50s Magazine: Elvis Presley Speaks



Gridiron Restaurant, Memphis,TN, Tuesday June 19, 1956: Elvis with 20-year-old Memphis telephone company operator Robbie Moore (left) and his girlfriend Barbara Hearn (right). Elvis kidded around by eating Robbie’s sandwich and laying his head on her shoulder.

Photographer Robert Williams took several pictures which later appeared in the magazine “ELVIS PRESLEY SPEAKS!”.


Miss Moore sued Elvis on grounds of “invasion of privacy“ and collected $5,500 from him in an out of court settlement, in which she had to request being considered as an adult, being under the age of 21.

She also said that Elvis ate her lunch and left her with the bill of $1.25.

When Miss Moore complained in the press, she became the target of fan harassment, at her home and work.



for perspective

1956  $5,500 dollars in 2017 dollars is $49,486.45



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