TV Series: Good Rocking Tonight

In the 1960s, Rick Huskey’s frat gave Elvis an award and made him a member as a means to meet him.

Rick Husky pins a TKE pledge pin on his newest fraternity brother Elvis Presley at Graceland.

Image result for Elvis and Rick Huskey

Huskey wrote the “Elvis Episode” for The Streets of San Francisco with the episode characters – the villians – named for various of Elvis’ Memphis Mafia in 1974.


After the 1980s, the public stopped being mad at Elvis and an attempt at a TV series was made – and Rick Huskey was the Showrunner Producer.

Priscilla Presley was involved and selected Micheal St Gerard, who to 2017, has played Elvis more than another other actor – Michael St. Gerard had played Presley twice before, in the 1989 films Great Balls of Fire! and Heart of Dixie; and once again after this series, in a 1993 episode of Quantum Leap. Additionally his character in John Water’s Hairspray is an Elvis archetype. St. Gerard quit acting in favour of a religious career.

St Gerard plays the Drafted Elvis telling Jerry Lee to just be King in a fantasy sequence.

Hairspray – about the integration of a regional dance show, St Gerard plays the Show’s Hunky Elvis clone.

HAIRSPRAY, Michael St. Gerard, Ricki Lake, Leslie Ann Powers, Clayton Prince, 1988, (c) New Line


Millie Perkins, who played Elvis’ love interest in Wild in the Country and won an Oscar for playing Anne Frank, hit the career plateau for women of Gladys Presley.


The Series filmed 13 episodes and only 11were broadcast. The Show popularity peaked during production and it is the only time a Presidential Motorcade route was changed to not interfere with filming. Oddly, poor ratings ended the show.

Each episode would have a childhood moment that became relevant to this week’s advancing from loading the electricians trucks and delivery work to dock loading to getting to become a guitar player worth a damn.

Then, let us see the pivotal moments of Elvis becoming the King – recreating the rock n roll spark of That’s All Right Mama, to the doomed romance of the girl who knew him before all the girls on the road.

The Caddie that Caught Fire, Bill and Scotty on the road

Hard to watch the American dream, knowing the nightmare it ended as.

Elvis the fictionalized version, veered into fiction – and the too santitized production and the lack of Elvis’ actual voice – combined with lead actor Micheal St. Gerard’s brown eyes; made it not work on tv for fans and the lack of sales of the first episode on VHS – made it seem like Elvis had peaked and that long tail marketing would be his last gasp.

Officially, the first 4 episodes were released on VHS, just as DVDs replaced that format.

but, this was the 1990s and most fans had VCRs and eventually, that format was digitized.



Episode Title Plot Air Date
1 Money, Honey Elvis records his first demo, My Happiness. His father injures his back, and forces Elvis to support the family. A year later, Sam Phillips calls to have Elvis come back into Sun Records, and work with some musicians, Scotty Moore and Bill Black. February 6, 1990
2 The Storm Elvis tries out a few songs at Sun Records, which leads to the recording of his first record, That’s All Right, Mama. The record is played on the air, and Elvis realizes his life is about to change. February 11, 1990
3 The Locket Elvis, Scotty, and Bill play their first gig. Elvis opens with a ballad, and then tears into Good Rockin’ Tonight, shaking his hips, driving the crowd wild. Elvis’ girlfriend, fearing all the attention he is getting, gives him a locket. February 18, 1990
4 Bel Air Breakdown Elvis, Scotty and Bill go out on the road for their first tour. On the way, they encounter many troubles as they tour the country as the first rock ‘n’ roll group. March 4, 1990
5 Hole in the Pocket Elvis gets his first royalty check and spends it on a pink Cadillac. March 11, 1990
6 Roots Elvis, Scotty, and Bill get a show in Tupelo, Mississippi. Elvis meets up with old friends, and, after his show at the local all-white high school, sits in at an all-black blues club. March 18, 1990
7-8 Grand Ole Opry/Sun Sessions Elvis and the boys get the offer to perform at the Grand Ole Opry where, after their heads swell a bit, they go over like a lead balloon. They go back to Memphis with their tails between their legs, and struggle to record their next record. May 5, 1990
9 Bodyguards Fans start reacting to Elvis, and it becomes more than he can handle. May 12, 1990
10 Let it Burn Elvis is on the road with his band. He cheats on his girlfriend, and she catches him at it. May 19, 1990
11 Four Mules Elvis, Scotty and Bill book themselves at the Louisiana Hayride, the major radio show that gave Elvis his start. The subplot revolves around all of the characters being as stubborn as mules, the fourth “mule” being Sam Phillips. Unaired
12 Old Man Scotty struggles as Elvis’ manager and guitar player, and, by the end of the episode, Bob Neal has become their manager, and Scotty can focus on the music. Unaired
13 Moody’s Blues Elvis (as a high school student), learns the blues from a Beale St. street musician. Unaired


Elvis: Good Rocking Tonight The Series (1990)

Episode 1: Money, Honey


Episode 2: The Storm


Episode 3: The Locket

Episode 4: Bel Air Breakdown

Episode 5: Hole in the Pocket

Episode 6: Roots

Episode 7: Grand Ole Opry

Episode 8: Sun Sessions

Episode 9: Bodyguards

Episode 10: Let it Burn

Episode 11: Four Mules

Episode 12: Old Man

Episode 13: Moody’s Blues 

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