Elvis Presley Collections – The Major Sets

During Elvis Presley’s career began in the era of singles,extended singles with 4 songs and LP albums.

Before the Military disrupted his unprecedented consistent charting and unheard of chart domination, across the genres, but also singles, extended plays and LPs, Elvis had 2 LP collections of hit singles.


In the 1960s, he had 2 LP collections of hit songs, and, in the 1970s,

RCA released a volume 1 and 2 box sets with 4 LPs, Elvis’ Gold Worldwide Hits

We all got to hear which Elvis we had in common and some regional variations around the globe.

One of the sets even included an envelope with a 1 by 2 inch swatch of fabric from a part of Elvis’ clothes. A mix of personal garb, and movie costumes – and astonishing, Elvis included most of the 1968 Special clothes – which were luckily saved and not cut apart. But imagine, opening your box and finding a black leather patch.

and the greatest hits set was completed after his death with the final singles to the First Grieve wave re-chartings. The King was dead. Long live the king.

Image result for elvis presley gold records vol 1 to 5












An early elaborate Elvis box set – a Plastic Graceland with every LP on CD with significant post-humus releases as well as the Original Album set. I saw one on original sale at an HMV store for $1,500 Canadian.


In the 1990s, The Elvis Presley catalog underwent a digital re-mastering. Elvis Presley got a rare “the artist treatment” with three decade themed Studio Masters.

The 1950s box set was the first release of Elvis’ first demo audition attempt for Sun Records – Elvis’ own disc, given to his high school pal, who had paid the fee and had the disc the whole time.

Image result for elvis 60s masters volume 2

The 196os set included the studio masters with a selection of movie song, and spawned a sequel set.

The 1970s set was divided between studio and concert recordings.


Elvis Masters: RCA/BMG vs Sony


The Second Elvis Catalog Digital re-mastering occurred after Elvis’ second demo audition attempt was also made available. And three new Catalog Collections, including the Complete Masters, which still managed to reveal concert recorded rarities.

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