Superfans: The Lewis Family

Elvis with Donna Lewis at Graceland, She wrote three books (“Hurry Home Elvis”) made from volumes of her diaries during that time. Volume I deals with 1962-1966, Volume II with 1967-1968 and Volume III is about 1969-1977. Donna’s diaries offer a great day-by-day account of Elvis’ semi-public comings and goings, during the time he resided in Memphis.

Title: “Hurry home, Elvis”: Donna Lewis’ diaries: 9780965508636 …

Hurry Home Elvis: Donna Lewis Diaries, 1962-1966 – Donna Lewis

Elvis Book Review – David Neale

Her parents were Elvis fans and they moved to Memphis, they ended up on the fringe of the Elvis Circle:

Friday, July 20, 1962 Donna Lewis, her mom, and Elvis at the Memphis Fairgrounds:

Elvis and Donna – 1969



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