never seen it before and the homoerotic factor hit home a while later in a Georgia Straight newspaper interview, Jerry lee Lewis - at the time of the Dennis Quaid bio-flick, talked about him and Elvis riding bikes nude and that if anyone knew then what they had gotten up to - both of their careers would have been over.

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Nick Adams and Elvis caused gay gossip in the 1950s.

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Adams at James Dean grave.


Adams dropped from movies to tv and finally to Japanese movies, low art then/cult classics now.   Japan in the 1960s replaced Swiss watches with digital, eh.

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Nick Adams died the week that Lisa Marie Presley was born, apparently of a drug overdose, but there were suspicious circumstances. A possible divorce looming and a typewriter given to Adams by James Dean was missing.

The Tv and Movie Star

Nick Adams body being removed from the home.

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Adams and Elvis:

Daily Elvis: September 23

September 23, 1956

Elvis flew to Memphis, together with Nick Adams and Gene Smith.


In the evening Elvis was seen at the Memphis Fairgrounds with Nick Adams.

Daily Elvis: September 24

September 24, 1956

Elvis and Nick Adams went to see Mildred Scrivener, Elvis’ senior-class homeroom teacher at Humes High.
Elvis donated $900 to the school for new uniforms for its ROTC program.

Daily Elvis: September 25

Daily Elvis: September 26

Elvis drove to Tupelo with Nick Adams.- Elvis was late and missed the parade.

Elvis did his first Tupelo Homecoming Concert, Adams was one of the opening acts and seen at the side of the stage filming Elvis. and between shows in the interview.

Daily Elvis: September 27

Daily Elvis: September 28

Daily Elvis: September 29

Elvis and Nick Adams returned to the Memphis Fairgrounds for the Mid-South Fair

Daily Elvis: October 23

Elvis got a visit from Nick Adams.

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Daily Elvis: October 25

Daily Elvis: October 31


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Related on Dykewriter:

Elvis was metrosexual; but was he Bisexual?

I have been really curious to get this book, since it might explain a gap in the Elvis cannon. Elvis having had the rumored affair with Nick Adams makes sense.

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Elvis Presley and Maila Nurmi (aka Vampira) in Las Vegas

ElvisWorld: James Dean

Image result for Elvis and sal mineoImage result for Elvis and sal mineo

Sal Mineo visits Elvis on the set of Loving You

Book Review: Rebel & The King Expanded

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ElvisWorld: Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood and Elvis Presley Their publicity date is best documented in these 2 books Natalie, a Memoir by her Sister, Lana Wood and The Rebel and The King by Nick Adams.

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Elvisworld: Nathalie Wood

  Nathalie Wood won an Oscar for 1934’s Miracle on 34th Street, and she crossed paths with Elvis Presley in the in50s.

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ELVIS PRESLEY – Was he bisexual? ⋆ Historian Alan Royle

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