The Million Dollar Quartet


Elvis Presley’s success brought Johnny Cash to Sun Records. They toured and they both loved June Carter – but Johnny married her.

million-doll-coverage quartet_girlfriend

Johnny Cash was called in on the infamous Million Dollar Quartet day – that was a Carl Perkins session, and Jerry Lee Lewis was hired for a session and also trying to audition to be his own Sun Record Star.

johnny-cash-elvis-elvis-presley-10448719-366-480 5196kekhuzl-_sy300_

Johnny Cash and Elvis pose for a photo backstage at the Grand Old Opry as

The Jordanaires – Wikipedia walked by them.

Elvis got a fan photo with them too.

4f5ef950f4e65efac3deb08a69818217 1956-june-1-408

Johnny and Elvis and Carl Perkins with Elvis exchanging autographs with each other

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When RCA star Elvis strolled into Sun Records with Vegas Showgirl Marilyn Evans on his arm, the Carl Perkins session was effectively over.

george-pierce-sun-records-december-4-1956-04c george-pierce-sun-records-december-4-1956-06a-upgrade

The media was called and Sam Phillips made sure to get photos – oddly recording any of the jam session was an afterthought.

million-dollar-quartet-lp-sealed-elvis-presley-carl images

Rumors about what they sang vs the reality of the material released – Elvis did some rock songs, and they sang a lot of Chuck Berry, but mostly, it was old time gospel songs.

elvis-presley-first-session-t-368973 148904

There were bootlegs in LP and CD formats

and finally official releases and finally a complete release

then, there were sequel titles


Elvis died and the Class of 54 reunited with Roy Orbison stepping in.


Carl Perkins career never recovered after his car crash and he made more from Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes than his own original version.

mi0000023650 7318

Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis were never really pals, despite Lewis’ arrest trying to jam Graceland’s Musical Gates in the 1970s.

After the sale of Sun Records, the new owner released on bootleg the jam session and eventually RCA got ownership and did an official release.

As part of the Elvis aliver, Jimmy Ellis recorded song portions that were added to Jerry Lee tracks to create fake sessions. Ellis also performed as Orion.

image-5122194-116067117-2-websmall_0_f2c359b3f7534877d92472777f3f0053_1 ce59c7f32cc4612cb07140dd31068347

The Broadway musical, uses more known songs than the ones they actually sang.


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