Our Daily Elvis for June 14, 2018

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Daily Elvis: June 14

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The Updated for 2018 are:

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Tupelo, Mississippi


une 14, 1950

Hank Williams recorded “Honky Tonk Blues.”

Memphis, Tennessee

1949 – 1977


The Sun Records Rockabilly Era


Americans took part in the first nation-wide civil defense test in preparation for a possible atomic attack.


Elvis performed at the Bruce High School Gym, Bruce, Mississippi. Elvis appeared with Onie Wheeler and the Miller Sisters. Elvis was paid $ 450.

The RCA Victor Atomic Powered Singer

June 14, 1956

Singer Mel Torme, for example, said, “I was shocked to hear that a man of integrity like Hal Wallis had referred to Presley as a great dramatic actor. It just shows how far a man will go for the almighty dollar.” (The Arizona Republic, June 14, 1956). And there were undoubtedly other entertainers who felt contempt for Elvis but kept it to themselves.

Many Entertainers Defended Elvis Presley in the Fifties

Elvis at home in Memphis – hanging with DJ Dewey Phillips

Image result for Elvis Presley June 14, 1972

Romance: June Juanico

June 14, 1956 – Elvis Presley Music

Elvis Presley and Red West at Elvis’ 1034 Audubon Drive House

Elvis Presley and Red West at Elvis' 1034 Audubon Drive House : June 14, 1956.

June 14, 1957

The final scenes of Jailhouse Rock were filmed.

The Military Service Disruption

June 14, 1958

At the Cosimo Recording Studio in New Orleans, Fats Domino recorded “I’m Gonna Be A Wheel Someday.”

Military service  Fort Hood in Texas. Elvis returned to Fort Hood for ten weeks of advanced tank training.

Since soldiers could apply for permission after basic training to live offbase with their family – intended as spouse with children; Elvis made arrangements to bring his mother and father down to Killeen.

June 14, 1959

Connie Francis sang “Lipstick On Your Collar” and Brook Benton sang “Endlessly” on CBS-TV’s “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Robert Merrill, Henny Youngman, Jackie Miles and Wayne & Shuster also performed on the program.

On Leave in Munich with Lamar Fike, Rex Mansfield and Charlie Hodge. In Munich Elvis visited old friends at the Moulin Rouge.

Walter Rocco Torrebruno – was appearing on the same bill with Nancy Holloway at Moulin Rouge

Image result for elvis and nancy hollowayImage result for elvis and nancy holloway

Military Service in Germany /  Goethestr.14 in Bad Nauheim, Germany

The Hollywood Decade/The Elvis Establishment

June 14, 1960

G.I. Blues

June 14, 1963

Priscilla Beaulieu graduated from the Immaculate Conception Cathedral High School.

June 14, 1964

Suspicious of its contents, workers at a London railway station opened alarge chest addressed to the Beatles and found Carol Dryden, a 12-year-old fan who had decided to mail herself to the band.

June 14, 1965

The Beatles released the album “Beatles VI.”

Paul McCartney records “Yesterday” by himself, after trying unsuccessfully to fit in the rest of the Beatles. The song would later be recorded by over 3,000 other artists and become the most covered tune in music history. In describing it, Paul has said “I did the tune easily and then the words took about two weeks.”

Frankie and Johnny

June 14, 1967

“To Sir With Love,” starring Sidney Poitier, Christian Roberts, Judy Geeson, Suzy Kendall, Ann Bell, and Lulu, opened in U.S. and Canadian movie theaters.

The Monkees began recording “Daydream Believer.” All four band members appeared on the track, completed August 9, with Davy Jones singing lead, Micky Dolenz on backing vocals, Michael Nesmith on lead guitar, and Peter Tork, who arranged the John Stewart composition, on piano.

Easy Come, Easy Go (1967) – IMDb released

June 14, 1968

Back in Memphis Elvis wrote a letter of thanks to Felton Jarvis.

The Vegas Artist in Residence and Tour Decade

June 14, 1972

Elvis performed at the Milwaukee Auditorium Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was the first Elvis concert since he returned to performing in 1970 that didn’t sell out.

Image result for elvis june 14, 1972

June 14, 1973

Elvis attended screenings at either the Memphian or the Crosstown almost every night of the month until he had to go on tour again on the twentieth.

June 14, 1975

Janis Ian releases “At Seventeen”, which will reach #3 on the Billboard Pop chart and #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart later in the year. She would perform the song on the very first episode of Saturday Night Live the following October.

The Elvis Presley single “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” hit #35 in the U.S.

The Elvis Presley album “Today” hit #48 in the U.K.

Bringing It Back : Review : Elvis Today : FTD Special Edition 2 CD

The Wake and Aftermath

1983 Elvis Presley Enterprises/Graceland Tourism

1984 Actor ExWife: Priscilla Presley


ABC’s Diane Sawyer interviewed Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley on ABC-TV’s Prime Time Live. It was the couple’s first interview since their surprise marriage a year earlier and was part of the publicity push for Jackson’s album “HIStory – Past, Present and Future: Book One”. Jackson and Presley declared they were a “normal married couple who hoped to have a baby”. When asked if they had sex, they replied “yes, yes, yes!” They also confirmed that a prenuptial agreement had been signed.

2003 Recording Artist: Daughter Lisa Marie Presley


“Elvis Country – I’m 10,000 years old” is reissued with six bonus tracks on CD.

It was announced that TV Guide would be issuing four commemorative Elvis Presley covers in celebration of 50 years of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The covers were on newsstands July 1 (July 4th issue).

2011 Actor: Granddaughter Riley Keough


In Manchester, Tennessee, 70-year-old Paul McCartney played 24 Beatles classics and seven Wings songs in a two-and-a-half-hour set for 80,000 fans at the 12th annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

Events about Elvis Presley which occured today (June 14th) 


The National Music Publishers Association announced at their annual meeting in New York that from here on, Yoko Ono would receive song writing credit on John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Ono and her son, Sean Ono Lennon, were in attendance to pick up a Song Of The Century Award for the 1971 song and were not expecting the announcement.

In Chicago, Paul Simon performed at Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island.

Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood’s hit “Summer Wine” debuted at #1 on Billboard & Clio’s Top TV Commercials chart after its appearance in H&M’s The Summer Shop 2017 ad. The song had reached #49 on the Billboard Hot 100 in April, 1967.



Daily Highlight for 2018

June 14, 1977

President Carter returned Elvis phone call at 5.18 p.m. but gave up because he could not understand Elvis’ rambling. Elvis tried to call back the next day, but didn’t succeed.

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