Elvis, The Beatles and Religion


Elvis Presley’s stage act was vulgar and easily illegal under the laws in America in the 1950s. It’s why he turned entertainment on it’s head and the 1950s was the North American era of the teenager as a market niche and he put women’s sexual desire on public display as his concerts in the 1950s, 1961 and from 1969 to 1977 were concert hall revival orgies, a celebration of all things human: emotions of passion, longing and desire.


Elvis Presley, head teenager, bought first a middle class home and then a mansion before he was 25. The American Dream personified.



America’s establishment called Elvis a communist plot to destroy the white youth of America and make them white negros. Wiggas as we say today, eh?

He really didn’t start out that way, it just became a performer and audience reaction. the wilder he got, the bigger the crowds and the headlines got and the more of these that he got:


America’s fear of Communism in the 1950s as represented by both Russia (then the USSR) and China, that “IN God We Trust” was illegally added to the US Currency.

Image result for american money atheist irony

Crooners vs Rockers: 1950s

1964: Cliff Richards lead the British Invasion that The Beatles defined
The Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night with Kissin Cousins as the opening movie
50 Years Ago: John Lennon’s ‘Beatles More Popular Than Jesus’ Comment Published
50 Years Ago: John Lennon's 'Beatles More Popular Than Jesus' Comment Published
The Jesus comment is actually the least offensive of his comments, the rest being fairly class-warrish and racist.
1966 Beatles Burnings – as a record collector this horrifies me
Image result for elvis protest signs

but also, first it’s books and then it’s people, eh

Elvis in the later 1960s became the establishment square and culture had tilted.
The Beatles went to India, dropped acid and became disenchanted with the Guru after their groupies.
Elvis’ public karate went uncommitted upon, his karate movie moves pre-date Bruce Lee; and became the new adult performer from his mid 30s to 42 when he stagewalked through routines.
The Beatles broke up and solo’d.
Elvis Presley maintained his public persona as a Christian, even as he explored other religions in private.
Imagine if Elvis had lived to testify in these Federal Government hearings in the mid 1980s?
Vatican forgives The Beatles for 'bigger than Jesus' comment
The Beatles got forgiveness faster than Copernicus, Galileo or science now.
Elvis Presley remains a controversy; partly because he never did directly give his actual opinions.
and given the consequences, little wonder, he was controversial enough.

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