Daily Elvis: October 31

Give Us this Day, October 31, Our Daily Elvis


Tupelo, Mississippi


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Vernon Presley had to pay the tax of $11 for the Mississippi Road and Bridge Privilege. The car, a ten year old Chevrolet, with a six-horsepower engine had a market value of $50. The license plate was 49129.


Humes High School, Memphis, Tennessee


Pianist Johnnie Johnson hired 26 year old Chuck Berry as a guitarist in his band. While playing evening gigs in the St. Louis area, Berry kept his day job as a hairdresser for the next three years.


Backstage Elvis met Oscar Davis, who told him how impressed he was with Elvis’ performance at the Eagle’s Nest.
Elvis also met The Jordanaires, who had a solo performance on the show as well. Elvis told them he hoped they would sing on his records someday – 20 months later, they would.
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October 31, 1955
Elvis had Natalie Wood flown in for a visit.
Natalie Wood and Elvis Presley outside the Hotel Chisca - October 31, 1956Image result for Elvis Presley, natalie wood, dewey
During the evening Elvis and Nick Adams took her down to the Hotel Chisca to meet Dewey Philips.
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October 31, 1957
Hollywood Halloween Party
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Image result for Elvis Presley, October 31, 1957Image result for Elvis Presley, October 31, 1957
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October 31, 1958
Military Service in Germany
October 31, 1959
Bo Diddley had his biggest pop hit when “Say Man” reached #20 (#3 R&B) today. Diddley (actually Otha Ellas Bates) was nicknamed after a one stringed African guitar called a “Bo Diddley.” He decided to be a bluesman afer hearing “Boogie Chillen” by John Lee Hooker.
Military Service in Germany
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October 31, 1960
Fabian‘s last charting record, “Kissin’ And Twistin'” enters the Billboard Hot 100 at #99. The record would fall off the chart next week and all of his following seven releases over the next two years were flops. He continued to make dozens of movies and TV appearances well into the 1990s.
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The Elvis Presley LP “G.I. Blues” enters the Billboard Hot 200, where it will rise to number one and stay there for six weeks. It will finally fall of the chart 111 weeks later, making it the longest charting album of Elvis’ career and was certified Gold on March 13, 1963 and Platinum on March 27, 1992.
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In 1997, RCA remastered the album for compact disc, and 2012  the Follow That Dream label released G.I. Blues was in a 7-inch digi-pack edition featuring a booklet and two CDs.  A follow-up album,  which also contained a booklet and two CDs Café Europa, was released in 2013.
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Elvis didn’t want there to be a soundtrack, and fans then preferred it to the “Elvis is Back” studio LP.
Image result for elvis gi blues ftdImage result for elvis gi blues ftd
 At Nashville Studio B, Elvis finished recording his first Gospel LP “His Hand In Mine”
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October 31, 1961
October 31, 1962
Elvis Presley’s 11th film, Girls! Girls! Girls! premiered in Honolulu, Hawaii, where it was shot. 
Elvis in Production for It Happened At the World’s Fair
October 31, 1963
The Beatles returned to London from Sweden and were greeted by screaming fans and a mob of photographers and journalists. American television host Ed Sullivan was at Heathrow as The Beatles arrived, and was struck by the sight of Beatlemania in full swing; he would book three appearances on his US television program.
Kissin Cousins
October 31, 1964
For the first time since January, The Beatles do not have a song on the Billboard Hot 100.
Sitting at the top of the Cashbox Magazine Best Sellers Chart was New Zealand-born Canadian vocalist Gale Garnett with “We’ll Sing In The Sunshine”. It will also reach #4 on the Billboard chart and win a 1965 Grammy Award for Best Folk Recording.
Ray Charles was arrested by Logan Airport customs officials in Boston and charged with possession of heroin. This was his third drug charge, following incidents in 1958 and 1961. Charles avoided prison after kicking the habit in a clinic in Los Angeles, but spent a year on parole in 1966.
Elvis in Tickle Me production
October 31, 1965
October 31, 1966
Easy Come, Easy Go Production
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Spinout Soundtrack released – It peaked at number 18 on the Top Pop Albums chart.
SpinoutElvisAlbum.jpgImage result for Elvis spinout soundtrack
Bob Dylan confessed to Rolling Stone in June 1969 that Presley’s version of “Tomorrow Is a Long Time” was the cover of one of his songs that he “treasured the most.”
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In 2004 Spinout was reissued on the Follow That Dream label in a special edition that contained the original album tracks along with numerous alternate takes
October 31, 1967
October 31, 1968
The Trouble with Girls Movie Production – Co-star Marilyn Mason shows off Elvis Pumpkin to Elvis Presley
October 31, 1969
David Bowie appeared at a Halloween night at the General Gordon, Gravesend, England. The gig lasted about 15 minutes, after Bowie sang ‘Space Oddity’ to everyone’s delight and then dragged a stool on stage, along with a huge book. He then sat and read poems and was booed off stage.
Elvis was again in Palm Springs for the weekend and purchased ammunition, holsters and a grip for a Colt Cobra at Tiny’s Gun Shop.
October 31, 1971
October 31, 1972
October 31, 1973
October 31, 1974
October 31, 1975
Queen‘s “Bohemian Rhapsody” was released as a single. It would stay on the chart for seventeen weeks, nine of them at number one and would eventually go Platinum. The song would be re-released in December, 1991 after being featured in the movie Wayne’s World and became a hit all over again.
October 31, 1976
The Jungle Room, Graceland – Memphis, Tennessee
There’s A Fire Down Below (track) FWA5 1051-14
He’ll Have To Go (track) FWA5 1052-02


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Timi Yuro’s “Hurt” becomes a hit in the Netherlands twenty years after it reached the Top 10 in the United States. Because of Yuro’s powerful, resonant vocals, people often thought that Timi was either a man or a black woman. The truth is, at the time she recorded “Hurt” in 1961, this petite, white woman was just 20 years old.
Pop singer Debbie Gibson holds a seance at her Halloween party to contact the spirits of Liberace and Sid Vicious.
The very first MTV unplugged show was recorded in New York, featuring UK band Squeeze, the program was aired on 26th Nov 1989.
Chart history was made when the UK Top 5 singles chart was made up entirely of new entries. Alanis Morissette went in at No.5, Culture Club at No.4, U2 at No.3, George Michael at No.2 and Cher with ‘Believe’ at No.1. It made Cher (who was 52) the first female artist to have a No.1 single over the age of 50. The song was a No.1 in 23 countries.
Forbes magazine announced its list of the top earning dead celebrities and once again Elvis Presley led the way. The King earned $49 million in the past year. In second place was John Lennon who jumped from #4 last year, earning $44 million. Other notables included George Harrison in fourth place with $22 million, James Brown was eleventh with $5 million and Bob Marley was twelfth with $4 million.
Elvis Presley has beaten Madonna to a new UK chart record. Yep, he’s still a force.

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