Daily Elvis: January 2

Give us this day, January 2, our daily Elvis

The first issue of The Melody Maker magazine went on sale in the UK. Advertised as being for “all who are interested in the production of popular music,” the first issue featured dance band news, a story about ukuleles and how to read music by sight.

Tupelo, Mississippi


306 Old Satillo Road, Elvis’ birthplace, is now 306 Elvis Presley Drive.

January 2, 1938

Vernon in prison


The Andrews Sisters recorded “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.”

Reese Street, where the Presleys stayed with Vester and Clettes Presley and their daughter Patsy,

Kelly Street, a rented, small apartment.

January 2, 1945
Berry Street – “Doll” Smith lived here with the Presleys and then Minnie Mae Presley moved in.

Commerce Street, a rental
510 1/2 Maple Street, South Tupelo -the Presleys lived with Glady’s cousin Frank Richards and his wife, Leona.

Mulbery Alley
1010 North Green Street, in the Shakerag section of Tupelo.

Memphis, Tennessee

Sept. 12, 1948-Sept. 20, 1949

572 Poplar Avenue

Sept 2o 1949 to January 7, 1950
185 Winchester Street, a two- bedroom apartment (number 328)

January 7, 1950 to April 1953
398 Cypress Street

September 21, 1953 to March 19, 1954

Elvis worked at Precision Tool company, operating a drill press for $1.55 a hour.


The Sun Records Rockabilly Era


January 2, 1954

Eddie Calvert started a nine-week run at No.1 on the UK singles with ‘Oh, Mein Papa.’ This was the first No.1 to be recorded at Abbey Road studios in London and stayed at the top of the charts for 9 weeks.

The Presleys lived at 2414 Lamar Avenue, rented end of 1954 to mid-1955

January 2, 1955

Johnny Ace, who died December 24, 1954 in a “be careful/it’s not loaded” “Russian Roulette”  incident was buried at the Clayton Temple AME Church in Memphis. More than 5,000 mourners attended, including pallbearers Little Junior Parker, Wille Mae Thornton, Roscoe Gordon, and B.B. King. Ace was formerly in King’s band before joining the Beale Streeters.

The Presleys  1414 Getwell Street rented from mid-1955 to May, 11 1956.

The RCA Victor Atomic Powered Singer

Elvis and Red West returned to Memphis to began a 5 day tour with Johnny Cash and others.
Elvis performed at the High School, Charleston, Mississippi, where he was billed as “The King of Western Bop.”
Image result for Elvis Presley January 2
The Presleys lived at  Audobon Drive May 11 1956 to March 1957.
January 2, 1957
Harry Belafonte’s version of the traditional Jamaican Folk song “Banana Boat” (Day-O) enters the Hot 100 where it will peak at #5 next March.
Jackie Wilson recorded his last sides with Billy Ward and his Dominoes (including “To Each His Own”) for Decca before embarking on his tremendous solo career.
 The Presleys lived at Graceland
Elvis got a letter from the Colonel, who lectured him about the responsibilities of being a star. Elvis had complained about requests for local appearances and wanted his manager to deal with that.

The Military Service Disruption

January 2, 1959

Military Service in Germany

October 1958 to February 2, 1959: Hotel Grunwald in Bad Nauheim, Germany

Elvis called George Klein in Memphis. He made regular calls to friends at home, especially Anita Wood.

January 2, 1960

Military Service in Germany

Feb 3 – March 1960: Goethestr.14 in Bad Nauheim, Germany

Elvis requested leave to go to Paris.

This is the leave of absence request that allowed Elvis to spend two weeks in France in January of 1960. Elvis took a few friends with him to France to study under the famous martial arts instructor Tetsuji Murakami, a Master of the Japanese Shotokan technique. Elvis and his friends also caught a performance by the American Gospel group, the Golden Gate Quartet.

Elvis Presley : Leave of absence request : January 2, 1960

The Hollywood Decade/The Elvis Establishment

Elvis flew back to Los Angeles with Sonny West, Charlie Hodge, Alan Fortas, and Gene Smith for Wild in the Country to resume production.
January 2, 1962
After refusing to sign an oath that says they have never been members of the Communist party, the American Folk group, The Weavers are removed from the line-up of NBC-TV’s Jack Parr Show.

January 2, 1963

Priscilla Visit

January 2, 1964
January 2, 1965
Elvis Presley went to No.1 on the US album chart with the soundtrack from ‘Roustabout,’ Presley’s eighth No.1.
It was his last LP released in both stereo and mono; with the mono version being rarer. It was certified Gold on May 20, 1988 by the Recording Industry Association of America. 
The album would be Presley’s final soundtrack to reach number one and his next number one album would be 1973’s Aloha From Hawaii: Via Satellite.
Related image

 Elvis Presley’s soundtrack “Roustabout” was knocked out of first place the next week by the Beatles’ “Beatles ’65.”

January 2, 1966
This was the date of Elvis’ new agreement with the Colonel, which for the first time explicitly recognized that they were engaged in what amounted to a partnership or joint venture.
January 2, 1968
Newark, NJ, police confiscated a shipment of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s album “Two Virgins” owing to the album featuring a nude cover.
Elvis Gold Records volume 4 was released: a compilation of hit singles released between 1961 and 1967, peaking at number 33 on the Billboard 200. It was certified Gold on March 27, 1992 by the Recording Industry Association of America.
Elvis’ Gold Records Vol 4.jpg
January 2, 1969
In London, The Beatles gathered at Twickenham Studios to begin rehearsals for their new project, conceived by Paul McCartney and tentatively titled “Get Back.” The resulting film and album were released as “Let It Be” after the band broke up, and the Beatles went on to record one more studio album, “Abbey Road.”

The Vegas Artist in Residence and Tour Decade

January 2, 1970
January 2, 1971
George Harrison became the first solo Beatle to have a #1 album in the US when “All Things Must Pass” went to the top of the Billboard chart for a seven week stay. It was eventually certified 6x Platinum by the RIAA and was ranked #437 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.
Image result for george harrison All Things Must Pass
RCA released “Elvis Country (I’m 10,000 Years Old)”  it reached number 12 on the Billboard 200. It peaked at number six in the United Kingdom, selling over one million copies worldwide. It was certified Gold on December 1, 1977 by the Recording Industry Association of America.
Image result for Elvis Presley January 2
Elvis generally worked song by song and this was the only attempt at a cohesive album and the song snippets used as a bridge between tracks turned it into a concept album. This cover was more than the usual Elvis face shot of the 50s and 60s or the Jumpsuit Shots of the other 1970s albums, and is the only by Elvis statement cover: his iconic childhood picture, Americana Roots.
 January 2, 1973
January 2, 1974
US country singer, actor and radio presenter Tex Ritter died of a heart attack when he was trying to bail a member of his band from a jail in Nashville. His song ‘High Noon’ won an Oscar for Best Song in 1952.
Elvis A Legendary Performer Vol 1.jpg
RCA did a series of “Legendary Performer” for most of their label artists getting 1 LP of rare material not deemed suitable for release at the time of recording. Ultimately, four volumes of Presley’s outtakes and live recordings, along with interviews were released over the next decade in the RCA A Legendary Performer series, the only artist besides Glenn Miller to have multiple volumes issued in that series.
There was also an LP sized book of newspaper clippings and studio paperwork.
 Image result for elvis a legendary performer vol 1
 It was certified Gold on January 8, 1975 and Platinum and 2x Platinum on July 15, 1999 by the RIAA. The album opens with his first recording from 1954, “That’s All Right“, the song that started his recording career at Sun Records.
January 2, 1975
U.S. District Court Judge Richard Owen ruled in New York, that John Lennon and his lawyers will have access to Department of Immigration files pertaining to his deportation case.
January 2, 1976
January 2, 1977

The Wake and Aftermath


The trial of ex-Sex Pistol, Sid Vicious for the October 1978 murder of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, opened in New York City. Vicious died of a heroin overdose before the trial was complete.


US singer Larry Williams was found dead from a gunshot wound to his head in his Los Angeles, California home aged 45. Williams had the 1957 US No.5 & UK No. 21 single ‘Short Fat Fannie.’ Also known for ‘Bony Moronie’ and ‘Dizzy Miss Lizzy.’ The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Dr. Feelgood, Flying Burrito Brothers, Johnny Winter, Little Richard, The Who, Ritchie Valens and Bill Haley & His Comets all covered his songs

1982 Elvis Presley Enterprises/Graceland Tourism

1983 Actor ExWife: Priscilla Presley

Tom Jones made a guest appearance on Late Night With David Letterman, performing his comeback tune, “Kiss”, a song he recorded with The Art of Noise. It was his first US hit in almost a dozen years.
Record Mirror published a chart of last years Top UK singles artists. No.1 was Kylie Minogue, No.2, Bros, No.3, Yazz, No.4 Tiffany, No.5, Phil Collins, No.6, Cliff Richard, No.7, Erasure, No.8, Pet Shop Boys, No.9, Belinda Carlisle, and No.10, Wet Wet Wet.
Actor Alan Hale, Jr. died of thyroid cancer at the age of 71. (Gilligan’s Island, Biff Baker U.S.A., Casey Jones, Hang ‘Em High, Young At Heart, Johnny Dangerously, The North Avenue Irregulars, There Was a Crooked Man, Tiger By the Tail, Bullet for a Badman, Advance to the Rear, The Lady Takes a Flyer)
Robert Wagner and Alan Hale Jr with Elvis on October 5, 1956:

Meat Loaf started a three week run at the top of the UK album chart with “Bat Out Of Hell II – Back Into Hell”. The LP, which featured the single “I’d Do Anything for Love”, also topped the charts in the US and Australia and has sold more than 14 million copies world-wide.
Soul singer Isaac Hayes topped the UK chart with a tune called “Chocolate Salty Balls”, using the exaggerated deep voice of Chef, his character in the animated TV series South Park.

2003 Recording Artist: Daughter Lisa Marie Presley


The Essential Elvis Presley is a greatest hits collection by American rock and roll icon Elvis Presley. The album was released as a two-disc set on January 2, 2007 by RCA Records as a part of Sony BMG‘s The Essential series and was later released by RCA and Legacy Recordings as a Limited Edition 3.0 three-disc set.

Elvis Presley - Essential Elvis Presley.jpg

In the Netherlands the album was released as The Dutch Collection, which topped the albums chart in that country, while The Essential Elvis Presley topped the albums chart in Sweden. Although not as successful as other releases in The Essential series, the album was certified gold in three countries. In the U.S. it was certified Gold on 8/4/2010 and Platinum on 3/3/2016 by the RIAA.

2010 Actor: Granddaughter Riley Keough


Elvis Presley’s private planes to be auctioned off – Jan. 2, 2015


Dear Stanley Brothers: if you had been doing your jobs, he might not have died that night

seriously, this is not a topic you want attention on eh?

Adele was at No.1 on the US album chart with her third studio album 25. The album was a massive commercial success, debuting at No.1 in more than 25 markets and broke first-week sales records in multiple countries, including the United Kingdom and United States; in the US, the album sold 3.38 million copies in its first week of release, marking the largest single-week sales for an album since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking point-of-sale music purchases in 1991.



Restaurant news: Chuy’s schedules annual Elvis Birthday Bash

For years, Austin-born Tex-Mex chain Chuy’s has celebrated the birthday of ElvisPresley with music, food, and fun. On Monday, Jan. 8 the chain will once again be throwing its annual Elvis Birthday Bash at all nine of the chain’s Houston locations.

Legends in Concert presents ULTIMATE TRIBUTE TO ELVIS …

Elvis Presley performed twice in SD the year of his death


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