Daily Elvis: November 26

Give us this day, November 26, our daily Elvis

Tupelo, Mississippi



306 Old Satillo Road, Elvis’ birthplace, is now 306 Elvis Presley Drive.

, 1938

Vernon in prison


Reese Street, where the Presleys stayed with Vester and Clettes Presley and their daughter Patsy,

Kelly Street, a rented, small apartment.



, 1945
Berry Street -“Doll” Smith lived here with the Presleys and then Minnie Mae Presley moved in.

Commerce Street, a rental

510 1/2 Maple Street, South Tupelo -the Presleys lived with Glady’s cousin Frank Richards and his wife, Leona.


Mulbery Alley


Memphis, Tennessee


Elvis attended Humes High School, Memphis, Tennessee

Sept. 12, 1948-Sept. 20, 1949

572 Poplar Avenue

Sept 2o 1949 to January 7, 1950
185 Winchester Street, a two- bedroom apartment (number 328)

January 7, 1950 to April 1953
398 Cypress Street

September 21, 1953 to March 19, 1954

Elvis worked at Precision Tool company, operating a drill press for $1.55 a hour.

end of 1954 to mid-1955
2414 Lamar Avenue, rented

rented from mid-1955 to May, 11 1956.

1414 Getwell Street


The Sun Records Rockabilly Era

By popular demand Elvis performed again at the Palladium Club, Houston.

Western Union Telegram to Vernon Presley from Houston – Nov. 26, 1954

He even sent a telegram to his parents: ” Hi Babies, Here’s the money to pay the bills, Don’t tell no one how much I sent I will send more next week. There is a card in the mail. Love Elvis. “
Engagement – Tour Ref: 1954
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Show type: Pics: Ads:
Info November 26 1954 Paladium Club Houston TX

The RCA Victor Atomic Powered Singer

“Sixteen Tons” by Tennessee Ernie Ford tops the Billboard chart, becoming the fastest selling single in recording industry history up to that time.
Bill Haley‘s “Rock Around The Clock” reaches #1 in the UK and is considered to be the first Rock and Roll record to accomplish that feat.
Elvis performed at the Louisiana Hayride, Municipal Auditorium, Shreveport.

Scotty, Elvis and Bill at the Louisiana Hayride – fall 1955?
Photo courtesy Ger J. Rijff
Engagement – Tour Ref: 1955
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Show type: Pics: Ads:
Info November 26 1955 Municipal Auditorium Shreveport LA (8:00 PM) Louisiana Hayride
Big band leader and trombone soloist Tommy Dorsey died.
Elvis paid a visit to his Grandfather Jessie D Presley with wife Vera, at 4008 Beaver St (photo below) and he didn’t arrive empty handed. Elvis brought with him what is reportedly the very first car he ever gave away, a brand new 1957 Ford Fairlane with a new TV set in the trunk and handed over $100 to Vera Presley (nee Leftwich) his step Grandmother.
Then Elvis drove back to Memphis, visiting the Colonel on the way.

Audobon Drive (May 11 1956 to March 1957)


The Military Service Disruption

November 26, 1958

Johnny Cash made his debut on the US country chart when ‘Cry! Cry! Cry!’ made it to number 14. His next seven singles would all make the country top 10, with ‘I Walk the Line’ and ‘There You Go’ both hitting number 1.

Military Service in Germany

October 1958 to February 2, 1959: Hotel Grunwald in Bad Nauheim, Germany

Image result for Elvis Presley, nov 26, 1959

November 26, 1959

Military Service in Germany

Feb 3 – March 1960: Goethestr.14 in Bad Nauheim, Germany

Image result for Elvis Presley, nov 26, 1959

Elvis mails a love letter to Anita Wood

Romance: Anita Wood

The Hollywood Decade/The Elvis Establishment

Elvis Presley’s single “Are You Lonesome Tonight” hit #1 in the U.S.

Wild in the Country Film Production; Elvis flew to Las Vegas for the weekend with Charlie Hodge, Joe Esposito, Red West and Alan Fortas.

Elvisverse: Elvis and Charlie Hodge

Bromance: Red West

Bromance: Alan Fortas

Bromance: Joe Esposito

November 26, 1961

Kid Galahad Film Production

November 26, 1962

November 26, 1963

November 26, 1964

November 26, 1965

November 26, 1966

November 26, 1967

The promotional film of The Beatles ‘Hello, Goodbye’ was aired on The Ed Sullivan show in the US. It was never shown at the time in the UK due to a musician’s union ban on miming.

Nov 26, 1968

Goldwyn Studios – Hollywood, California

Charro (Track Repairs & Orchestral Overdub) WPA1 8091

Image result for Elvis Presley, charro

November 26, 1969

The Vegas Artist in Residence and Tour Decade

November 26, 1970

Lisa Marie, Elvis & Priscilla at their Hillcrest home in Los Angeles sometime between November 26-30, 1970

Beverly Hills, California, USA — American rock legend Elvis Presley with his wife Priscilla and their daughter Lisa-Marie. — Image by © Frank Carroll/Sygma/Corbis

Romances: Priscilla

November 26, 1971

Elvis returned to Palm Springs, after his week in Los Angeles, and stayed there until December 3.
November 26, 1972
Here you can see a check Elvis wrote in 1972 to the Sugar Ray Youth Fund on November26, 1972.
November 26, 1973
November 26, 1974
November 26, 1975
Elvis performed at the Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon.
 s76112601 s76112602
Date: 26 Nov 1976
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Portland, OR.
Memorial Coliseum
Tickets: 11,000
Costume: Inca Gold Leaf (white) suit
Track list: Also Sprach Zarathustra
See See Rider
I Got A Woman/Amen
Love Me
If You Love Me
You Gave Me A Mountain
Jailhouse Rock
All Shook Up
Teddy Bear/Don’t Be Cruel
It’s Now Or Never
And I Love You So
[band introductions]
Early Morning Rain
What’d I Say
Johnny B. Goode
Love Letters
School Days
Hound Dog
Funny How Time Slips Away
Hawaiian Wedding Song
Blue Christmas
That’s All Right
Can’t Help Falling In Love

Elvis Still Rock King To His Fans  By John Wenderborn
Engagement – Tour Ref: On Tour number 26 – November 24th – November 30th 1976
Info: Date: Venue: Location: Showtime: Crowd: Suit: Belt: Musicians: Pics: CD: CDR:
Info November 26 1976 Memorial Coliseum Portland OR (8:30 pm) 11000 Egyptian Indian Head belt Red Suit Yes Yes Yes

The Wake and Aftermath

The film “Rockshow” premiered in New York City. The concert film was by Paul McCartney and Wings during their 1976 North American tour.

1982 Elvis Presley Enterprises/Graceland Tourism

Russian cosmonauts aboard Soyuz 7 took into space a cassette copy (minus the cassette box for weight reasons) of the latest Pink Floyd album Delicate Sound Of Thunder and played it in orbit, making Pink Floyd the first rock band to be played in space. David Gilmour and Nick Mason both attended the launch of the spacecraft.
The inaugural Billboard Music Awards are held in Santa Monica, California, with Janet Jackson walking away with most of the hardware. She wins awards in eight categories, including Top Pop Album, Top R&B Album and Top R&B Artist.
The Beatles went to No.1 on the US album chart with ‘Beatles 1.’ The album features virtually every number-one single released from 1962 to 1970. Issued on the 30th anniversary of the band’s break-up, it was their first compilation available on one CD.
Citing “irreconcilable differences”, actor Nicolas Cage files for divorce from Lisa Marie Presley. The petition was granted on May 27, 2004, nearly a year and a half later, ending a marriage that lasted less than four months.

2003 Recording Artist: Daughter Lisa Marie Presley

2010 Actor: Granddaughter Riley Keough

Punk memorabilia said to be worth £5m ($6m) was set on fire in the middle of the River Thames in London, England. Joe Corre, the son of Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood, burnt the items on the 40th anniversary of the Sex Pistols debut single. The 48-year-old told the crowd that “punk was never meant to be nostalgic”.


The Music Diaries | Racism allegation contradicts Presley’s life

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