Romances: Dixie Locke

Elvis and Dixie dated, first at the roller rink, then movies and church events – often going to Black churches in Memphis, as Elvis began touring the music circuits – Dixie didn’t want to have to compete with all the fans.

He famously missed a concert to take her to her High School Prom: pickings  up the girls Elvis & s Dixie Locke and his cousin Gene Smith with Bessie Wolverton,

1955-may-6-elvis-and-dixie2 dixie

Elvis Presley And Dixie Locke : Elvis Articles : : ‘For Elvis Fans Only …

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Elvis returns to Memphis to attend Dixie Locke’s junior prom where he double-dates with his cousin Gene Smith and Bessie Wolverton,
Dixie Locke Emmons’ Prom Pictures with Elvis Presley, 1955
Dixie was beginning to find out more and more that she just didn’t fit into Elvis’s new life. They still cared for each other, and Dixie spent a lot of time with Gladys Presley when Elvis was away on tour. But Dixie and Elvis fought a lot, mostly about what Dixie was doing when Elvis was away.

Dixie Locke’s Junior Prom : May 6, 1955

Elvis was very possessive, and he wanted Dixie to sit at home and wait for him instead of going to the drugstore to listen to some music with her friends. Dixie suspected that Elvis dated other girls, and she was right, although there was no one else who was steady or serious with Elvis at this time but Dixie. They had broken up a few times, and in July 1955, they broke up for good.

Elvis Girlfriends: Dixie Locke | Nina’s Soap Bubble Box

Elvis and Dixie’s romance was loosely in the 1990s TV series Good Rocking Tonight starring Micheal St. Gerard.

“That’s All Right” – First Love: Dixie Locke – Elvis, Church, and Gladys

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the girl before Dixie: Elvis’ Prom Date Regis Wilson  1953

the girl after Dixie Locke, and also a friend of hers; the last pre-fame girlfriend

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