Book Review: Jerry Hopkins

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Jerry Hopkins was one of the first cultural writers to tackle Elvis as a cultural force. Hopkins wrote the first serious biography of Elvis Presley in 1971. It was before the various Memphis Mafia were speaking.

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After Elvis died, Hopkins wrote another to counter the Trash Trilogy of The Body Guard Book, The Goldman Book and the Stanley Family’s Elvis We Love You Tender.

They were considered the best pair of books about Elvis, until Peter Guralnick’s 2 volumes.

Hopkins revised his 2 early works, with corrections and updates owing to the massive flood of new information, into a single volumn Elvis the Biography.



In more recent years, Hopkins has produced specialty interest Elvis books



ElvisBooks: The Three Jerrys

ElvisBooks: The Trash Trilogy

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“Elvis: The Biography”Jerry Hopkins – BOOK REVIEW – by the Elvis …

Elvis in Hawaii: Jerry Hopkins: 9781573061421: Books –

Elvis in Hawaii: Jerry Hopkins: 9781573061421: Books – … The Wonder of You: Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Elvis Presley.

Elvis: The Biography by Jerry Hopkins – Shop Graceland

Jerry Hopkins wrote Elvis: A Biography, the first biography of the King, published in 1971. … Elvis Presley’s Graceland: The Official Guidebook Hardcover Edition.


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