Col Thomas Parker

Elvis Presley never knew that Parker was not American, that came out in the 1980s.

When EPE sued Parker for mis-management, Parker’s defense was that he was not American, thus, not subject to their laws.

Elvis knew Parker was a con artist, he thought Parker on on his side.


the Middle Aged Parker outlived his teenaged golden goose.


Little of what he told about himself was true, except, he was once the elected Dog Catcher in Florida.

Manure cologne for Snowmen League Members


Colonel Tom Parker – Wikipedia

Thomas Andrew “Colonel TomParker was a Dutch-born American talent manager, best known as the manager of Elvis Presley.

The Dark Side Of Colonel Parker – An EIN Spotlight

Jun 26, 2009 – Although comedian Nipsy Russell stated that “Every entertainer should go to bed at night and pray he finds a Colonel Tom Parker

The Amazing Comeback of Colonel Tom Parker – Elvis History Blog

Colonel Tom Parker managed Elvis Presley’s career from 1955 to 1977. Their’s was probably the most unique artist-manager relationship ever in show …

Obituary: Col Tom Parker | The Independent › News › People

Jan 22, 1997 – When Elvis Presley met Colonel Tom Parker in a Memphis restaurant in 1955, it was the start of a relationship that would transform their lives .

Parker lived long enough to be the first issued Elvis stamps


rare in the extreme – parker at Elvis’ grave

meanwhile, now the EPE has extended copyright beyond works of to the artist themself


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