Romances: Shirley Delgado

Shirley (Searcy) Delgado and Elvis

After the show Elvis went to Texarkana with Shirley (Searcy) Delgado. Halfway to Texarkana Elvis’ Cadillac caught fire and burned out.

Daily Elvis: June 5


Shirley was a Kilgore Rangerette, an accomplished yodeler, and dated Elvis Presley for two and a half years in his early days.

In the mid-1950s, Presley spotted Delgado in the audience at the Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport, where he was performing, said her son, Victor Matthew Delgado of Houston.

During an intermission, Presley “grabbed her and took her backstage to the band, saying, ‘Look what I found,’ ” her son said.

Romance ensued, and Presley and Shirley Delgado intended to marry, her son said. But Presley’s manager, Col. Tom Parker, decided that “marriage was not a good business move” for the singer, he added.

June 18, 1934 to May 14, 2007

Shirley Delgado, ex-girlfriend of Elvis, dies at 72 – Houston Chronicle

Shirley Delgado Obituary – Houston, TX | Houston Chronicle

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