Elvis Presley and Karate

Elvis Presley began studying it in the 1950s, above – battling with Red West in Graceland; incorporating karate into his 1960s movie fight scenes and his 1970s concert performances

Elvis certainly would have earned his early belts – but he really did lack the discipline as evidences by his manic retail therapy and general binging – of all his interests, Karate remained a passion over his lifetime.


Elvis with Shotokan Sensei Tetsuji Murakimi in Paris January 1960

. Elvis enjoyed being on the karate culture circuit and trained with many of the personalities of the era Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Ed Parker and others.

Kang Rhee issued Elvis his upper black belt certifications and Elvis gave him a car.



In the 1970s, Elvis famously broke up a street fight and kicked a pack of cigarettes out of a guy’s shirt pocket.

Elvis designed his own patch.



Mike Stone was a karate name and Elvis convinced Priscilla to take up karate and instead, she took up with the instructor – leaving Elvis for Stone.


Elvis had been dissatisfied with his acting movie career and for a while, decided to produce a movie about karate – featuring all his pals.

The movie was never completed – however was eventually leaked to the fan base.

Like everyone else, the karate crowd exploited their Elvis connection.

Ed Parker used Elvis to promote his events when Elvis was alive and Dave Hebler was part of The Bodyguard book.





Elvis and Dave Hebler – Kenpo Karate 2016 Inductees: Both Elvis Presley, as well as his bodyguard Dave Hebler, have been nominated and accepted into the Kenpo Karate hall Of Fame.
The sold-out Kenpo Karate hall Of Fame dinner and induction was last Saturday, November 5, 2016 in Whittier CA.
The Kenpo Karate Hall of Fame recognizes the legacy and lineage of Kenpo practitioners and their contributions to Kenpo Karate.
Elvis received his 8th Degree Black Belt certificate at the Tennessee Karate Institute in Memphis in September 1974.

Click here to the Kenpo Karate website for more info.


(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)



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