Christmas Specials: Radio and TV

On December 3, 1967 – many radio stations played an Elvis Presley program of seasonal music.

Elvis’ 1967 Christmas special : Elvis Articles : : ‘For Elvis Fans Only …

unrm 5697 1967 envelope side1 small Special Christmas Program (Elvis Presley)unrm 5697 1967 envelope side2 small Special Christmas Program (Elvis Presley)

unrm 5697 cover side1 reel to reel small1 Special Christmas Program (Elvis Presley)unrm 5697 cover side2 reel to reel small1 Special Christmas Program (Elvis Presley)


Special Christmas Program |


Which became the idea for doing a television version. Luckily, Steve Binder was the director.


Instead of Elvis just singing his Christmas album and letting the credits roll, instead, it was a reinvention what the viewers saw on December 3, 1968.

Steve Binder, the director of the Elvis special, was promised by Col Parker that there would be no soundtrack album. This was a one time tv event, like the TAMI Program Binder had directed in the early 60s.

$_35 68 comeback

It marks the return of Elvis to the live stage and performing his A Game – a revitalized studio period and then The Concert Years.

This show aired on tv and blew the ratings and put Elvis back on the Main Stage.

3543418561_9e3bd99784_b book_68at40

bootlegs of the un-released recordings circulated… until the dawn of home video and VHS and DVD deluxe box sets!

cd_complete_68_comeback_special dvd_comeback_deluxe_china


Elvis-Presley-The-Complete-68-C-438647 LPs-76

One of the sit down shows was released on VHS.

It was funny to me that, at the time, The Beatles were “too good” for the CD format.

Yet. there was Elvis – an LP and CD release $5 difference in price, CDs cost more, but they had another 5 tracks that the LP didn’t have.


when the music industry tried to make scandiscs and usb sticks into new music formats, Elvis releases where the first out – and when Elvis can’t sell a medium. no one follows.


content or content providers

provisioners or creators

make a product or be the product.

curious question.



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