Romances: Priscilla

Elvis met Priscilla while stationed in Germany, and she turned out to be The Girl He Left Behind.

His romance style was to dangled that Engagement Ring and to date many girls at one time.

After Elvis returned from Germany, he continued to call and correspond with Priscilla until Anita Wood – his live in girlfriend found the letters and moved out.

Priscilla came to visit and eventually returned to stay with Vernon and Dee, but really at Graceland.

f3eb97774bade5f35fa8b902ca9e917d priscilla-beaulieu-and-elvis-presley-being-snapped

Elvis and Priscilla at Glady’s Grave


1967 Elvis and Priscilla married and in 1968, their daughter was born.

Priscilla was the fan who married him and Ann-Margaret was the celebrity romance that fans probably could have coped with her marrying Elvis. Viva Las Vegas.

Elvis kept Priscilla at home and he traveled to do movies and then later tours.

His first year with Linda Thompson, he kept her with him 24/7, then slowly took time off for Joyce Bova, Shelia Ryan and others, until Ginger Alden.


Priscilla friends where the wives of Elvis’ friends.

Elvis Presley with Priscilla at George Klein's wedding

American rock legend Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla attend George Klein’s wedding with Barbara Little in Elvis’ International Hotel Suite. (Photo by Frank Carroll/Sygma via Getty Images)


She was Elvis’ shadow and silent junior partner.

Elvis Priscilla and Lisa Marie above and Divorce Day below:

Leaving Elvis for her karate instructor, Priscilla’s divorce settlement demands were met. Then she wanted more and Elvis sold his catalog to RCA in 1973, with Col Parker getting half and Priscilla the balance.

RCA was later owned by BMG and that is now owned by Sony – so the Elvis estate makes no money on Elvis’ primary catalog only the recordings from 1973 onward.


Mike Stone, the Karate Instructor and in 1979 with Vernon in Vegas for the 1st Elvis Statue. Vernon died in 1979, leaving Priscilla to salvage Elvis’ estate.

She hired professionals and turned Graceland into a tourist destination and national historic site.

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Priscilla also agreed to not use the Presley name, and after Elvis’ death she became an actress – noteably on Dallas.

“Elvis and Me” was Priscilla’s story and a tv miniseries was made.

Mike Edwards, her second relationship after Elvis, also resulted in a tell all.


Priscilla returned to the Presley last name when she married Marco Garibaldi, with whom she has a son and had a 21 year long relationship.

Image result for priscilla presley wicked

Most recently, she performed in the cast of Wicked.

making me wonder, weather the Original Elvis fans hated her more for marrying him or divorcing him.

but, as a Generation X fan and only 2 weeks older than Lisa Marie – Elvis only child

I think people need to separate fandom of artistic work and said artist.

but that is the fanatic aspect of fandom, eh



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