Daily Elvis: May 21

Give us this day, May 21,  our daily Elvis


While searching for gold along the Mississippi River, explorer and conquistador Hernando de Soto died of semitropical fever at the age 45 (or 46).


The Great Atlanta Fire destroyed 300 acres, including 2,000 homes & businesses; displaced nearly 10,000 people.


Walt Disney’s trademark application for “Mickey Mouse” was filed with the U.S. Patent Office.

Tupelo, Mississippi


306 Old Satillo Road, Elvis’ birthplace, is now 306 Elvis Presley Drive.


Vernon Presley in Prison

Reese Street, where the Presleys stayed with Vester and Clettes Presley and their daughter Patsy,

Kelly Street, a rented, small apartment.

May 21 1942

Mississippi Gulf Coast

May 21, 1946

Berry Street, Presley’s were home owners –  was forced to sell it on July 18, 1946.

“Doll” Smith, Gladys Mother lived here with the Presleys and then Vernon’s Mother Minnie Mae Presley moved in.

Commerce Street, a rental
510 1/2 Maple Street, South Tupelo -the Presleys lived with Glady’s cousin Frank Richards and his wife, Leona.

Mulbery Alley
1010 North Green Street, in the Shakerag section of Tupelo.


Memphis, Tennessee


Humes High School, Memphis, Tennessee

May 21, 1949

572 Poplar Avenue,

April 17, 1952 to May 28, 1952

Elvis was an usher at Loew’s State Theatre

April 20, 1954 – mid October 1954

Elvis delivered supplies to job sites for  Crown Electric for $1.00 an hour.

end of 1954 to mid-1955
2414 Lamar Avenue, rented

mid-1955 to May, 11 1956
1414 Getwell Street

The Sun Records Rockabilly Era

May 21, 1955

Chess Records new artist Chuck Berry recorded his first single, “Ida Red.” During the session, producer Leonard Chess decided to rename it “Maybellene.” Chuck’s basic style of uptempo blues driven by a guitar rhythm with a country rockabilly influence would make Chuck a pioneer in rock ‘n’ roll and R&B. Elvis  would cover the R&B song to a country audience.

Elvis performed at the Louisiana Hayride, Municipal Auditorium, Shreveport,

Engagement – Tour Ref: 1955
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Show type: Pics: Ads:
Info May 21 1955 Municipal Auditorium Shreveport LA (8:00 PM) Louisiana Hayride

The RCA Victor Atomic Powered Singer

May 21, 1956

The U.S. exploded the first airborne hydrogen bomb over Bikini Atoll in the Pacific.

Brenda Lee signed a recording contract with Decca Records.

Elvis arrived in Topeka by plane where he got off the plane wearing nothing above the waist but a loose fitting, 2 button, shantung suit coat.

Elvis performed at the Municipal Auditorium, Topeka. Kansas, where an estimated 2,500 fans stormed the stage.

That teenage trauma Elvis Presley had about 2,500 Topeka misses envying a microphone Monday night in Municipal Auditorium

The rock-and-roll recording sensation strode onto the stage like a musical Paul Bunyan with a guitar for an axe.
And for 20 minutes, he made love to the “mike,” completely felling most of his already-sold audience.
Anticipating demonstrations similar to those in other cities, Topeka police took no chance.
Several stood at stage-side through Presley’s short performance which followed a variety show.
But the guards were not needed. The stage was too high and Presley was out of the building by a secret exit and into the Hotel Kansan before the youths caught on.

It was a little hard to be sure above the continuing squeals and clapping—but the sensuous 21-year·old from Memphis apparently sang some of the songs which have pushed him to the top of the Hit Parade.
Though he didn‘t give the titles, it was obvious the young fans had heard the loud tunes before.
Heartbreak Hotel,” “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Money Honey,” and “Hound Dog” were among them.
With movements which would put a burlesque queen to shame, Elvis squirms out his songs. He keeps himself so breathless from the physical contortions that the pleasant timbre of his lower baritone notes can seldom be detected.

Dressed in his famed red coat and black shirt and pants, Elvis has the effect of an earlier Frank Sinatra, with a more robust appeal.
His songs not only transform his fans, but that walk on stage apparently brings a metamorphosis in him.
Off stage. despite some published reports, Elvis is a polite young man, who prefixes nearly every sentence with “Yes, mam,” or “Thank you, mam.”
With a hair cut and a shave for his sideburns. he would not turn many heads on Kansas Avenue. His light brown hair tops very blue eyes and full lips.

He is amazed by it all. It wasn’t long ago that he walked into a public recording studio to cut a record “just to hear myself sing.”
The money ( reported $7.500 a week), which permits him to own several Cadillacs and maintain a new home for his parents, is easy to take, he admits.
Though he soon will make a movie, Elvis said he has “got what I want. But I’d just like to keep giving the people something that they want to hear.”
Whether rock-and-roll is here to stay he doesn’t know.”
He says he will “start worrying when the, girls don‘t mob me.”
However, he no longer exposes himself unnecessarily.
Police have had to guard him at all his recent Western and Midwest stops.
“There is no sense getting your clothes torn off,” he said.
“Several times they got everything but my pants and I had quite a fight for those.”
His garb on arrival at Municipal Airport might explain some of this.
The singer had on nothing above the waist but a loose-fitting, two button shantung suit coat which exposed considerable bare chest.
His style was “just an accident,” he says. But he claims to “admire anybody in any profession that is good at it.”
“A great singer, I could listen to all night. I don’t care whether it is opera or jazz.”
He is quick to refute many egotistical statements attributed to him in magazines and newspapers. ‘
The draft may catch him soon, but in the meantime he claims no matrimonial intentions.
Of the Time Magazine remark attributed to him in this connection-“Why buy a cow when you can get milk through a fence?”—he says, “I never said that.

Engagement – Tour Ref: 1956
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Show type: Pics: Ads:
Info May 21 1956 Municipal Auditorium Topeka KS (7:00 PM) 2500

May 21, 1957

Jailhouse Rock Production

Image result for Elvis presley may 21, 1957 jailhouse rock wig

At 7.00 a.m. Elvis had a makeup appointment for the fitting of the “butch cut” wig that he would wear in the prison scenes of Jailhouse Rock

Image result for Elvis presley may 21, 1957 jailhouse rock wig

The Military Service Disruption

May 21, 1958

Military service  Fort Hood in Texas. 

May 21, 1959

The musical “Gypsy,” based on the life of stripper Gypsy Rose Lee and starring Ethel Merman and Jack Klugman, opened at New York’s Broadway Theater for 702 performances.

A Fool Such As I / I Need Your Love Tonight by Elvis Presley was #1 on the UK Singles Chart for 5 weeks

Military Service in Germany

The Hollywood Decade/The Elvis Establishment

May 21, 1960

G.I. Blues 

May 21, 1961

At Owen Bradley’s Quonset Hut Studio in Nashville, Brenda Lee recorded “Dum Dum.”

Blue Hawaii 

May 21, 1962

Girls! Girls! Girls! 

May 21, 1963

May 21, 1964

At the Atlantic Studios in New York City, The Drifters recorded “Under The Boardwalk,” with Johnny Moore substituting for lead singer Rudy Lewis who had been found dead the previous night.

New York Times reviews “Viva Las Vegas” as “Whatever it isn’t, “Viva Las Vegas” remains friendly, wholesome and pretty as all get-out.”

Elvis-Presley Teams With Ann-Margret – NYTimes.com

May 21, 1965

Debunking One of Rock Music’s Original Myths

Image result for 1965 May 21 Time magazine

Frankie and Johnny 

May 21, 1966

Dusty Springfield‘s “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” enters the Billboard Hot 100, where it will reach #4 and become her biggest US hit. In the UK, it went all the way to #1.

Five students from Freehold Regional High School in New Jersey performed at their senior prom as the Castiles. The group’s lead singer was Bruce Springsteen.

May 21, 1967

The Seekers and Petula Clark performed on CBS-TV’s “The Ed Sullivan Show,” broadcast from Expo 67 in Montreal. Alan King, Birgit Nilsson, Peter Gennaro, and the Montreal Symphony also appeared.

May 21, 1968

May 21, 1969

John Lennon and Yoko Ono began a ten-day “bed-in” in Montreal’s Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

The Vegas Artist in Residence and Tour Decade

May 21, 1970

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young released the protest single Ohio, written and composed by Neil Young in reaction to the Kent State shootings of May 4, 1970, when unarmed college students were shot by the Ohio National Guard. The guardsmen fired 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis.

Elvis and Priscilla returned to Memphis, where they stayed until July 5, except for some brief trips to Dallas by Elvis.

Romances: Priscilla

May 21, 1971

Heading to record in Nashville at Studio ‘B’

RCA Studio A – Nashville, Tennessee (overdub session)
It’s Only Love (overdub) APA4 1287-NA
RCA Studio B – Nashville, Tennessee
Love Me, Love The Life I Lead APA4 1288-12
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (duet with Temple Riser) APA4 1255-01

On this last day of the session in Nashville Elvis had Joyce Bova as a guest in the studio.

Romances: Joyce Bova

May 21, 1972


May 21, 1973

May 21, 1974

Elvis did Dinner and Midnight Tahoe Shows

Date: 21 May 1974
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Stateline, NV.
Sahara Tahoe Hotel
Tickets: Unknown
Costume: Unknown
Track list: Also Sprach Zarathustra
See See Rider
I Got A Woman/Amen
Love Me
Trying To Get To You
All Shook Up
Love Me Tender
You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
Hound Dog
Polk Salad Annie
Suspicious Minds
[band introductions]
When I Say Goodbye
I Can’t Stop Loving You
Help Me
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Let Me Be There
The Wonder Of You
Big Boss Man
Funny How Times Slip Away
Can’t Help Falling In Love
Recordings: 0

The Midnight concert was officially released by the Follow that Dream Collector label as “High Sierra”

High Sierra – FTD CD. EIN in-depth review

Date: 21 May 1974
Time: Midnight
Venue: Stateline, NV.
Sahara Tahoe Hotel
Tickets: Unknown
Costume: Unknown
Track list: 2001 Theme
C C Rider
I Got A Woman
– segued medley with –
Love Me
Tryin To Get To You
All Shook Up
Love Me Tender
You Dont Have To Say You Love Me
Hound Dog
Polk Salad Annie
Why Me Lord ?
Suspicious Minds
Band Introductions
I Cant Stop Loving You
Help Me
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Let Me Be There
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Big Boss Man
Cant Help Falling In Love
Closing Vamp
Engagement – Tour Ref: Lake Tahoe Season 3 – Lake Tahoe May 16th – May 27th 1974
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Suit: Belt: Musicians: Pics: CD: CDR:
Info May 21 1974 Sahara Hotel Lake Tahoe NV Dinner (10.00pm)
Info May 21 1974 Sahara Hotel Lake Tahoe NV Midnight (12.00am) Yes Yes

May 21, 1975

Officials at Gatwick Airport in London announce that they will not permit a plane carrying The Osmonds to land there because when the group last visited the UK, twenty overly enthusiastic teens were injured.

May 21, 1976

Dan Fogelberg’s “Souvenirs” album was certified Gold.

May 21, 1977

Elvis performed at the Freedom Hall Louisville, Kentucky

Arriving and departing Louisville, KY on May 21, 1977

Enroute to the Freedom Hall to perform in Louisville Kentucky

Elvis Rerun… 19000 Fans Don’t Seem to Mind
by Billy Reed, Louisville Courier-Journal May 22, 1977

Early in the concert, Elvis Presley swung into Treat Me Like a Fool, one of his all time, oldie-goldie, break-your-heart hits and the 19000 souls in Freedom Hall went absolutely, stark-raving bonkers. Strutting back and forth in his gold-braid-on-white Captain Marvel suit, Elvis smiled (or smirked, it was hard to tell which), then glanced down at a lovely tanned blonde who was standing there next to the stage.

The blonde wanted something. No doubt about that. So Elvis, ever cool, obliged. He unwrapped a blue scarf from around his sweaty neck and flipped it deftly into the blonde’s outstreched claws. And he didn’t let go. Instead, he slowly pulled the scarf toward him as he dropped to one knee. Then, while 19000 hearts throbbed out of control, Elvis leaned over and kissed the blonde squarely on her willing lips.

Well, now. Talk about your pandemonium. Instantly, the darkened cavern of Freedom Hall was lit by the furious flashing of what seemed like a million instamatics. Quicker than you can say “bobby socks” middle-aged mothers turned into screaming teeny-boppers. Near the stage, the local police and security guards suddenly found themselves against hordes of screaming , hollering, scratching females.

May 21, 1977. (8:30 pm) Louisville, KY – Elvis Presley In Concert

So it went last night as Elvis Presley – the once, present and future king of rock’n’roll – came to Louisville for the third time in four years to prove, again, that even in middle age he still can turn on a crowd unlike anyone in show business. You’d think, after awhile, that even the most ardent Elvis fan would grow weary of the show. The performance last night was essentially the same one he did here four years ago. The same songs, the same souvenir hucksters selling “Super Elvis Treasures”, the same warm-up groups, the same comedian with the same tired jokes.

But the true-blue Elvis fan cares not a whit. Never mind that the show seems set in granite, or that Elvis has this bad habit of mumbling into the microphone so nobody past the first few rows can hear. All that matters is the opportunity to see and hear their idol.

Last night they came again, like pilgrims flocking to a shrine. The ticket prices were outrageous – $15, $12 and $10 – but nobody seemed to mind. Blissfully, the faithful even opened their wallets and purses and paid $5 for binoculars, $5 for giant Elvis posters (“Suitable for framing”), $3 for Elvis buttons and so forth.

There were men in the crowd last night, of course, but, as always, the women were in the majority. And every woman there seemed to be made up as if each fully expected to have a date with after the show. If nothing else last night’s show seta new world record for false eyelashes, bouffant hairdos, suntans.

Take Rickey Davis, for example. Dolled up in a purple sequined top with white slacks, she came to bring Elvis a message from Butzbach, Germany, where he was stationed in the army. “I just wanted to send him a kiss”, said Rickey, now visiting friends at Ft. Knox. “You see, he used to date my girlfriend Inga. We would get in his pink Cadillac and drive from Butzbach to Frankfurt. Oh, that Elvis. To tell you the truth, he was shy, but he could be very tender with a woman. I was so envious of my girlfriend.”

May 21, 1977 - Elvis In Concert - Louisville, Kentucky - TCB⚡with TLC⚡

At 9.45PM the public-address announcer said “I’d like to ask all the fans in the aisles to hurry quickly to their seats so the second half of the show can begin.” That inspired a chorus of feminine squeals, because everyone knew. The King’s arrival was imminent. Sure enough, two minutes later, the auditorium was plunged into darkness, the band began to play the theme from “2001: A Space Odyssey” and suddenly, accompanied by a cacophony of shrieks, there he was waving and nodding and strutting.

To his credit, Elvis looked pretty good. His hair and eyebrows were jet black and his waistline, while a bit pudgy, was not out of control. On the whole, he looked considerably better than most guys in their early 40s. The voice was still there, too. From C.C.Rider to That’s All Right Mama to Jailhouse Rock to Hurt Elvis proved that the pipes still are there. And of course, he is still the only man in America who can simply glance over his shoulder – or wiggle his left thigh – and turn thousands of women into stark-raving animals.

Date: 21 May 1977
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Louisville, KY.
Freedom Hall.
Tickets: 18,000
Costume: Mexican Sundial Suit
Track list: Also Sprach Zarathustra
See See Rider
I Got A Woman/Amen
That’s All Right
Love Me
If You Love Me
You Gave Me A Mountain
Jailhouse Rock
O Sole Mio/It’s Now Or Never
Little Sister
Teddy Bear/Don’t Be Cruel
My Way
Heartbreak Hotel
Funny How Time Slips Away

[band introductions]
Early Morning Rain
What’d I Say
Johnny B. Goode
Hail Hail Rock’n’Roll
Hound Dog
Can’t Help Falling In Love
Recordings: All Right In Louisville
Engagement – Tour Ref: On Tour number 31 – May 20th – June 2nd 1977
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Suit: Belt: Musicians: Pics: CD: CDR:
Info May 21 1977 Freedom Hall Louisville KY (8:30 pm) 18000 Mexican Sundial Original belt Light Blue Suit Yes Yes Yes

The Wake and Aftermath


After poor ticket sales at the venue caused him to cancel his second scheduled concert in Dayton, Ohio, Bob Dylan performed his last “gospel” show, eventually returning to secular music.


A worldwide reggae legend, Bob Marley was especially revered in his hometown of Kingston, Jamaica, where he was buried with full state honors.



Anita Baker debuted on the R&B charts with “No More Tears,” which reached #49. She would go on to have twenty-one R&B chart singles through 1995.

Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” reached #6 pop and #15 R&B.

David Bowie topped the Billboard Hot 100 for the second time with “Let’s Dance”. It was also a #1 in the UK.


It was reported the Indian Times and CNN that a picture of Elvis Presley hung beside pictures of Hindu gods in a temple in the Indian state of Karnataka. The temple is maintained by a man who last year published a booklet under Presley’s name titled “Why my daughter married Michael Jackson.”



The Elvis Presley Instant Lottery Promotion created by MDI Entertainment, Inc., began. The scratch ticket lottery featured cash prizes up to $100,000 and “Elvis Experience” VIP trips to Graceland.


Country music singer (I’d Like To Be In Charlie’s Shoes) Billy Walker, his wife, and two band members were killed in a car crash while driving back to Nashville from a show in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Walker, a member of the Grand Ole Opry for 46 years, was 77.


Lou Pearlman, the music mogul who created the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync, was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison over a decades-long scam that bilked thousands of investors out of their life savings. Many victims were Pearlman’s relatives, friends and retirees in their 70s or 80s who lost everything. A view of the behind-the-scenes life of The Backstreet Boys is revealed in Gary James’ interview with A.J. Mclean’s mother, Denise McLean Solis



“Elvis at 21” Published – Photographs by Alfred Wertherimer – a travel gallery exhibit was also done.



Television director Marty Pasetta died after accidentally being run over by the car he had just exited at age 82. (Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, AFI Lifetime Achievement Award: A Tribute to Fred Astaire, Stand Up and Cheer, Paul Anka…Music My Way, TV inaugural galas for Presidents Carter and Reagan, 17 years of Academy Awards shows, Grammy and Emmy Awards broadcasts)


Auctioneers at Julien’s auction house in New York sold one of Elvis Presley’s acoustic guitars for $354,400. Other items in the sale included a red vinyl jacket which Michael Jackson wore for his 1996-97 HIStory world tour which sold for $256,000 and John Lennon’s handwritten lyrics for The Beatles’ “Being For The Benefit of Mr Kite” which brought $354,400.



reference sites:





http://www.elvisrecordings.com/  Master and Sessions

The Elvis Presley Record Research Database



Elvis History Blog


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