Book Review: A Little Thing Called Life


Linda Thompson held the Elvis Presley record for monogamy – 1 year of their almost 5 years together.

After Elvis, she married Bruce Jenner with whom she had 2 sons, and then was married to David Foster, Canadian Composer/Producer for longer than the previous men combined.


Linda Thompson’s story as Elvis Presley’s girlfriend has a companion book by Jeanne Lemay Dumas, who was also a Miss State that year and became an Elvis secretary.

Sam Thompson, her brother who became part of Elvis’ security, has yet to write one.


Romances: Linda Thompson

Bromances: Sam Thompson


an early Elvis bio-pic saw Don Johnson and Stephanie Zimalist; while Jeanne’s DVD documentary of a similar name expands on her book.

\elvis-presley-elvis-the-beauty-queen-me-front-cover-109689graceland-kitchen-1970s tumblr_oa2b9sjlw01tg4q1ro1_1280

Linda does detail making Elvis his infamous peanut butter and banana sandwich, including Elvis hiding at the top of the stairs watching to see that she did in fact make it.

She describes his decline into major depression, with the increased drug use and subjecting himself to doctor’s medically dubious treatments, as well as his lack of monogamy. Something that certain ran in his Presley family.


Linda made the transition from Girlfriend to his Woman, quasi-wife.


Elvis lack of interest in parenting, his equally infamous “Madonna” complex about sex with women post child birth – Linda Thompson shared that Elvis told her his mother couldn’t read or write, the first time that was ever public – still less shocking than the evident but not officially revealed that Gladys molested Elvis. Dee Stanley the public source, but also supported in the Elaine Dundee “Gladys and Elvis” the “known special relationship” phrase – southern for stereotype.


One of the last photos of Elvis and Linda, before she left him and was phased out by him.

Her book was interesting in detailing the post break up phone calls.

In her book, her third husband is made to call his mistress and break up on the phone with her – and in Ginger Alden’s book, there was a phone call about LA rent that Linda did not include in her book.

Linda’s continued contacts with Lisa Marie, as a step-daughter, were very touching.

Her initial distance from Priscilla and later getting along was insightful.


in addition to helping Elvis redecorate Graceland, she also designed this Maltese Cross necklace, one of his most spectacular pieces of stage jewelery.


Hers was a book I’d been looking forward to, and it’s not what I was waiting for.

I got the book when it was first released and managed 70 pages. The dread of Elvis’ death overshadowed by what I knew what was coming – and the text of the book, rather than a chronological narrative, weaves slightly, more a book about a woman coming of age when what a woman was and what a man was, was changing.

I would actually like to read someone else doing a biography of Linda Thompson.


Her second marriage to Jenner is the main focus of the book.

When his transition to Caitlyn hit the media and the rush to a Realty TV show to reveal publicly while Jenner continued to Republican – become the butt of women driver jokes when Jenner killed another driver, who had been a dancer in the Elvis movie Double Trouble.

Thompson’s initial public response that was she had had no idea and would not have married Jenner had she known. Her book was rushed to press before his and she revealed that she did know and that he’d started to transition in the 1980s and risk public exposure that far back, when his career would have been destroyed in the Reagan Era.

It is a touching part of the book, and really shows the damage done and the collateral damage done to family. Identity of person comes from Family Structure and story.

coming out gay, lesbian or bisexual is difficult in a hetero-conformative world, and to change gender – despite being possible for male to female since the 1950s, while female to male not so much. but that’s another blog on a community topic and not any kind of reveal.


Thompson’s third marriage to David Foster lasted almost 20 years, during which time, they became a musical power couple.

Eventually though, and from a lesbian reader perspective, Linda went from Elvis the manchild, to Jenner’s genderswitch to Foster’s 50s heterotude.

Foster expecting to be treated as a king

after Jenner the gym queen

begun with Elvis the Vampiric perpetual teenager


part of the problem has been queer people trying to be straight, until they can’t

and while I read Thompson’s book for the Elvis and partly for the David Foster parts

I find her lack of being lurid, not being sentimental and so elegant for acceptance of self and others. Outside of fandom, I’d recommend the book for people who struggle with that.

I started it back in August, and only read the first 70 pages, but yesterday, I picked it up again and read from page 50 to 180 and this morning i finished the rest of it.

a nice couple hours read on a unique roller coaster romance ride.


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