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Tupelo, Mississippi



306 Old Satillo Road, Elvis’ birthplace, is now 306 Elvis Presley Drive.

, 1938

Vernon Presley awaiting prison  ( May 25 1938 to February 6 1939)


Vernon Presley  in prison ( May 25 1938 to February 6 1939)

Reese Street, where the Presleys stayed with Vester and Clettes Presley and their daughter Patsy,

Kelly Street, a rented, small apartment.



August 8, 1945 to July 18, 1946
Berry Street -“Doll” Smith lived here with the Presleys and then Minnie Mae Presley moved in.

Commerce Street, a rental

510 1/2 Maple Street, South Tupelo -the Presleys lived with Glady’s cousin Frank Richards and his wife, Leona.


Mulbery Alley

Memphis, Tennessee

1948-1953 – Humes High School

Sept. 12, 1948-Sept. 20, 1949

572 Poplar Avenue

Sept 2o 1949 to January 7, 1950
185 Winchester Street, a two- bedroom apartment (number 328)

January 7, 1950 to April 1953
398 Cypress Street


Rather than face United States Justice Department proceedings after being accused of being a Communist sympathizer, Charlie Chaplin surrendered his U.S. re-entry visa and began an almost 20-year self-imposed exile.

The Sun Records Rockabilly Era


The Presleys lived at 2414 Lamar Avenue, rented til the end of 1954 to mid-1955

Elvis performed at the High School in the afternoon and Round Up Hall in the evening in Stamford, Texas.
Engagement – Tour Ref: 1955
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Show type: Pics: Ads:
Info April 15 1955 High School Auditorium Stamford TX (7:00 PM) Yes
Info April 15 1955 Round Up Hall Stamford TX (9:00 PM) Yes

The Presleys  lived at  1414 Getwell Street rented from mid-1955 to May, 11 1956.

The RCA Victor Atomic Powered Singer

Mitch Miller, music director of Columbia Records, engages in a spirited debate with Allan Freed over the “potentially negative effects of Rock ‘n’ Roll on teenagers” on Eric Sevareid’s news program on CBS-TV. Two psychiatrists also joined the discussion. Miller made no secret of the fact that he hated Rock music, and was quoted as saying, “It’s not music. It’s a disease.”
Elvis, Gene Smith and the band flew to San Antonio, Texas, where Elvis performed at the Municipal Auditorium at 3.00 and 8.00 p.m with opening acts: Hank Locklin, Wanda Jackson, Leon Payne, The Texas Cool Cats, The Farmer Boys, Charlie Walker
Elvis back stage at the Antonio concert. The photo was taken by Kay Wheeler who met Elvis for the first time. Below: Kay Wheeler and Elvis – she was the 1st Elvis Fan Club President.   In an interview with Joe Krein she states;

When I walked into Elvis’ backstage dressing room in San Antonio [April 15, 1956] – he was a rockabilly rebel! He had on a blue satin shirt, a gaudy EP diamond ring – hair in a cool ducktail with sideburns. He was plumb dangerous! He turned to me and said in a strong, sensual voice with a heavy lidded grin on his face, ‘So you’re my fan club president. Honey, what do you want me to do?’ He walked up to me – slid his hands down my sides and said, ‘Is all this really you, Baby?’ At that point, he started to kiss me. I flipped! Later, during his show, I was dancing in the wings on the stage. After it was over, Elvis made me show him my special ‘rock & bop’ bop steps that I did during his show. The early Elvis at that time was all you could imagine a rebel to be – he said anything he wanted to shock the news reporters. I was with Elvis on the rest of the Texas tour and on many occasions during the next 2 years. Elvis was wild and free in the beginning. I loved him for it …

Elvis Presley : San Antonio : April 15, 1956 – Elvis Presley Music

Elvis Presley with Kay Wheeler : San Antonio : April 15, 1956.
While under siege in his dressing room, Elvis gave a recorded interview to DJ Charlie Walker of KMAC Radio in San Antonio. Walker asked about the seven-year contract Presley had recently signed with Paramount Pictures. “Of course, it’s a dream come true,” Elvis declared. “It’s something I never thought would happen to me … of all people. But it just shows that you never can tell what’s gonna happen to you in life.” Naively, Elvis then expressed his desire to keep his acting and singing careers separate:  “I’ve had people ask me was I gonna sing in the movies. I’m not, I mean as far as I know, cause I took strictly an acting test and I wouldn’t care too much about singin’ in the movies.”
The two shows Elvis performed the same set of songs: Baby Lets Play House, Heartbreak Hotel, Long Tall Sally, I Was The One, I Got A Woman, Only You, Blue Suede Shoes, Money Honey and Tutti Frutti
Between the show, Elvis amused himself by playing on the organ.
ngagement – Tour Ref: 1956
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Show type: Pics: Ads:
Info April 15 1956 Municipal Auditorium San Antonio TX (3:00 PM) 6000 Texas Tour Yes
Info April 15 1956 Municipal Auditorium San Antonio TX (8:00 PM) 6000 Texas Tour Yes
 The Presleys lived at  at  1414 Getwell Street  until May 11 1956 – Audobon Drive  March 1957
Elvis visited his new estate and posed for photographers with a fan while sitting on a tractor he had just purchased for work around the grounds.
Elvis and Dewey Phillips, at Sun musician and songwriter Charlie Underwood’s Memphis apartment on Monday, April 1957
The Presleys lived at Audobon Drive, Graceland purchased on March 19.

The Military Service Disruption


Alan Freed’s “Big Beat Show” concert tour played Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis, with performances by Buddy Holly and the Crickets, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Danny & the Juniors, Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers, the Diamonds, Billy & Lillie, the Chantels, Dicky Doo and the Don’ts, Jo Ann Campbell, Larry Williams, Ed Townsend, the Pastels, and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.

Buddy Holly’s Fender Stratocaster guitar was stolen from the Crickets’ station wagon while the group stopped to have lunch before a concert in St. Louis.

Military service at Fort Hood, TX, for basic training as part of the Second Armored Division. He was stationed there for six months.


Feb 3 1959 – March 1960: Goethestr.14 in Bad Nauheim, Germany

The Hollywood Decade/The Elvis Establishment


“Because They’re Young,” starring Dick Clark, Tuesday Weld, Warren Berlinger, and Doug McClure, with cameos by guitarist Duane Eddy and singer/actor James Darren, opened in U.S. and Canadian movie theaters.


Blue Hawaii 


Girls! Girls! Girls! 



The Beatles filmed outside shots at the Scala Theatre in Tottenham Street London for their forthcoming moviewhich was still called “Beatlemania!,” Beatles drummer Ringo Starr declared it had been “a hard day’s night.” John Lennon immediately began writing the song of that name on the back of an old greeting card, and it eventually became the title of the movie.




Harum Scarum 


The Rolling Stones released the album “Aftermath” in the UK, their first album to feature all original material.  It would soar to the top of the UK album chart and stay there for eight weeks. A slightly different version of the album was issued in North America on June 20.

Spinout post-production

Image result for elvis presley gold cadillac

Elvis’ ‘Yacht’ Most Elaborate Of Stars’ Cars HOLLYWOOD (AP) – For years, the ultimate status symbol in movieland was the producer with a two – telephone automobile. “Pardon me,” he’d tell one caller while riding down the Hollywood Freeway, “my other phone is ringing.” Times have changed. Elvis Presley, riding in the rear lounge of his three-compartment Cadillac, doesn’t hove to dial his girl friend’s phone number. His chauffeur gets the number, then buzzes Elvis to pick up the extension.

From Frank Sinatra’s private airliner to Ann-Margarets pink motorcycle, how to get there has become more important than where you’re going in Hollywood. “About all that’s left,” said a press agent, recently, “is the guy with his private spacecraft ordering his chauffeur to, ‘Fly me to the moon.'” Customized cars still make the biggest splash in the transportation market. Of them all. Elvis’ “yacht” is the most elaborate. Basically, it’s a souped-up Cadillac. But the back windows have been replaced with portholes for privacy. The outside top is covered with rare English leather and the rest of the metallic surface is coated in lacquer glittering with crushed Swedish fish scales.

Inside, Elvis’ compartment is upholstered with French gold frieze puckered in 3,000 biscuit puffs decorated by 3,000 gold buttons. A gold fur rug covers the floor. At the singer’s right is a control panel which operates an intercom, loudspeaker, telephone, air conditioner and radio. The central lounge houses a fold-plated refreshment bar, equipped with soft drinks for the teetotaling star. A swiv e 1 television set and gold v a n it y case complete its furnishings. What motivates a man to possess such elaborate transportation? For once-poor Bernie Schwartz from the Bronx, it’s the culmination of a childhood dream. As a kid, Bernie—who grew up to become film star Tony Curtis- played in the bathtub with submarines he manufactured of rubber bands and bits of broomstick. Today, his own cars cause a private traffic jam in his garage and driveway. He had the manufacturers of Rolls Royce customize a simple $18,000 Silver Cloud HI with a special Millinar body—for a mere $30,000.

Gloria Swanson, in her heyday, rode around town in a leopard skin upholstered, gold leaf- SOLID GOLD COMFORT: The central lounge of Elvis Presley’s Cadillac is equipped with a gold-plated refreshment bar, a swivel television set and a gold vanity case. GLEAMING CADDY—Elvis Presley’s Cadillac has an outside top covered with rare English leather and a metallic surface coated in lacquer that glitters with crushed Swedish fish scales.


The Cadillac, rather than Elvis, would eventually tour Australia.


Nancy and Frank Sinatra had the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100, The Cashbox Best Sellers List and Britain’s New Musical Express record chart with “Something Stupid”. They became the only father and daughter act ever to score a No.1 single. UB40 singer Ali Cambell covered the song in 1995 with his daughter Kibbi. Robbie Williams had a 2001 UK No.1 with his version of the song featuring Nicole Kidman. (“Unforgettable” by Natalie Cole and Nat “King” Cole reached #14 in 1991)



At the Capitol Tower Recording Studio in Hollywood, Glen Campbell recorded “Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife.”

Live a Little, Love a Little 

Elvis signed the official contract for his appearance at the Las Vegas International Hotel in August. He would be, not just a concert competing with the casinos, but the 1st Vegas artist in residence – when Elvis was in Vegas, the hotels were all booked and during showtime, the casinos emptied. The Brat Pack/Mafia Vegas was over and the era of Family Destination Vacations begun.

Change of Habit 

The Vegas Artist in Residence and Tour Decade



Roberta Flack started a six week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’. Written in 1957 by political singer/songwriter Ewan MacColl for Peggy Seeger, who was later to become his wife. At the time the couple were lovers, although MacColl was married to someone else. MacColl is the father of singer/songwriter Kirsty MacColl. The song was featured in the Clint Eastwood film ‘Play Misty For Me.’
Barbra Streisand, James Taylor, Carole King and Quincy Jones performed at a benefit for U.S. presidential candidate George McGovern.
Elvis performed at the Coliseum, Macon, Georgia at 2.30 and 8.30 p.m.  Elvis on Tour 

Backstage after his show in Macon, GA on April 15, 1972

Leaving the Macon Coliseum on April 15, 1972

Engagement – Tour Ref: On Tour number 5 – April 5th – April 19th 1972
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Suit: Belt: Musicians: Pics: CD: CDR:
Info April 15 1972 Macon Coliseum Macon GA (2:30 pm) 11500 1971 Snowflake Original belt Yes
Info April 15 1972 Macon Coliseum Macon GA (8:30 pm) 11500 White Pinwheel Lion Head belt Dark Blue Suit Yes



Singing star Elvis Presley’s brand-new Stutz Blackhawk I. flown in from Italy where the automobile is made b:y hand, was the first made by the New York-based company which has produced 80 of the luxury cars. Elvis, since this picture was taken, has acquired a second Stulz which he keeps in Memphis. Elvis Passes the Snob Test for His Stutz when it arrived. Six months later he bought the other one, which he keeps in his garage in Memphis. The Stutz, which sells for around $30,000, depending upon optional equipment, is basically a Pontiac Grand Prix which is reincarnated. When it is a Pontiac, it is shipped in one piece to Italy, where the body is removed and NEW YORK Can you imagine a car so exclusive that the buyer must be screened before the dealer will deign to sell you one? The auto is a Stutz and two of them are owned by Elvis Presley, who bought the first one delivered in the United States and thus passed the snob test. Elvis was so excited about the arrival of the car from Italy, that he was on hand to take personal delivery casually thrown away. A new, hand-molded body is attached bearing the Stutz emblem, and then it is shipped back lo the United States where most of its 09 owners live. The company has orders for 300 more, but since their supply is limited, they pick and choose their customers. It might be easier lo get into Harvard.





The Wake and Aftermath

1983 Elvis Presley Enterprises/Graceland Tourism

1984 Actor ExWife: Priscilla Presley


Queen is presented with an award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music at the 32nd annual Ivor Novello Awards in London.


Roy Orbison had his final Top 10 single on the US chart with “You Got It”, four months after he passed away. The song was written by Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty and appeared on Orbison’s “Mystery Girl” album that was released posthumously.

American all girl group The Bangles started a four week run at No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘Eternal Flame.’ Also a No.1 in Australia (biggest selling single of 1989) and the United States.


Actress Greta Garbo died of pneumonia and renal failure at the age of 84.  (Ninotchka, Grand Hotel, Camille, Queen Christina, Anna Karenina, Mata Hari, The Kiss, Flesh and the Devil, The Painted Veil, As You Desire Me, Two-Faced Woman, Conquest, Inspiration, Anna Christie)


The three surviving members of Queen raised over $15 million at a charity concert in memory of the late Freddie Mercury, who died in November, 1991. They were joined by David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Elton John, Guns N’ Roses, Roger Daltrey, Robert Plant, Paul Young and others.


Joey Ramone, of the ’70s punk band The Ramones, died of lymphatic cancer at the age of 49 . His real name was Jeff Hyman.

2003 Recording Artist: Daughter Lisa Marie Presley



After receiving some bad reviews and even enduring some boos during her performance, Whitney Houston brushed off criticism of her first show in the UK in over eleven years by insisting she was playing to a “tough crowd”. She had recently been hospitalized with chronic rhinopharyngitis, which is a swelling of the membranes in the nose and throat.

Singer Melissa Etheridge and her partner, actress Tammy Lynn Michaels, announced their separation, seven years after bonding in a commitment ceremony. Michaels gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, in 2006.

2011 Actor: Granddaughter Riley Keough



A replica of the Graceland Estate owned by Elvis Presley was opened in Randers, Denmark. The building is twice the size of the original in order to fit a museum, restaurant, and shop, and, despite the size difference, it is nearly identical. The building was created by Elvis fan Henrick Knudsen who had the blessing of Elvis’s widow Priscilla. EPE later sued.
 Image result for graceland randers
 It was reported that Digital music revenues matched physical sales for the first time in 2014, thanks to strong growth in the streaming market. The digital market rose 6.9% to $6.9 billion (£4.6 billion), representing 46% of all global music sales. CDs, vinyl and other physical formats also accounted for 46% of the market. Pharrell Williams’s ‘Happy’ was the most-downloaded single globally in 2014, with Taylor Swift the most popular artist.
Elvis “I’m Leaving” a collection of folk/country songs is released, reaching #27 on the USA charts.
 Image result for Elvis I'm leaving 2016

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