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Daily Elvis: July 17

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Tupelo, Mississippi


Memphis, Tennessee

1949 – 1977


The Sun Records Rockabilly Era

July 17, 1954

Elvis performed at the Bon Air, Memphis.

With Scotty and Bill Elvis performed the two songs they know well enough to play in front of an audience: Thats All Right and  Blue Moon Of Kentucky

the other act was Doug Poindexter and The Starlight Wranglers – which Scotty and Bill were members of.


The RCA Victor Atomic Powered Singer

July 17, 1956

Elvis spent the evening at various nightclubs in Biloxi.

Romance: June Juanico

The Presleys lived at Audobon Drive

July 17, 1957

The Presleys lived at  Graceland

The Military Service Disruption


uly 17, 1958

The Progress from Clearfield, Pennsylvania on July 17, 1958

Dolores Hart interview about Elvis Presley.

Military service at Fort Hood in Texas., for Advanced Tank Training as part of the Second Armored Division. He was stationed there for six months.

The Presleys live in  a rented house off base with his parents, his grandmother Minnie, cousins Gene and Junior Smith, and friend Lamar Fike.

July 17, 1959

Billie Holiday died in a New York City hospital from cirrhosis of the liver after years of alcohol abuse, aged 43. (While under arrest for heroin possession, with Police officers stationed at the door to her room.) In the final years of her life, she had been progressively swindled out of her earnings, and she died with $0.70 in the bank.

Military Service in Germany

Feb 3 1959 – March 1960: Goethestr.14 in Bad Nauheim, Germany

The Hollywood Decade/The Elvis Establishment

July 17, 1961

Motown Records releases The Supremes‘ second single, “Buttered Popcorn” with “Who’s Loving You” on the flip side. The record, featuring Florence Ballard on lead vocal, would be a total flop.

Follow That Dream 

July 17, 1962

Elvis Presley’s single “She’s Not You” was released with the B-side “Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello.”

“She’s Not You” reached No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 13 on the R&B chart.[2] In the UK, the single reached No. 1 where it stayed for three weeks


July 17, 1963

Viva Las Vegas

July 17, 1964

In Los Angeles, Frank Sinatra recorded “Softly, As I Leave You.”

Girl Happy 

July 17, 1965

King Records released ‘Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag’ by James Brown, which went on to sell over 2 million copies and receive the Grammy Award for best for Best Rhythm & Blues Recording. ‘Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag’ is considered seminal in the emergence of funk music as a distinct style.

The Miracles‘ “Tracks of My Tears” is released. It will reach #16 in the US and #9 in the UK and sell over a million copies.

The Elvis Presley single “It Feels So Right” hit #55 in the U.S.


July 17, 1966

Double Trouble

July 17, 1967

The Beatles single ‘All You Need Is Love / Baby You’re A Rich Man’ (originally called ‘One Of The Beautiful People’) was released in the US. It became The Beatles 14th US No.1. During the ‘live’ recording of “All You Need Is Love”, John can be clearly seen chewing gum while singing the lead vocal.

American jazz saxophonist and composer John Coltrane died from liver cancer at Huntington Hospital in Long Island, New York, aged 40. Worked with Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie. Released the 1964 album ‘A Love Supreme’.

Jimi Hendrix either quit or was fired as the opening act for the Monkees’ US tour after only five days. Mickey Dolenz later recalled, “Jimi would amble out onto the stage, fire up the amps and break out into ‘Purple Haze’ and the kids in the audience would instantly drown him out with ‘We want Daaavy!’ God, was it embarrassing.” Hendix’s replacement was Vanilla Fudge.


July 17, 1968

The animated film Yellow Submarine, premiered at The London Pavilion. The Beatles made a cameo appearance in the film but didn’t supply their own voices for the characters.

July 17, 1969

Elvis in the driveway of his Hillcrest home leaving for rehearsal at RCA Studios.



The Vegas Artist in Residence and Tour Decade

July 17, 1970

That’s the Way It Is Production – Elvis flew to Palm Springs for a five-day break.

July 17, 1971

John Lennon and Yoko Ono appeared on the BBC late night talk show, Parkinson, where John chastised the British media for calling Yoko “ugly” and for saying that she broke up The Beatles.

July 17, 1972

A bomb exploded under The Rolling Stones equipment van in Montreal, believed to be the work of French separatists. Angry fans rioted throwing bottles and rocks after 3,000 tickets for the show turned out to be fake.

Elvis was back in Los Angeles where he remained until the 20th.

July 17, 1973

With Jimmy Velvet at the Shelby County Sheriff’s office in Memphis getting deputy badges on July 17, 1973 – Photos taken by Vernon Presley

July 17, 1973 – For Elvis CD Collectors

ElvisWorld: Jimmy Velvet

two different posts about the same guy – he was an Elvis superfan and a minor celeb.

He hung around the Elvis circle and was not part of the Memphis Mafia and he spent more of his life promoting Elvis than himself.

ElvisWorld: Jimmy Velvet

July 17, 1974

The Moody Blues opened what they claimed was the first ‘Quadraphonic’ recording studio in the world.

contract dated July 17, 1974, between James Burton and Elvis Presley Show

Elvis Presley and James Burton Signed Performance Contract,

Elvis remained in Memphis for the rest of the month,

July 17, 1975

Elvis performed at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, Connecticut.


photo © Cathi Avenell

July 17, 1976

The album “From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee” hit #41 in the U.S, and was certified Gold on October 10, 1977 by the RIAA.

Elvis in Vegas, under Dr. Ghanem’s “care” – 14 to 21st an induced coma at the doctor’s house for weight loss.

July 17, 1977

Elvis upstairs at Graceland to the balance of the month

The Wake and Aftermath

1982 Elvis Presley Enterprises/Graceland Tourism

1984 Actor ExWife: Priscilla Presley


James Brown was honored by the state of Georgia for his comeback after a two-year prison term. The proclamation cited the Godfather of Soul for his “unique brand of Funk.”

2003 Recording Artist: Daughter Lisa Marie Presley

2011 Actor: Granddaughter Riley Keough


Chicago Sun-Times16 hours ago
Starring as Elvis, Eddie Clendening (he portrayed Presley in the initial Chicago run of “Million Dollar Quartet”) has the voice and mannerisms of …

Highlight for 2018


American Bandstand: Episode #8.45

Duane Eddy performs “Puddin’ and Trash.” Nino Tempo and April Stevens sing “I’m Sweet On You and (I’m/We’re) Think Of You.” Actress Jocelyn Lane is interviewed by Mr. Dick Clark about The New Elvis Presley Allied Artists Motion Picture of “Tickle Me” and A phone call from disc jockey name “Kelly” (Tim Kelly?) of KDWB radio, Minneapolis-St. Paul by the way of KMSP-TV ABC 9.

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