Relatives: Gladys Love Smith


1932, the newly married and pregnant Gladys Presley poses with the rest of the women at the Garment Factory.


Vernon was the oldest with 4 younger siblings and Gladys was one of nine.

She was older than Vernon and escaped being the stand in mom of her siblings, but forming her own family.

Gladys was known for her dancing style, and famously only had Elvis as a surviving son of a twin birth. A lesser known later miscarriage ending hopes of a larger family.

With 4 uncle/aunts on one side and 8 on the other, Elvis was not short of cousins.

Was There A Dark Side to Elvis and Gladys?



Elvis’ purchase of an middle class home was beyond Glady’s dreams. She wanted him to quit and buy a furniture store – get married and have grandchildren.

Gladys and Elvis on the set of Loving You and with both parents at his Tupelo Homecoming concert triumph.

Elvis World: Remembering Gladys Love Presley

Barbra Hern with Elvis parents at the Tupelo show – and Graceland 1957 with Anita Wood.

Literally being able to read


From Government Projects to the Big Man House


Elvis took his family from the lowest socio-economic rural poor to being the top paying taxpayer – and he never voted.

Elvis’ drafting undid Gladys, and the stress, the diet pills, the alcohol and the Texas heat – along with Elvis delay in allowing her to return to Memphis for medical treatment – Gladys died August 14, 1958.

As did Red West’s Father.


Elvis would visit his mother’s grave at forest hills regularly and eventually she was moved with Elvis to Graceland in 1977.

Gladys’ original grave – a marker with a monument. both were moved to Graceland in 1977.

Elvis would visit often, the cemetery staff on alert to burn all cards once he left.

1966 – Elvis being gracious to fans.


Elvis Country, the only Elvis Concept LP.. actually the only attempt at an LP

elvis-country our-memories-of-elvis-vol-1

The first RCA LP after Elvis died, featured Vernon and Col Parker in front of Graceland.



best books about Elvis early years



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