Romances: Mindi Miller

Elvis Presley girlfriend Mindi Miller finally talks about her time with Elvis from 1975 to 1977.

Mindi Miller with Ed Enoch, Al Strada and Tom Morgan Elvis’ Funeral


Elvis Information Network Highlight from the Interview by Sanja Meegin.

Mindi Miller was an actress when she met Elvis in early 1975. She was interested in karate (she performed all her own movie stunts), exploring spirituality and the Bible and so they had a lot in common.
Mindi Miller and Elvis bonded over their common interests and soon afterwards he asked her to go on tour with him in April 1975.

She stayed friends with Elvis through the years  (along with members of the ‘Memphis Mafia’) and attended his funeral.


Image result for Elvis presley DEA sweatsuit

By 1975, Elvis was wearing track suits, only his were DEA issue, and often over his stagewear. It was the 1970s and jogging/exercize clothes were about to become a thing in the 1980s with Jane Fonda’s excersize infomerical fad and Olivia Newton-John’s Physical hit single and album.

Mindi Miller was invited to a part at Elvis’ Monovale House in Bel Air, in March 1975 they dated on and off over the period of 1975 and 1976.

EIN: So when you met him was Elvis dressed up in all his finery so as to impress you?

Mindi Miller: So yes that was the strangest thing –  I went into a room which was a very large room and all the Memphis Mafia were sitting there and they were sitting around the sides of the room with nobody else.  Each had his own chair and they started interviewing me!  They had me sit on the couch,  Elvis was nowhere in sight, there was no party.  I couldn’t imagine what I was in for and so they started asking me all these questions about where I was from what I was doing and what kind of family did I have, was I spiritual or religious and basically it turned out to be a big interview!

After about an hour it seemed of the questioning – a few of the guys walked out of the room and the other guys kept talking to me and I’m assuming now when I think back –  that the other guys that left the room went to get Elvis and probably said to him “she’s OK you can meet her” –  she passes the test so to speak!   So as I was talking to the other guys I literally without turning my head or looking to the side on my right side,   feel this huge, huge presence.  And again it was the same kind of feeling that I had when we passed in the car which is like that thunderbolt of lightning the just hits you and knocks you over. It’s completely unexplainable and I felt this energy and I turned to my right and I looked and there standing in the doorway was Elvis.

And he was not the Elvis that you would imagine –  he was not dressed up and he did not have his stage wear on of course.  He had on a blue sweatsuit with white stripes down the side of the arms and he had the little white tennis hat on which looked very much the same as the one he wore in Hawaii in March 1977.  That’s exactly what he looked like the day that I met him. He was not dressed up, he was very ordinary.  He just looked like a guy that was lounging in his house, relaxing with his buddies.  And that’s the Elvis that I met –  not dressed in a way that he would have been even going out for dinner or to the movies or something like that –  no jeans, no T-shirt, no sweater,  not one of his big blouse shirts or anything like that- just very normal, very average.


EIN: Ok – now the painful questions -sorry in advance- When and how did it end? Did Elvis and you keep in touch after your main affair ended?

Mindi Miller: The last time I saw Elvis was in November, the end of November 1976 and I spoke to him in 1977 shortly after his birthday.  He called me personally on the phone – that time none of the guys called me and said “Elvis wants to talk to you”….. he called me himself which he did from time to time with some people. I wished him a happy belated birthday and asked him how he was doing and if he was happy in his life.  I thanked him for all the wonderful things that he had done for me and for the quality time that I had been able to spend with him.
I told him that I learned a lot from him and that I would always hold him dear in my heart.  We never spoke after that, and then I went to his funeral in August 1977 for those three days.

EIN: Was there an actual break up? Or did you just see each other less and less until you didn’t see each other at all?

Mindi Miller: Elvis was not typical in any of his relationships with any of his girlfriends.  He did not like confrontation and he never wanted to hurt anybody’s feelings – but there was something very personal between us and I know why it ended.  However  I’m not at liberty to say.  He would tend to see the girlfriends less and less and then just not see her again, and sometimes it would just fade away he never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings that’s for sure.


Mindi Miller: Yes, I will be attending the “Rolling on the River” VIP Cruise on August 14th at 2pm.  Some of Elvis’ other girlfriends from the 70’s will be joining me – Diana Goodman, Ann Pennington and JoCathy Brownlee. It will be fun 3-hour cruise up the Mississippi River, with lots of Elvis music, drinks and snacks.  I’m very much looking forward to meeting the fans!

(Info and tickets can be found at

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