Bio-Pic Review: Meets vs And

Elvis Meets Nixon (TV Movie 1997) – IMDb


Elvis & Nixon (2016) – IMDb

In no universe was Nixon ever better than Elvis in appearance or social conduct.

The 1997 movie showed the ultimate 1950s Square vs Cool; the more recent movie was a Kevin Spacey Star Vehicle.

BBC – Culture – When Elvis met Nixon: The bizarre story

Joyce Bova said this donut shop scene was true and that she is who Jerry Schilling leaves out.



elvis-nixon-handshake-t-shirt-1_grande mtm4mdg0njk2otczmti1ndg0

When I was at Graceland in 1987, I stood staring at this badge for a long time.

I was 19 and I was astonished at how stoned Elvis is in the photo. His eyes almost glow.

When Elvis Met Nixon | History | Smithsonian

Elvis went to the government buildings to find Joyce Bova, he tried to meet with Herbert Hoover, FBI – but he refused; Elvis a serious badge collector solved the problem by going to the top official.

Nixon’s idea that meeting with Elvis would help him with the Youth of America was bizarre, but when the Nixon Library was established – the Elvis letter and photos became almost half of the admin time of that institution. Nixon’s “Elder Statesman” instincts paid off, while Elvis’ image suffered – when though the meeting was not known to the public at the time for another year.


Below is the contact sheet of images and the gifts that Elvis gave to The President.


40yearssinceelvismetnixonvdtlbonedzhl 178121557_d26a2cb710_b

The iconic image: President and The King


Elvis went through the Oval Office desk to look for souvenirs – pens, lapel pins with the presidential seal logo on them.

elvis-nixon-white-house dec_21_1970

He also brought along two of his Memphis Mafia: Jerry Schilling and Sonny West.

jerry-schilling-800 m0013287751-16298

332d60c800000578-3539865-image-a-43_1461180968249 100891682_380450elvisnixon-large_trans_nvbqzqnjv4bqfbzpribef375-u2uiyarafwbntsiqav7tk_qszpph28

Elvis’ letter to Nixon:

elvis-presleys-letter-to-richard-nixon-p1-normal  elvis-presleys-letter-to-richard-nixon-p2-normalelvis-presleys-letter-to-richard-nixon-p3-normal elvis-letter-to-nixon4 elvis-nixon-letter-5 elvis-letter-to-nixon6


Nixon letter to Elvis


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