Book Review: Elvis Cousins

Elvis Presley was famous. Something his various relatives seem to confuse that the interest was about Elvis – not the extended family – who generally mis-represent the degree of relationship or level of contact.

Elvis’ early inner circle was his cousins and high school pals and over time, he added other people.

The pressure he felt as being the primary employer of his family and his sense of betrayal becomes palpable when you read these relative’s stories of talking advantage of Elvis. Odd that they would expect a sympathy from the Elvis fans who lost him, in part, because of the endless greedfest around him.

When I bought books in stores, I would also look that the photos first, if they were all well known, public ones, with nothing new and no images of the author with Elvis – the book generally would fail the first buy test.



An Elvis cousin who did get to hang with Elvis – pictured in 1960

Earl Greenwood’s contribution to Elvis lore was mostly to reveal the Nick Adams relationship and contribute to the Elvis Aliver myths. More Southern Tall Tale Telling and spinning out whatever story gets one a paying audience.

book_greenwood 9780451173119-us-300



Elvis – The Cousin –

Sep 23, 1990 – By Earl Greenwood and Kathleen Tracy. (Dutton, $19.95.) For some Americans, Elvis Presley remains an obsession. For others, he has turned …



Welcome to the Elvis Information Network
Nov 17, 2004 – Elvis World’s intrepid sleuth, Bill “007” Burk, tells us what’s wrong with two … IN ORDER TO BECOME “Cousin” Earl Greenwood, Earl had to do …

Elvis’s-lover?: Greenwood said he was Elvis’s lover! HA!…/…

Nov 30, 2009 – Greenwood said he was Elvis’s lover! … we received a phone call (taped) from Earl Greenwood, who at the time was employed at Paramount …



Donna Presley Early appeared well after Elvis died, and has a sordid history with taking fan money and being the source of Presley DNA for various dubious claims and part of the Elvis Aliver – mostly to churn Fans’ complicated grief into speaking or items sold fees.

her two books are not really worthwhile, southern cooking and rehashing Elvis’ bio and gossip.

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Donna and Buddy Early scam Elvis fans – Discussion on Topix › Tennessee › Shelby County › Memphis
Feb 24, 2012 – 5 posts – ‎1 author

This concerns Buddy & Donna (Presley) Early. She is a cousin of Elvis. They go around the world cheating people in Elvis‘ name. They cheated …


Aunt Lois Smith … honestly… don’t waste your money, eh

The Forgotten Family of Elvis Presley: Elvis’ Aunt Lois Smith Speaks Out
Rob Hines of Indiana and Lois Smith of Memphis Tn. met in 2004 during Elvis Week, Rob, an entertainment manager/agent had book an Elvis tribute artist to …

Jun 27, 2006 – Due out in the next few weeks is the book, ”The Forgotten Family of Elvis Presley” based on the life of Elvis‘ aunt Lois Smith with Uncle Johnnie …


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