Elvis, Sammy & Ali

1958 – King Creole – Elvis Presley and Sammy Davis Jr.

Elvis Presley was drafted, and got a deferment to finish the movie King Creole.

He was too controversial to be allowed to do Celebrity Military Time and served as much as a real private to sergeant for his 2 years on the German/Russian border as a jeep driver.

The Americans claimed Elvis was a communist plot, while Russians portrayed him as a decadent American.


Elvis Presley was largely responsible for people around the world learning English, even while the American media asserted he had no mastery of it himself.

When Elvis left the military in 1960, he also got a deferment from doing reservist duty.


Welcome Back by Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr – live on tv.

The Beatles, inspired by Elvis, refused to play to segregated crowds and Ali was a professional boxer but a military contentious objector, owing to his deeply held Muslim Faith.


While The Beatles met Ali as a photo op, he and Elvis were actually friends.

Elvis gifted Ali with the People’s Choice Robe, Ali lost the fight and retired the garment.


Elvis spent the 1960s in Hollywood and returned to concerts in the 1970s as an Artist in Residence in Vegas – ending the Rat Pack Gangster Era and ushering in the Conventions and Family Vacations.



Q: Mr Presley, as you’ve mentioned your time in the service, what is your opinion of war protesters and would you today refuse to be drafted?

Elvis: Honey, I’d just sooner keep my own personal views about that to myself cause I’m just an entertainer and I’d rather not say.

Q: Do you think other entertainers should refuse to be drafted?

Elvis: No, I can’t even say that!


Sammy and Elvis share a laugh backstage at the end of the tour and the end of the documentary production.


Nixon meeting Elvis and Sammy Davis Jr.


Col Parker greeting Sammy Davis Jr and Robert Goulet at an Elvis Vegas show. quote-on-a-scale-of-one-to-ten-i-would-rate-elvis-eleven-sammy-davis-63-76-41quote-elvis-presley-was-the-sweetest-most-humble-and-nicest-man-you-d-want-to-know-muhammad-ali-81-42-942jg9suw

Vernon Presley with Muhammad Ali0605_masp_geoff_sun2

Ali at Graceland – early 1980s




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