Daily Elvis: January 9

Give us this day, January 9, our daily Elvis


Tupelo, Mississippi



Humes High School, Memphis, Tennessee

January 9,1954


January 9, 1955

Rosemary Clooney was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘Mambo Italiano’ the singers second No.1. The song was banned by all ABC owned stations in the US because it “did not reach standards of good taste”.

January 9,1956

January 9, 1957

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March of Dimes

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January 9, 1958


Elvis doing Military Service in Germany.
In a long letter, the Colonel suggested to Elvis that he should make home tape recordings, with only his voice and a piano. The Colonel even told RCA about this, but nothing came from this idea then. Elvis did tapes, he always had the latest gadgets usually from RCA as perks and bonuses.
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by the 1980s, RCA, then BMG and Follow That Dream Collector label would release a number of Elvis Presley’s home tapes, becoming official releases.
Col Parker was a visionary in some aspects, just short sighted; being focussed on how much he could make from managing Elvis – he did consider himself part of the act. Just not the part that actually mattered.
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These Germany home tapes were released on the “Follow that Dream” Elvis Collector label.
 January 9, 1960

Military Service in Germany

January 9, 1961

Wild in the Country productions

January 9, 1962

 January 9, 1963

Priscilla Visit

Romances: Priscilla

January 9, 1964

January 9, 1965

The Beatles started a nine week run at No.1 on the US album chart with ‘Beatles 65’, the group’s fourth No.1. Beatles ’65 includes eight of the fourteen songs from Beatles for Sale and also includes ‘I’ll Be Back’ from A Hard Day’s Night and the single ‘I Feel Fine’/’She’s a Woman’.

January 9, 1966

January 09, 1967

Again Elvis went “horse buying” today and bought 3 more horses today.
 January 9, 1968
January 9, 1969

Graceland, Elvis met with RCA producer, Felton Jarvis, in the den which would become known as Jungleroom to discuss going to Nashville to record what he hoped would put him back on top of the charts.

Marty Lacker was there, seething, as he listened. Elvis snapped at him, ‘What the hell’s the matter with you?’ and Lacker got the opening he needed to lay it on the line one last time: ‘ I just wish for once you’d try Chips Moman and his rhythm section, they’re great Elvis’. And Elvis said, ‘Well, maybe someday I will’. Colonel Parker had lost control, Lacker had won for Elvis.

more detailed reading:The American Sound Studios Sessions 1969

 Afterwards, Elvis flew with 2 of the guys to Dallas for a few days.

 January 9, 1970
During a UK tour Led Zeppelin appeared at The Royal Albert Hall, London, the night of Jimmy Page’s 26th birthday. (John Lennon, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck were all in the audience). The two and a quarter hour set was recorded and filmed but shelved for several decades, eventually seeing a release on a 2003 official DVD.
Elvis was selected as one of the nation’s Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Year for 1970, by The Junior Chamber of Commerce of America. This award had been given out since 1939 and had been awarded to distinguished men in all fields, with one common denominator: they must all be 35 or younger.
Elvis flew to Los Angeles and then to Palm Springs for the weekend, where he bought another $3,500 worth of guns and gun related equipment.
 January 9, 1972
Mick Jagger was refused a Japanese visa because of a 1969 drug bust. The event halted the Rolling Stones‘ plan to tour the Orient.
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Elvis arrived at the Honolulu airport. Tom Moffat grabbed an off the cuff interview
Then Elvis was brought to the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel by helicopter. Then he started with his first rehearsal with the band and backup singers, who had arrived too.

January 9, 1974

There was a big tornado in McComb, Mississippi, with a lot casualties. The Colonel used this news to persuade Elvis to do a benefit show for the victims. This was the Colonel’s way to get Elvis back on the road again and Elvis agreed.
January 9, 1976
Queen were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. The single enjoyed a nine week run on the chart selling more than a million copies by the end of the month. It reached No.1 again in 1991 for five weeks following Mercury’s death, eventually becoming the UK’s third best selling single of all time.
in the headlines:
 Elvis Presley was on Vacation in Vail.
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After a skiing accident at Vail Colorado, with Dr.Nick’s (George Nichopoulos) son Dean needing medical attention, Elvis, Dr Nick and Dean went to the local hospital. (Date unknown).

George Nichopoulos: ‘Finally we arrived at the hospital. I pulled out my Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance card with Elvis Presley Enterprises printed on it and handed it to the busy receptionist.

She must have thought she was being cute, ’cause she smirked back, ‘Yeah. So where’s Elvis?’

Still wearing his ski mask, Elvis looked all around, left and right, up and down; then he answered mischievously, ‘He’s here … somewhere’, ‘And who are you?’ the receptionist shot back. ‘The Lone Ranger’, Elvis replied matter-of-factly. But she had already returned to her paperwork, paying no attention to the silly masked man. (X-rays showed Dean’s knee was badly sprained and bruised with contusions.

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Elvis urged his dentist, Max Shapiro to marry his fiancée in Palm Springs.
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Elvis got Larry Geller to perform the ceremony on the spot, with Elvis supplying the rings and Ginger as maid of honor. He took the occasion to muse out loud about the possibility of his marrying Ginger in the near future.
A benefit concert called A Gift of Song was held at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.
The performers were Olivia Newton-John, Rita Coolidge, the Bee Gees, Rod Stewart, Donna Summer, John Denver, Kris Kristofferson, Abba and Earth, Wind & Fire.
Whitney Houston scored her sixth consecutive No.1 in the US with ‘So Emotional’. The song became her sixth consecutive No.1 in the US.
Sting made a guest appearance on the series “The Simpsons” in the episode “Radio Bart.”
David Bowie performed his 50th Birthday Bash concert (the day after his birthday) at Madison Square Garden, New York with guests Frank Black, Sonic Youth, Robert Smith of The Cure, The Foo Fighters, Lou Reed, and Billy Corgan and Placebo. Proceeds from the concert went to the Save The Children fund.
A grand piano once owned by Elvis Presley was sold for $685,000 (£425,711). Music producer Robert Johnson and partner Larry Moss sold the piano to the chairman of the Blue Moon Group, Michael Muzio who was planning to take the piano on a casino-sponsored promotional tour. He was then planning for the piano to be shown at the proposed rock museum at Walt Disney World.
Elvis Presley went to No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘Jailhouse Rock.’ The single sold just 21,262 copies to reach No.1, the lowest sales ever for a UK chart topper since data began in 1969. The single was released to celebrate the 70th anniversary of his birth, a previous Elvis chart topper was re-released each week.
Rolling Stone magazine published their Readers Poll: The 10 Greatest Double Albums of All Time. The top 5 were: 5. Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti, 4. Bruce Springsteen – The River, 3. The Rolling Stones – Exile On Main Street, 2. Pink Floyd – The Wall, and winning the poll was The Beatles – The White Album.
Generation skew deprives Elvis Presley’s Aloha Double LP and the From Memphis to Vegas/Vegas to Memphis 1969 mixed studio and live lp set.
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