Romances: Barbara Hearn

She first met Elvis when she was working at Goldsmith’s Department Store in Memphis with a friend named Dixie Locke, who was dating Presley. When Dixie and Elvis went their separate ways, he asked Barbara if he could take her out.

‘People sometimes say that Elvis and I went steady for a year’, she told me. ‘I always correct them. I went steady with Elvis for a year. Elvis? Well, he didn’t go steady with anyone’.

But she was one of his girlfriend during his remarkable ascent in 1956- above dancing to the “Don’t Be Cruel” single at Audobon Drive above and Barbara with Vernon and Gladys at the Tupelo Homecoming Concert:


Former Elvis flame to talk about fling with king – The Commercial Appeal

She eventually went to work in Washington for one of Tennessee’s U.S. senators, Estes Kefauver. It was there that she met her future husband. She saw Elvis only infrequently over the years, and never lost her affection toward him. ‘That year of 1956, I saw him go from being barely famous to a super-duper star’, she said. ‘From a boy to a man’.

Barbara Hearn and Elvis Presley : her story : 

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Elvis and Barbara Hearn had dinner with Dewey Philips and George Klien at the State Café. Elvis broke his two dental inserts.


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