Presley Tupelo Home



Vernon and Gladys lived in a 2 room shotgun shack, so called for being able to fire one in one door and out the window. The actual structure was likely long gone and a sample of the era has been painted, wallpapered and a porch swing added.



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Gladys worked many jobs and is three months pregnant in the workforce photo from the Tupelo Garment Factory.

Tupelo child labour mid 1940s: the world in which Elvis Presley was born.

1367982622-0Image result for tupelo children workforce 1940s

While living there, Vernon went to jail at the infamous Parchman Prison for altering a cheque – Gladys took young Elvis door to door to get signatures for an early release.

Tupelo also experienced a Tornado, which destroyed most of it.


The First Assembly Church of God, where Elvis learned showmanship.

church-where-elvis-presley-sang-as-a-boy-tupelo-ms-elvis-presley-32763905-500-368 elvis-presley-and-friends-1943

The school kids who teased the girls: “Elvis likes you.”


Madeline Morgan, the first girl he left behind – Elvis altered his parent’s marriage certificate.

elvis-x-magdalene6825 magdalenemorgan13b-213x403

She said they held hands and kissed once, and she never knew: the 1st almost Mrs Elvis:


The family later did a midnight move out of town, drifting across a few states before settling in Memphis, Tennessee.

Elvis would return to perform 2 Homecoming Concerts in 1956 and in 1957.

$10,000 was raised to built an Elvis Presley Youth Centre, which was never built, to Elvis’ disappointment in the 1960s, when he took a group of pals to see what he’d come from.

50s_elviswithvernonandgladys_21 1956-september-26-tupelo-4



In the 1970s, his Homecoming Concerts were in Memphis.

The Tupelo Elvis statues.

tupelo-statue 348s


Elvis Presley as a Child – Elvis Presley Childhood – Elvis’ Early …

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Roy Turner – EIN exclusive Interview – Elvis Information Network

Roy Turner, Elvis Historian talks about Elvis in Tupelo– An EXCLUSIVE EIN … projects and was the author of the recent MRS book ‘Tupelo’s Own; Elvis Presley‘.


THE TOUR | Elvis Presley Birthplace


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