Daily Elvis: March 11

Give us this day, March 11, our daily Elvis


Tupelo, Mississippi



Humes High School, Memphis, Tennessee

March 11, 1954


Elvis performed at the Jimmie Thompson’s Arena, Alexandria, Louisiana.
Engagement – Tour Ref: 1955
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Show type: Pics: Ads:
Info March 11 1955 Jimmie Thompson Arena Alexandria LA (8:00 PM) Yes


March 11, 1956

March 11, 1957

Loving You   Post Production

March 11, 1958

King Creole Post Production

March 11, 1959

RCA sends a Gold record to Elvis Presley as his single “A Fool Such As I” reaches the one million sales mark.

Military Service in Germany

Elvis had his hair dyed black and then gave Elizabeth driving lessons in the yellow Lincoln he had bought for her to use.

Elvis and Wallace Dorrit, March 11, 1960. Elvis Presley took time out last night to help two teen-aged boys who were hurt when the motor-cycle they were double-riding and a car collided. Presley, who returned Monday from two years in the Army, was out for an evening motorcycle ride himself with an unidentified girl friend. The crash occurred at Highway 51 S. and Finley Road, one mile south of Presley´s $100.000 mansion. Highway Patrolman James G. Tobias said he was at the Presley ...

 Elvis and Wallace Dorrit, March 11, 1960. Elvis Presley took time out last night to help two teen-aged boys who were hurt when the motor-cycle they were double-riding and a car collided. Presley, who returned Monday from two years in the Army, was out for an evening motorcycle ride himself with an unidentified girl friend. The crash occurred at Highway 51 S. and Finley Road, one mile south of Presley´s $100.000 mansion.

Charlie Hodge and Joe Esposito came to Graceland too and were joined by Red West and Cliff Gleaves a little later.

Romance: Anita Wood

March 11, 1961

March 11, 1962

March 11, 1963

Fun in Acapulco  Production

Elvis begged Roustabout’ director John Rich to let him do his own fight scenes. Of course there was an accident and Elvis required stitches to sew up the cut above his eye.
Image result for elvis roustabout head cut
However, there were no shooting days lost, because the motorcycle accident was already filmed and Elvis cut could well be the result of that.
Elvis wanted back up singers on the song and was said, but Elvis, where would they be?
“The same damn place the band is!” Elvis replied.
Image result for elvis roustabout head cut

March 11, 1965

Tom Jones was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘It’s Not Unusual.’ The Welsh singer’s first of 16 UK Top 40 hits during the 60’s.

Harum Scarum Pre-Production

March 11, 1966

Spinout Production

March 11, 1967

Clambake Pre-production

Elvis returned to Western Recorders to cut the vocal for “Almost In Love”.

Live a Little, Love a Little Pre-production

Western Recorders Studio 1 – Hollywood, California
Almost In Love (Vocal Overdub – Unused Movie Version) ////////-10
Almost In Love (Vocal Overdub – High Key) ////////-04
Almost In Love (Vocal Overdub – Low Key) WPA1 5766-03

March 11, 1969

Change of Habit Pre-production

March 11, 1970

The Grammy Award winners are  The Fifth Dimension‘s “Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In” is Record of the Year. Blood, Sweat And Tears‘ self titled LP is Album of the Year and Joe South’s “Games People Play” is Song of the Year. Crosby, Stills And Nash were named Best New Artist. Blood, Sweat And Tears were nominated for a then-record eleven Grammy Awards (They won three).

March 11, 1971

TV’s fictional Rock band, The Partridge Family, featuring David Cassidy on vocals, receives a Gold record for “Doesn’t Somebody Want to be Wanted”. It’s the second of their five US Top 20 hits.

March 11, 1972

March 11, 1973

Janis Joplin‘s manager, Albert Grossman, was awarded $112,000 on her life insurance policy. The insurance company had argued that Joplin’s drug overdose death in 1970 was a suicide, not an accident.
Image result for elvis presley march 11, 1974Image result for elvis presley march 11, 1974Image result for elvis presley march 11, 1974
Elvis leaving his hotel for the on tour performance at the Coliseum, Hampton Roads, Virginia.
Image result for elvis presley march 11, 1968


A newspaper review from this concert (Hampton Roads) mentioned that fans gave Elvis a big paper flower.
CONCERT DATE: March 11 1974 (8:30 pm). Hampton VA.Local Fans Scream Loyalty To Elvis
By Linda Cooley
The Times Herald
March 12, 1974

Not rain, a half mile walk or $10 tickets will keep middle America from adoring their glittering idol, Elvis Presley.

Elderly mean hearing aids and canes, 35 year old women in hot pants with hair piled high and studded with rhinestone pins and 10 year old girls screaming “Elvis,Elvis!” paid their tribute about 10,500 strong to an older, shorter-haired Elvis at Hampton Roads Coliseum Monday night.

Some fans had to walk in the cold rain from adjacent parking lots when the coliseum lot filled up 20 minutes before showtime.

More relaxed than on his April 1972 visit here and at times almost giddy. Elvis proved again his versatility in the many types of music he performs, but more importantly, that he can still mesmerize an audience.

Backed up by 10 vocalists and 10-piece orchestra Elvis emerged as he did for his 1972 performances during the theme from the film 2001 looking like Cinderella’s prince.

Dressed in white jumpsuit studded with gold chains and turquoise stones. Elvis put together songs from driving rockers like “C.C. Rider” and “I Got A Woman” to the Chicago blues song “I’m A Steamroller Baby,” to the religious “How Great Thou Art” and a rendition of “Dixie” that brought tremendous audience reaction.

Elvis, now 39, appeared amused by the audience reaction and pleased that he could still bring girls charging to the stage by moving a hip in their direction.

He managed to dispose of at least half a dozen neck scarves to maniacal young women. A scuffle over one scar between two people was eventually resolved by a policeman who tore it in half.

Almost always pictured with a guitar, Elvis apparently uses it just for show now. when he first came on stage, a black linger-smudged guitar was gingerly placed around his neck. He removed it two songs later without having touched its strings.

Strolling around the stage whispering to female singers and breaking them into laughter, or motioning for one of his bodyguards to poke another singer in the leg, it was hard to tell whether Elvis just wasn’t taking things seriously or if he was just having a tremendous amount of fun.

His gyrations were somewhat more mundane than those that made Ed Sullivan nervous in the early days, but he is as agile as ever. At the end of “Polk Salad Annie,” he did a near split – when like any slightly out of the ordinary move – made the audience scream.

11th March, 1974: #Elvis performs at the Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton Roads, Virginia.Image result for elvis presley march 11, 1974

The king of rock can still slow fans down and move them just as well as he can bring them up and excite them. “Why Me Lord,” a gospel song, was one of the most stirring numbers, and the voice power that came from the vocalists was incredible powerful.

While the former truck driver who began with country and western music gave his followers trinkets, they gave others back. A set of long red underwear lettered with “I’m longing to kiss Elvis,” a large paper flower, and a tiny brown teddy bear thrown on stage during, of course, “Teddy Bear,” were among the items Elvis got but didn’t take away.

The Elvis concert is like no other rock concert at the coliseum. Sold out in several days, the performance was surrounded with security that would keep the Shah of Iran, Henry Kissinger and Patricia Hearst secret backstage.

Presley had no less than 25 Hampton police as security. Arrangements were so secret that Monday afternoon Hampton Police Chief P.G. Minetti said of Elvis arrival, “It’s so secret, I don’t even know.”

The policemen who usually don levin and sweat-shirts to act as narcotics agents at concerts wore their traditional blue, and for probably the first time actually got to watch some of the show.

Image result for elvis presley march 11, 1974

Unlike with other rock stars, the surroundings preceding an Elvis concert are considerably more tacky. A greasy-haired pot-bellied huckster-type incessantly urged fans to “get your super souvenirs”: picture books, posters, banners, “all made up just for this tour” he barked “you can’t buy them in any store.”

One vendor during Elvis’ April 1972 appearance reportedly sold about $3,000 worth personally of Elvis trinkets.

Unlike any other promoters who grant press passes, Elvis promoter Tom Parker would allow no news photographers or reporters without the price of a ticket.

Engagement – Tour Ref: On Tour number 11 – March 1st – March 20th 1974
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Suit: Belt: Musicians: Pics: CD: CDR:
Info March 11 1974 Hampton Roads Coliseum Hampton Roads VA (8:30 pm) 10957 Aqua Blue Vine Original belt Light Blue Suit Yes
March 11, 1976
Elvis and the entire group to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center at the Hawaii campus of Brigham Young University.
March 11, 1977

Romances: Ginger Alden


Meat Loaf‘s “Bat Out Of Hell” album began a 416 week run on the UK chart and would go on to sell over 2 million copies.

French singer Claude Francois, who scored a 1976 UK hit with “Tears On The Telephone”, was electrocuted when he changed a light bulb while standing in his bathtub.


The fifth Episode “Hole in the Pocket” has Elvis getting his first royalty check and blowing it on a pink Cadillac

The series ran from February 6, 1990 – May 19, 1990

TV Series: Good Rocking Tonight


Janet Jackson, the youngest member of the Jackson clan, signed a $50 million contract with Virgin Records. The deal was for only two albums and was at the time the most lavish recording contract in history, until brother Michael signs with Sony a week later.



Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr turn down a $225 million offer to do a The Beatles reunion tour.


The investiture ceremony where Paul McCartney was knighted by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II took place at Buckingham Palace. Sir Paul told reporters: “Proud to be British, wonderful day and it’s a long way from a little terrace in Liverpool.”


Connie Francis launches a 40 million dollar lawsuit against her record label for unpaid royalties and inappropriate licensing of her recordings.


Lisa Marie Presley’s video for “Dirty Laundry” was world premiered on AOL Music’s First View.



US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at a star-studded ceremony in New York City, Madonna was inducted, the 49-year-old thanked her detractors in an acceptance speech, including those who “said I couldn’t sing, that I was a One Hit Wonder. Rock star John Mellencamp, Leonard Cohen, The Ventures and The Dave Clark Five were also among the inductees.



The cast members from the broadway musical “All Shook Up” performed live on NBC’s “Today”.


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