Daily Elvis: March 1

Give us this day, March 1, our daily Elvis


In St. Louis, electrical engineer Nikola Tesla gave the first public demonstration of radio.


Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra, featuring vocalist Bing Crosby and cornetist Bix Beiderbecke, recorded “Ol’ Man River.” By spring, this up-tempo version was #1 on the pop music chart. Upon his return to the U.S. in late spring of 1928, after months of appearing in the London stage production of “Show Boat,” Paul Robeson recorded “Ol’ Man River” with the Whiteman orchestra and it peaked at #7 that summer. Robeson sang the most famous rendition of the song in the classic 1936 film version of “Show Boat.”

Tupelo, Mississippi



306 Old Satillo Road, Elvis’ birthplace, is now 306 Elvis Presley Drive.

, 1938

Vernon Presley awaiting prison  ( May 25 1938 to February 6 1939)


Vernon Presley  in prison ( May 25 1938 to February 6 1939)

Reese Street, where the Presleys stayed with Vester and Clettes Presley and their daughter Patsy,


Nashville’s W47NV, the world’s first commercial FM radio station, began broadcasting. The station, renamed WSM-FM, operated for about 10 years until the owners realized that its commercial potential was lacking since few area households had FM radio receivers. In 1951 they returned the license to the FCC.

According to a report in Downbeat magazine, Glenn Miller’s latest radio contract with his sponsor, Chesterfield Cigarettes, was worth almost $5,000 per week. (in 2018 dollars: $84,308.50)

Kelly Street, a rented, small apartment.



August 8, 1945 to July 18, 1946
Berry Street -“Doll” Smith lived here with the Presleys and then Minnie Mae Presley moved in.

Commerce Street, a rental

510 1/2 Maple Street, South Tupelo -the Presleys lived with Glady’s cousin Frank Richards and his wife, Leona.


Mulbery Alley


Memphis, Tennessee


Sept. 12, 1948-Sept. 20, 1949

572 Poplar Avenue

Sept 2o 1949 to January 7, 1950
185 Winchester Street, a two- bedroom apartment (number 328)

January 7, 1950 to April 1953
398 Cypress Street

The Sun Records Rockabilly Era

March 1, 1951

Sam Phillips launched Sun Records by releasing “Drivin’ Slow” by 16-year-old saxophonist Johnny London.

March 1, 1954

The U.S. announced it had tested a hydrogen bomb on the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific.

At the KHJ Studios in Hollywood, Frank Sinatra recorded “Three Coins In The Fountain.”

Elvis worked at Precision Tool company, operating a drill press for $1.55 a hour from September 21, 1953 to March 19, 1954

The Presleys lived at 2414 Lamar Avenue, rented end of 1954 to mid-1955

Bo Diddley has his first recording session at Universal Recording Studio in Chicago, where he laid down ‘Bo Diddley’, which went on the top the US R&B chart by the following June.
Elvis Presley appeared at Porky’s Rooftop Club in Newport, Arkansas. Constantly on the road, performing night after night this was the group’s 46th show this year, (Elvis along with Scotty Moore and Bill Black).
Engagement – Tour Ref: 1955
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Show type: Pics: Ads:
Info March 1 1955 Randolph High School Randolph MS (8:00 PM)

The Presleys  lived at  1414 Getwell Street rented from mid-1955 to May, 11 1956.

The RCA Victor Atomic Powered Singer

At Owen Bradley’s Quonset Hut studio in Nashville, Ray Price recorded “Crazy Arms,” which went on to spend nearly five months atop the country music singles chart.
Imperial Records released the album “Rock and Rollin’ With Fats Domino.”
Elvis went to the Memphis traffic court as a witness to the garage accident 2 days earlier. The woman who drove the other car was charged with reckless driving.
The Presleys lived at  at  1414 Getwell Street  until May 11 1956 – Audobon Drive  March 1957

March 1, 1957

Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers received $7,500 to perform at a carnival in Panama, a huge sum at the time and in 2017 dollars: $65,071.44

Chuck Berry released the single “School Day.”

Buddy Holly & the Crickets opened their only British tour of25 dates at the Trocadero, Elephant & Castle, London. Also on the bill was Gary Miller, The Tanner Sisters, Des O’Connor, The Montanas, Ronnie Keene & His Orchestra.

At RCA’s McGavock Street studios in Nashville, the Everly Brothers recorded “Bye Bye Love,” a teenage love song written by 37-year-old Boudleaux Bryant and his 31-year-old wife, Felice. Thirty other artists had rejected the song.

Loving You   

The Presleys lived at  Audobon Drive until March 1957, moving into Graceland

Johnny Mathis released the album “Johnny’s Greatest Hits.”
During the King Creole production, Elvis and his entourage stayed on the 10th floor of the Roosevelt Hotel, a block from the French Quarter. Although the Colonel had strongly advised the mayor not to, New Orleans Mayor DeLesseps “Chep” Morrison officially declared it Elvis Presley Day in the city. Security broke down when Elvis’ fans came out to see the star.

The Presleys lived at  Graceland

The Military Service Disruption

March 1, 1959

Military Service in Germany

Feb 3 1959 – March 1960: Goethestr.14 in Bad Nauheim, Germany

Elvis Presley left Company D, 32nd Tank Battalion, 3rd Armor Corps with a “Farewell Elvis” press conference. He had been with the group since October 1, 1958.
The Army holds a press conference just before Elvis’ departure from Germany for Armed Forces Radio and Television, Elvis was asked about being in the field rather than entertaining in a service club. His response was, ‘… I was in a funny position. Actually, that’s the only way it could be. People were expecting me to mess up (laughs), to goof up in one way or another. They thought I couldn’t take it and so forth, and I was determined to go to any limits to prove otherwise, not only to the people who were wondering, but to myself’.
Elvis Presley - Press Conference - Ray Barracks March 1 - 1960
Elvis Presley – Press Conference – Ray Barracks March 1 – 1960
Also present was Marion Keisker from Sun Records, who has been serving out her tour of duty in Europe. When Elvis spotted he, he was excited: “I don’t know whether to kiss you or salute.” Marion answered: “In that order”.
Image result for Elvis Presley, marion keisker march 1

Military Service in Germany

Feb 3 1959 – March 1960: Goethestr.14 in Bad Nauheim, Germany

After completing his national service and flying back to America, Elvis Presley stepped on British soil for the first and only time in his life when the plane carrying him stopped for refuelling at Prestwick Airport, Scotland.

The Hollywood Decade/The Elvis Establishment

March 1, 1961
Elvis Presley signed a five-year movie deal with producer Hal Wallis.
March 1, 1962
On the set of Fun In Acapulco Elvis complained about the clothes he had to wear while performing “Marguerita”, explaining that he would never wear such an outfit in real life. However nothing could be changed because his double leaving the bandstand had already been filmed.

March 1, 1964

The Beatles began filming what would become their first feature film A Hard Day’s Night at Marylebone train station in London.


Petula Clark’s single “Downtown” was certified Gold.
This was probably the day of the thoughtful interview James Kingsley had with Elvis. Elvis talked at length about how far he had come and what it all meant. “I know what it is to scratch and fight for what you want. I certainly haven’t lost my respect for my fans; I withdraw not from my fans, but from myself.”

March 1, 1966

The Soviet probe Venera 3 crashed on the planet Venus, the first spacecraft launched on Earth to land on the surface of another planet.


Frankie and Johnny Soundtrack released – It peaked at number 20 on the Top LP’s chart. It was certified Gold and Platinum on January 6, 2004 by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Frankie and Johnny.jpg

March 1, 1967

At EMI’s Abbey Road Studios in London, the Beatles began recording “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.” In later interviews, John Lennon said that he had not sung it very well, and expressed disappointment with the arrangement, complaining that inadequate time was taken to fully develop his initial idea for the song.

March 1, 1968

Elton John’s first single “I’ve Been Loving You” was released in the UK.

Johnny Cash and June Carter were married.

March 1, 1969

In Miami, Doors frontman Jim Morrison was arrested on stage for allegedly exposing himself to the audience during the band’s show at the Coconut Grove Auditorium. The singer was later tried, convicted and sentenced to eight months of hard labor, a sentence his lawyers were still appealing when Morrison died in 1971. Though no doubt drunk, disinterested, and verbally taunting the audience, it is now generally believed that Morrison was innocent of the major charge.

The Vegas Artist in Residence and Tour Decade

The Charles Manson album “Lie” was released. The profits went to Manson’s defense.
The Beatles made their final appearance on CBS-TV’s “The Ed Sullivan Show” by way of video tape clips of their new songs “Let It Be” and “Two Of Us.” Dionne Warwick, Peggy Lee, Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme, and Duke Ellington & His Orchestra also performed on the show.
Image result for Elvis Presley, march 1, 1970 gold records
Elvis performed at the Annual Texas Livestock Show, Houston Astrodome at 2.00 and 7.45 p.m.]
Date: 01 Mar 1970
Time: 2.00pm
Venue: Houston, TX.
Houston Astrodome
Tickets: 40,858
Costume: White Pearl suit
Track list: All Shook Up
I Got A Woman
Long Tall Sally
Don’t Cry Daddy
Heartbreak Hotel
Hound Dog
Love Me Tender
Kentucky Rain
Release Me
Walk A Mile In My Shoes
In The Ghetto
I Can’t Stop Loving You
Polk Salad Annie
[band introductions]
Suspicious Minds
Can’t Help Falling In Love
Love Me Tender [instrumental]
Image result for Elvis Presley, march 1, 1970
Date: 01 Mar 1970
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Houston, TX.
Houston Astrodome
Tickets: 27,777
Costume: Aqua suit
Track list: All Shook Up
I Got A Woman
Long Tall Sally
Don’t Cry Daddy
Heartbreak Hotel
Hound Dog
Love Me Tender
Kentucky Rain
Release Me
Walk A Mile In My Shoes
In The Ghetto
I Can’t Stop Loving You
Polk Salad Annie
[band introductions]
Suspicious Minds
Can’t Help Falling In Love
Love Me Tender [instrumental]

After the final show there was a press conference at which Elvis was presented with gold records for 5 of his 1969 releases.

Image result for Elvis Presley, march 1, 1970 gold records
Engagement – Tour Ref: On Tour number 1 – February 27th – March 1st 1970
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Suit: Belt: Musicians: Pics: CD: CDR:
Info March 1 1970 Houston Astrodome Houston TX (2:00 pm) 40858 White Cossack Top White Macrame belt Black Suit with White Neck Piece Yes Yes Yes
Info March 1 1970 Houston Astrodome Houston TX (7:00 pm) 27777 Thin Green Leaf Green Macrame belt Yes
There was a surveillance system installed at Graceland, with cameras placed at the gates and in several rooms of the house. These were hooked up to 4 monitors, which Elvis would come to see as a diversification of his television viewing at times.
March 1, 1972
John Lennon was granted an extension on his American work visa. Lennon then began recording the album “Sometime in New York City.”
At the FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Mac Davis began recording “Baby, Don’t Get Hooked On Me.” The track was completed two days later.
March 1, 1973
Pink Floyd released their eighth studio album, “The Dark Side of the Moon.” The longest charting LP ever.
Elvis Presley’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, sold master tapes to 700 Presley songs to RCA for $5.4 million; forgoing all future royalties.  Parker also landed another seven-year, 14-album deal with RCA for $3.5 million, and renegotiated his management contract with Elvis that gave them a 50-50 split on new royalties.
Parker took half the sum and Elvis’ half mostly went to Priscilla in her second divorce settlement. So EPE/Lisa Marie makes no money from Elvis’ most valuable catalog; distorting the Forbes Dead Celeb earner figures.
Queen began their first headline tour of England.
Terry Jacks started a three week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘Seasons In The Sun’, also No.1 in the UK. The song (written in French by Belgian, Jacques Brel), had English lyrics by poet Rod McKuen.
Seven people were indicted for obstructing justice in connection with the Watergate break-in.

Before Elvis’ evening show at the Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK on March 1, 1974: Oral Roberts with Elvis Presley.

Oral Roberts with Elvis Presley before Elvis' evening show at the Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK on March 1, 1974

With Oral Roberts before his evening show at the Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK on March 1, 1974

Date: 01 Mar 1974
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Tulsa, OK.
Oral Roberts University
Tickets: 11,575
Costume: White Way Down suit
Track list: Also Sprach Zarathustra
See See Rider
I Got A Woman/Amen
Love Me
Tryin’ To Get To You
Sweet Caroline
Love Me Tender
Johnny B. Goode
Hound Dog
Polk Salad Annie
Why Me Lord
Suspicious Minds
[band Introductions]
I Can’t Stop Loving You
Help Me
An American Trilogy
Let Me Be There
Funny How Time Slips Away
Can’t Help Falling In Love

March 1 – Events – Today in Elvis Presley History – Elvis Presley

Engagement – Tour Ref: On Tour number 11 – March 1st – March 20th 1974
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Suit: Belt: Musicians: Pics: CD: CDR:
Info March 1 1974 Oral Roberts University Tulsa OK (8:30 pm) 11575 Gold Vine Original belt Black Suit Yes Yes


March 1, 1975
Elvis Presley’s single “My Boy” hit #21 in the U.K.
A policeman who stopped a Lincoln Continental for running a red light in Los Angeles was surprised to find Paul McCartney at the wheel with his wife Linda. The cop detected a smell of marijuana and on searching the car found eight ounces of the drug. Linda was arrested for the offence.
Grammy Awards
Best R&B Vocal Performance: Aretha Franklin with “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing”
Pointer Sisters won Best Country Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group for their hit, “Fairytale.”
Elvis Presley won his third Grammy Award for the 1974 live version of “How Great Thou Art.”
Elvis Presley and the Grammy Awards | Official Graceland Blog

March 1, 1976

March 1, 1977

The Wake and Aftermath

March 1, 1981

The TV-movie “Elvis and the Beauty Queen,” the story of his final years and his relationship with girlfriend Linda Thompson, starring Don Johnson and Stephanie Zimbalist, aired on NBC.

Image result for elvis and the beauty queen tv movie

In the 1990s, Johnson was Sonny Crocket with a pet Alligator named Elvis on Miami Vice and Zimbalist would be Remington Steele.

Elvis and the Beauty Queen (TV Movie 1981) – IMDb

1983 Elvis Presley Enterprises/Graceland Tourism

1984 Actor ExWife: Priscilla Presley


A Beatles song was used for the first time in a U.S. TV commercial. Lincoln-Mercury used the song, “HELP!”


The theme from the film Rocky IV: James Brown’s “Living In America” peaked at #4 on the Top 100 charts, becoming the second-biggest pop hit of his career. It was his ninety-eighth pop charter over thrity years and his first million seller in more than thireteen years.


Janet Jackson began her first tour, the now infamous The 120-date Rhythm Nation 1990 at the Miami Arena, Miami, FL. – as part of the show Jackson’s had a live panther on-stage, but after concerns were raised over safety of the crowds and several incidents of the panther urinating on the stage, Jackson axed the cat from the show in the summer leg of the tour.


The Doors” movie debuted in theatres. Val Kilmer played the role of Jim Morrison. Kilmer had made his movie lead debut with “Top Secret” a Presley Picture without Elvis by the Producers of Airplane.

Madonna’s ‘Rescue Me’, entered the US hot 100 at No.15, making her the highest- debuting female artist in rock history. The record had been held by Joy Llayne whose 1957 single ‘Your Wild Heart’, entered the chart at No. 30.

Geraldo Rivera became the first talk show personality from the West to be televised on a daily basis in the USSR. The first show featured a segment about the death of Elvis Presley.


thirty-six annual Grammy Awards in New York’s Radio City Music Hall

Whitney Houston was also a big winner with three Grammys: Record of the Year, and Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female for “I Will Always Love You”; and Album of the Year for The Bodyguard.


Bruce Springsteen’s Streets of Philadelphia won three Grammys for Song of the Year, Best Male Vocal Performance and Best Rock Song.

Aaron Neville’s duet with Trisha Yearwood on the Patsy Cline classic, “I Fall To Pieces,” won Best Country Vocal Collaboration at the Grammy’s thirty-seventh annual awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel” was inducted into the NARAS 22nd Hall of Fame at the 37th annual Grammy Awards.


A Motley Crue fan who claimed his hearing had been irreparably damaged after a show in New Jersey had his lawsuit thrown out of court. The judge told Clifford Goldberg who had sat near the front of the stage, knew the risk he was taking.

The U.S. Stock Exchange began issuing Bowie Bonds, asset-backed securities of current and future revenues of the 25 albums that David Bowie recorded before 1990. With money earned on the bonds via interest from royalties, investors were led to expect almost 8% profit after 10 years. In 2004, Moody’s Investors Service lowered the bonds to one notch above junk status, prompted by lower-than-expected revenue.


“Titanic” became the first motion picture to gross more than $1 billion worldwide. The film’s worldwide total box office gross teventually reached $2.18 billion


Sony Music Distribution raised their wholesale prices on audio CDs by 8 cents.

Dusty Springfield died after a long battle against cancer, aged 59. The British singer had her first UK hit single in 1963 with ‘I Only Want To Be With You’, which reached No.4, the 1966 UK No.1 & US No.4 single with ‘You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me’ plus over 15 other UK Top 40 singles.


Singer, songwriter Hank Ballard died from throat cancer. Wrote and recorded ‘The Twist’ but it was only released on the B-side of a record. One year later, Chubby Checker debuted his own version of ‘The Twist’ on Dick Clark’s Philadelphia television show. It topped the charts and launched a dance craze that prompted the creation of other Twist songs, including ‘Twist and Shout’ by the Isley Brothers and ‘Twistin’ the Night Away’ by Sam Cooke.

2004 Recording Artist: Daughter Lisa Marie Presley


CKX stock began trading on the NASDAQ. The company had recently acquired 85% interest in entities that owned the name, image and likeness of Elvis Presley.


Three months after its initial release, the deluxe edition of Amy Winehouse’sGrammy Award-winning album ‘Back to Black’ went to No.1 on the UK album chart.


Elvis Presley’s Elvis Is Back Reissue Set for March 1 | CMT

2011 Actor: Granddaughter Riley Keough


Story image for elvis presley from W Magazine

Elvis Presley’s power, Tina Turner’s legs: musicians pick their …


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