The Elvis Religion

Elvis the new religion

I think that we are seeing a new religion emerging. Elvisism, Elvites, Presletarianism – something based around Elvis Presley.

The reason that I believe this is the many religious aspects of the Elvis story.

  • born in humble circumstances and poverty.
  • sole survivor of a twin birth that his father later claimed to recalling a strange light in the sky on the night of his birth
  • escaped death again at age 5 from a tornado that ripped through Tupelo.
  • He lived in Memphis along a mighty river and became known as The King, giving Pharaoh associations.
  • He recorded his first music on Sun Records – and most religions have sun gods, gods of light
  • He ushered in a great cultural change – broke racial barriers while heightening the generational gap and put overt sex at the cultural forefront
  • His personal image was one of racial tolerance, generosity/charity
  • The kisses, scarves and other items given out to the crowds during concerts is like having a blessing bestowed upon you
  • He was surrounded by a core group of disciples (Memphis Mafia) who have split into camps and written conflicting books after Elvis’ death
  • there are stories of him having visions, laying on hands healing,
  • there’s been after death sightings of him in person, or just his image appearing as people see Jesus, Virgin Mary,  and other religious figures in wood grain or mineral patterns, or on toasted bread products….
  • Elvis’ image is reproduced in religious type paintings
  • Impersonators or Tribute Artists are priests – even having special garments – Elvis’ stage wear and movie costumes.
  • people make pilgrimages to Graceland – especially for the winter holiday (Jan 8) and the end of summer (Aug 16) holidays – which is already a weeklong festival
  • The annual candlelight vigil are exhibiting a form of worship and ritual. As is the annual lighting of the Graceland holiday lights.
  • people have special areas in their homes of their Elvis collections, serving as altar areas or even rooms in their homes  which act as temples.

what other religious elements do you see in the Elvis story, that future generations will reinterpret?

Addition: April 24, 2010:

Using Elvis to disprove god

Addition: September 14, 2011:

Australia TV broadcasts Church of Elvis Documentary:



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***EXCLUSIVE*** STOCKPORT, UNITED KINGDOM – UNDATED: Handwritten notes in Elvis’ personal bible, given to him by his uncle and aunt in 1957 as a present for his first Christmas at Graceland, are on display at Omega Auction house in Stockport, England. A RARE AUCTION is being held to commemorate the 35th year since the death of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis Presley. From The King’s personal Holy Bible given to him on his first year living in Graceland complete with written notes from his hand to Elvis’ owned and worn 14 carat gold pendant chain – this auction of 100 items includes some of the rock legend’s most treasured possessions. Elvis Aaron Presley died 35 years ago on August 16 1977 and many of the lots have not appeared on the market before, according to the auctioneers handling the sale. The 14K gold TCB pendant chain was owned and worn by Elvis Presley and is one of the original Schwartz and Ableser TCB pendant necklaces. This pendant chain was on display for many years at the world famous Elvis-A-Rama Museum before the owner sold it to Graceland. The auction will take place at Omega Auction house of Stockport on Saturday September 8th. For more information see PHOTOGRAPH BY Omega Auctions / Barcroft Media UK Office, London. T +44 845 370 2233 W USA Office, New York City. T +1 212 796 2458 W Indian Office, Delhi. T +91 11 4053 2429 W


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This post is dedicated to Joe Esposito and Jerry Schilling, who screamed at me at an Elvis convention, I claim to be the last Elvis fan mistreated by members of the Memphis Mafia:

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