The last elvis fan screamed at by the Memphis mafia

From 2007, my meeting with Memphis Mafia’s Joe Esposito


In 2007, I met the two members of elvis presley entourage that I most wanted to. Jerry schilling and Joe Esposito, I asked them about elvis being a religion from an anthropological perspective and because of a funny novel I had read called Armageddon there musical. Any Joe started screaming until he turn red and called Jerry over to scream at me. Here is a photo of me with Joe, just before he blew, leaving me shocked and realizing that his lips were inches from my face and he had probably not been that upset since the day he’d found elvis dead in 1977. And I am just under five foot seven and probably as heavy as elvis was then too.

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10 thoughts on “The last elvis fan screamed at by the Memphis mafia

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  3. Nina From Canada, eh
    +Butch Babe +Joan Poh +The Armchair Spaceman +onno doove I met my two fave Memphis Mafia guys and they screamed at me for asking a question about a sci fi novel, it is one of the weirdest memories I have. Joe Esposito screaming at me, until he was red in the face and lost his voice and got Jerry Schilling to take over. All I could think was, the last time Joe had been that upset, he was giving Elvis CP and now his lips were inches from mine.

    Butch Babe
    Was he spitting and slobbering whilst shouting, yuk

    Nina From Canada, eh
    +Butch Babe he got really close and turned bright red and behind him, Jerry Schilling turned white; and then Joe turned purple and lost his voice and waved Schilling over and I stood there, thinking about all the fans vs memphis mafia law suits Elvis to settle and in that photo, I was about the same weight as Elvis was when he died and only 5 inches shorter than Elvis; so after Schilling came over, Joe sputtered “she’s making Elvis a religion” then Schilling started screaming and my sister was taking photos the whole time. this was the first one. it is one of my most surreal memories.

    Nina From Canada, eh
    +Butch Babe so, my elvis blog is dedicated to those two, now my least fave only charlie hodge is worse to me.


  4. Butch Babe
    +Nina From Canada, eh who’s Charlie hodge?

    Nina From Canada, eh
    +Butch Babe the guy who was the water and scarf guy in the 1970s, he had his own music career in gospel quartets and was in the army and he chased after Elvis. think of Elvis as a charlie male who got lucky and all the more macho guys who were the ones who beat him up in high school became his buffer zone and pimps, so they could have the spillover.. this is why Elvis never grew as an artist or person, he had no real friends who made him want to be better, they just catered to him and put up with Elvis’ shit.


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