Sun to RCA: The Producers


“I don’t sing like nobody” Elvis Presley told Marion Kesker, who recorded his audition demo attempt.

Sam Phillips wasn’t impressed with Elvis, but Marion got it and Elvis his chance.

Sam paired the teen with Scotty Moore and Bill Black and they made music history.

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Elvis Presley’s Sun Records glossy, Sam, Elvis and Marion.


Sam Phillips, Elvis and Bob Neal – a DJ Booking Agent.


Elvis Presley with Scotty and Bill morphed into Elvis and The Blue Moon Boys – DJ Fontana rounding out the rock n roll band.

Col Tom Parker, former manager of Eddie Arnold, also used Hank Snow to get The Presleys to sign Elvis over to him, and he convinced RCA to purchase Elvis for an unheard of $35,000 to Sam Phillips and $5,000 paid to Elvis owed to him by Sun. Elvis was his client and The Blue Moon Boys worked for Elvis.


Tom Diskin, Jim Crudgington, The Col., Elvis, Hank Snow, Bob Neal, H. Coleman Tily III and Sam Esgro – Nov. 21, 1955. Photo © EPE Inc – Elvis is sold to RCA. Joan Deary began working at RCA the same year as a secretary.

1955-december-1-elvis-by-popsie-elvis-steve-sholes 1955-december-1-elvis-by-popsie-parker-eddy-arnold-elvis-steve-sholes-2

RCA’s Steve Sholes was Elvis’ Producer insofar as he booked the sessions.

Colonel Parker, Eddy Arnold, Elvis and Steve Sholes.


george-pierce-sun-records-december-4-1956-06a-upgrade 50bf2ed3894b39478056d23df3367753

1956 Elvis visited Sun and the gospel jam with Chuck Berry tunes ended Carl Perkins recording session.



RCA’s Rock n Roll Star conquered TV and Movies and Stadium concerts, they were horrified when he wanted to do a Christmas Album; Elvis receiving a gold record from R.C.A Producer Steve Sholes in november 1963 on the movie set Kissin cousins.


Sholes died in 1968 and Felton Jarvis became Elvis’ last RCA producer.


Felton Jarvis checking Elvis out backstage, Ronnie Tutt and Dick Grob.




Legendary Producer Chips Moman Dead at 79 – Rolling Stone…/legendary-producer-chipsmoman-dead-at-79-20160614

book_sunyears book_burk_throughmyeyes

Stephen H. Sholes – Wikipedia

Stephen Henry Sholes (February 12, 1911 – April 22, 1968)



Felton Jarvis – Wikipedia

Felton Jarvis (November 16, 1934 – January 3, 1981)

Joan Deary recorded the Aloha Concert for RCA and oversaw the final RCA releases.

Joan Deary and Elvis Presley : Elvis Articles : : ‘For Elvis Fans Only … › Elvis Presley.News › Articles › Reviews › Interviews › Sitemap

Apr 18, 2012 – Joan Deary was executive in charge of the Elvis’ catalog for RCA records. Deary joined RCA in 1954 as Steve Sholes secretary. In 1972 she …


Joan Deary Didn’t Find Any Skeletons in Elvis’ Graceland Closets, Just ……/joandeary-didnt-find-any-skeletons-in-elvis-graceland-closets-just-a-r…

Dec 3, 1984 – One was a secretary in the artists and repertoire division in New York, Joan Deary. The other was a young singer whose early recorded music …


Ernst Jorgensen interview about ‘From Elvis In Memphis’: – Elvis …

EIN: In an interview RCA’s Joan Deary “That whole Memphis recording collection was incredible, and yet Elvis never went back and recorded with Chips again.


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  1. another great post! I can’t wait for the Sam Phillips movie in pre-production now – starring Leonardo Dicaprio. Wonder who will play Elvis?


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