Romances: Ginger Alden

Daily Elvis: November 19 1976

George Klein planned to introduce Terri Alden to Elvis, Rosemary and Ginger tagged along.

Elvis was smitten with Ginger and it is difficult to image him threatened by Ginger’s teenaged boyfriend.

Actually it was difficult to imagine when I was a young Elvis fan, but as an adult woman, it’s more that Elvis was 42 and Alden 19. Legal but ick factor nonetheless.

Ginger Alden was Elvis’ girlfriend from November 1976 to his death on August 16, 1977.

Elvis brought her on tour, often bringing her family or just one/both of her sisters.

Teri Alden was invited to play a piano solo:


There was also the final vacation to Hawaii.

Teri, Elvis and Ginger then Elvis on Rosemary and people walking by..

At Graceland and on the road – the cancelled RCA recording session….


April 8, 1977 with Ginger Alden and Lisa Marie (leg only!) and Elvis, Ginger and Joe leaving a concert.

driving out of Graceland – this is pre-seatbelt laws, eh? 1977


Elvis gave her a Tylenol three tablet and Ginger slept deeply – as one does the first time you take a heavy dose pill.

He went to read and she was the one who found him.

She called downstairs and Nancy Rook sent up Joe Esposito.

Elvis was gone and Vernon Presley was in shock and allowed Col Parker to stay in charge.

People were outside selling t-shirts and none of the proceeds was coming into the house.

In his pursuit of Ginger, Elvis had offered to pay for her parent’s house and a job for her brother. Elvis, Sam Thompson, Joe and Ginger… awkwards…

Image result for Elvis and sam thompson

Vernon Presley was overwhelmed with financial matters and his only thoughts were his granddaughter.


Ginger Alden and her family tried to sue the estate for Elvis’ promises to pay for her parent’s home.

Ginger and her Mother to testify about Dr Nick.

Ginger Alden later married and had a son. Her husband died on August 16, 2014, after the publication of her book “Elvis and Ginger”.


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