Relatives: The Presley Grandparents



Elvis Presley was the second of twins born to Vernon and Gladys.

the Graceland marker for Jessie Garon:

The first born was named Jessie, after Vernon’s father.



Jessie D Presley was a womanizer and had abandoned Minnie Mae and their 5 children.

After Elvis became famous, he tried to cash in with his own record and tv appearance.

jessie_vera_car jessie_vera

Jessie D with his second wife, Vera.

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This might be Jessie D visiting the Audobon Drive home, or just a neighbour.

Elvis did not spend much time with his grandfather, who attended an Elvis concert in 1971, and died in 1973.



Minnie Mae, on the other hand, lived with Elvis at Graceland, and outlived both her grandson and her son Vernon.

mmatg 8726238d88403ed4c22d61fafefd5c2d

Minnie Mae is buried at Graceland.

meditationgarden 2461_111828672070



Minnie Mae with great-granddaughter Lisa Marie








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