Was Elvis the first to wiggle?

Our Daily Elvis for January 20, updated for 2018


Nina's Soap Bubble Box

Crooners stood at the microphone and moved their hands and did some dance steps.

Ricky Ricardo didn’t play guitar, he bongoed and that is all about the beat the beat the beat, which, too bad is what he did to Lucy.

Lucille Ball was the star playing a housewife to a man trying to be one and it almost cost her, her own career – luckily, they worked on tv as a couple, sadly better than they did off screen.

interesting how knowing the private life stuff changes our appreciation of the public art offered…why it is the hint of, rather than the fact of, wherein lies the art rather than reveal, representational, representative, convention and non-conformity to convention

Crooners and show bands gave away to teen idols in band shows.

The original Boy Band: The Beatles vs Rolling Stones, Vs The Monkees, Bay City Rollers, The Bee Gees, Duran Duran…

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