From Elvis and The Col: Fan Mail Season

Col Parker’s promotional acumen drove him to exploit every possible angle of Elvis and his fans.

While The Elvis Brand was on products, Parker’s was on Elvis.

That the manager outlived his protege is telling.

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Elvis Presley remains one of the most famous retail therapy shoppers, he bought the Graceland decorations in a single shop visit and they have been put out every year since the 1950s.


The US Post Office made huge money from Elvis Presley fan mail and fans got a response from a team of secretaries.

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Annual mailings of Christmas cards is a delightful capture of design and printing of the various eras.


This card is a full size which was folded into a booklet, showing fans line drawings of Graceland with a rare southern snow fall.

My Aunt one year sent Elvis a christmas card, and got this one in return, and one year, she passed it onto me.

hellakewl, eh?

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in the 1970s, during the Oil Energy Crisis of believed Peak Cheap Gas, Elvis dimmed the light display out of consideration of people not being able to afford energy.

One has to wonder, how much light pollution and heat is generated merely for competitive neighbor decorating.

it’s really about distribution and value, where and what energy is expended upon.


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The Elvis Presley Economy



related reading and time period contextualizations.

Elvis Presley is the only performer of a sacred song on Ed Sullivan’s variety show.

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