Rock N Roll vs Drugs

Street Drugs, the “bad ones” are the same chemicals as medical drugs.

While many performers across the musical genres were arrested and exposed as users; with some achieving a certain celebration for overcoming useing


Elvis Presley remains unrecognized as having Major Depression, owing to career failure of success without respect or credit for his artistic merit. His overuse of prescription drugs dismissed by most fans as the doctors and the dentists and the pharmacists fault; and to some degree, it was a systemic failure, that remains in the system in 2017.


His drug abuse is boring because it was so sanctioned by professionals, rather than through ordinary criminal means.

This week we welcome KISS to the lineup of artists in our new ICONS: The Influence of Elvis exhibit. The groundbreaking exhibit celebrates Elvis Presley’s status as a music pioneer who paved the way for many of today’s musicians and celebrities by featuring original wardrobe, instruments and artifacts from Bruce Springsteen, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, James Brown, Billy Joel and many more.
Graceland Welcomes Famed Rock Band KISS to Lineup of Artists in ICONS – The Influence of Elvis Exhibit
Graceland Welcomes Famed Rock Band KISS to Lineup of Artists in ICONS - The Influence of Elvis Exhibit – 7 plus ones


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    Red Robinson, the DJ in the photo with Elvis was the 1st to MC an Elvis (1957) and a The Beatles (1964) concert and he did it on the same stage – Empire Stadium Vancouver BC Canada.
    make Elvis relevant to youth by honoring the black artists that he introduced to the white audience, shifting the culture towards inclusion.
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    Excellent point! 👍
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    thank you most kindly.
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    not only that, but given the comments by Gene Simmons about Prince’s death, he has no business getting any sort of Elvis association. I find this distasteful in the extreme, and I am a Gen X Canadian Elvis fan.


In The KISS heyday, they toured Europe with an opening act who pretended to be secretly Elvis after his death.

Orion (Jimmy Ellis) with (also in character) members of supergroup KISS, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons


Gene Simmons: David Bowie’s Death Was Tragic, Prince’s Was Pathetic

Paul Stanley, Nikki Sixx Spar Over Gene Simmons’ Prince Comments

Gene Simmons Apologizes For Prince Death Remarks – Rolling Stone

Mental Health Experts Talk Depression, Suicide and Ativan in the Wake of Chris Cornell’s Death





1954-12-24: Singer Johnny Ace accidentally killed himself while playing Russian Roulette backstage at a Houston concert on Christmas Eve. Ace was well known for singing and playing piano with such Blues legends as Bobby Bland and B.B. King. He later signed with Duke Records and had a string of R&B hits, including “My Song”, “Saving My Love”, “Please Forgive Me”, “Cross My Heart” and “The Clock”, along with two more hits after his death, “Pledging My Love” and “Anymore”. Cashbox magazine had named Johnny Ace as its Most Promising New Artist earlier in the month.


1964-05-20 – Rudy Lewis, 28, the lead singer of The Drifters on their hits “On Broadway” and “Up On The Roof”, died under mysterious circumstances the night before the group was set to record “Under the Boardwalk”.


1977-08-16 – Elvis Presley – Hillbilly Cat, King of Western Bop, King of Rock n Roll, King; Halls of Fame: Rock n Roll, Country, Rockabilly, Gospel


1982-12-17 – American Delta blues musician and songwriter Big Joe Williams died in Macon, Mississippi aged 79. Wrote ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’, a 1965 UK Top 10 for Them, (featuring Van Morrison).

1988-05-20 – Priscilla Presley held a press conference to deny that Elvis is still alive. There are however, many who still think otherwise and the Did Elvis Fake His Death? denial/conspiracy  remains to 2017


1999-12-17 – Crossover jazz saxophonist, Grover Washington, collapsed and died in New York after taping a performance for CBS’s “The Saturday Early Show.” He was 56. The show aired the next day.


2000-12-19: 10,000 Maniacs guitarist Robert Buck died of liver failure aged 42. Best know for ‘Hey Jack Kerouac’, ‘What’s The Matter Here’ and ‘Candy Everybody Wants’.


2012-05-20 – Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees passed away at the age of 62 after battling colon and liver cancer. His vocals were featured on the hits “Massachusetts”, “I Started a Joke”, “I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You” and “Holiday”.

Rock n Riots
December 24, 1972
Police provoked a riot in Miami, Florida, after pulling the plug during a Manfred Mann‘s Earth Band concert because of a noise complaint. The band was touring to promote their latest album, “Glorified Magnified”. As the battle raged, the band hid in a dressing room.

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