Relatives: Vernon Elvis Presley

Vernon and Elvis, a rare childhood image and the young married couple.

When Elvis began to make the steady and then the Big Money, Vernon became his Business Manager. Elvis bought the first family home, and then Graceland.

Despite being an only child and the sole financial support, Elvis was drafted and then Gladys died.


In Germany, Vernon met the married with three sons Dee Stanley and he brought her back to the USA and married her. Elvis bought his father a new house to live with his new family.


Vernon, in addition to investment decisions, oversaw the Graceland secretaries.

Becky Yancy’s My Life with Elvis was one of the first Elvis books I read.

Nancy Sinatra, NY Govenor Rockfeller, Vernon and Dee, her boys and Elvis.

Vernon Presley and Elvis with Col Parker – actual business and father figure.

Vernon’s second family and then Vernon/Dee with Linda/Elvis.

Back yard onto Graceland – and the Dolan Street front of house

Linda Thompson and Vernon and Linda, Elvis and Jeanne Lemay Dumas.

Dee divorced Vernon and wrote, with her sons, one of the Trash Trilogy: don’t support the trashing and exploitation of Lurid Elvis books, avoid anything written by any of the Stanleys.

Elvis We Love You Tender (Also, What Happened/Bodyguard book and Goldman’s)

Her three sons, David, Billy and Ricky have all also written books blaming Elvis for their lives.Two of them were on duty on August 16, 1977. After Elvis died, Vernon issued them final cheques and never saw them again. Parenting not really his strong suit and so much for the brother relationship.

Vernon was Col Parker’s biggest yes man in Elvis’ inner circle, Gladys never trusted Parker. Vernon’s self image reflected in the painting he gifted Elvis in 1976:


Vernon wrote and recorded this in an attempt to prevent divorce

Vernon’s nurse Sandi Miller was his last girlfriend companion.


He remained close with Linda Thompson and put Priscilla in charge of the Elvis legacy.


1979 the Vegas Elvis statue, marking his run of concerts


Vernon died on June 26, 1979 – the 2nd anniversary of Elvis’ final concert.


Vernon had had Gladys and Elvis moved from the cemetary to the private family family of the Graceland Presleys.


Vernon’s second wife, Dee, died in 2013.




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